Monica Admits to Assaulting Brandy

How many of you guys knew Brandy and Monica had a physical fight back in the day? I heard rumblings of it around 1998, and now both singers, during an interview with Angie Martinez, admitted that yes, they did in fact come to blows.

Monica admits to being the aggressor, blaming her behavior back then on age. “I was 16,” she told Martinez. Brandy added her two cents, saying the two had moved on and that it was all “a misunderstanding.”

And while neither singer wanted to talk about the misunderstanding, I know exactly what it was about.

I vividly remember an interview Monica gave in which she was none to happy about Brandy putting her hand in her face during “The Boy is Mine” video shoot. Monica wanted the scene cut, it wasn’t, and POW- Brandy caught one right in the kisser!

Ok, the last part of that sentence was obviously a joke, but the “talk to the hand” gesture Brandy gave her hit a major nerve with Monica, so much so she spoke about it publicly, leading to the original video being edited to remove the offending hand attack.

Fast forward fifteen years and the two say they have kissed, made up and that all is now well.


  1. Monica has grown a lot. She was quite scandalous back in the day. Lots of attitude.

  2. Good that she recognises she was wrong and she has grown up. Having the scene cut doesn’t need to come to blows.

  3. I remember the video the boy is mine, and Monica was obviously a drama queen, even in the video you can see her wanting to fight, I wont forgive her, she was 16 yes, but 16 year olds should know better

  4. now she know years later, that your career can fade away just the sun going down at dawn, and new and better singers come along.

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