Monica And Her Fiancé Call It Quits

Just weeks before her comeback CD ‘Still Standing’ is slated to hit stores, R&B star Monica announced that she has split with her fiancé, rapper Rodney “Rocko” Hill. Amid rumors that Rocko has cheated on the ‘Boy Is Mine’ singer, Monica took to twitter to confirm that the two have gone their separate ways. “Thank U everyone for all the love you’re sending. @Rocko4Real is a great father and we will continue to love and parent our children. The rest is a private matter between @Rocko4Real and I. He is a good person. We all make mistakes. Even separated we will always be family. I say thank U again to U all,” she wrote. The Atlanta-bred vocalist assured fans that she’s going to be fine and asked them not to worry about the matter. “And as I live and learn I grow. Don’t feel sorry for me just pray for me. Gods got it. Have a great day,” she added.


  1. I saw this coming a mile away. After years of being together and two kids he never put a ring on it. Why would he when he has all the benefits of marriage with no commitment. That ugly manly looking Kardashian sister got a Black man with a baby mama to marry her in a month. Wake up sisters before it is too late. Now Monica is just another baby mama who made and is still making excuses for her no good Black man. Demand more or keep your legs shut.

  2. You are so right Raven…. in addtion he NEVER CLAIMED HER EITHER!! They were always “good friends” like you have babies with your “good friend”! She was stupid from jump and everyone knew it but her!

  3. Whatever the truth is, I am impressed that Monica is good enough not saying bad things about her ex-fiance.As you can see she never blame anyone but to say everyone can make mistakes.She would be a very good and strong mama for her 2 kids, and I love to know that she was one of my fav singers since her debut album.

  4. All i can say is wow. But something about him was not right anyway. If he cheated probably with a no good woman. But the rumor is that the chick he was cheating with was calling monica. Monica is a strong young woman that can get over anything. I love her show because she a god fearing woman and she love her boys. Im coping her cd when it come out.

  5. I really want to say Bravo Monica. Great job for taking the high road but I have to say she set herself up for failure. And i say it to my big sister too about her situation. She was just dumb. Wantin to seem like more always saying they didn’t need marriage to validate what they had. That’s bull. And I have a feeling about two things that everything isn’t as peachy as she is trying to pass it off as and this probably not the first time that he’s stepped out on her. But kudos i guess for trying to remain positive for the boys since they will grow up to read this stuff.

  6. Well I wont say I saw this coming, but I will say I had no hope for her.
    She was engaged for too long and already had kids. I never saw them actually getting married.

    She gave the milk up too early.

  7. i think they are still together. all her comments are of supporting anf loving him still…uhmm NO

    looks like an album sale stunt and he will still be tapping that on the low-low…

    he been cheating for why NOW?….

  8. Monica, girl you can do better. Maybe step outside of the box for a change. You don’t necessary need a hood (thug) guy. But I must say, I’m very happy she has not said anything bad about him. Besides after watching her show, it appeared to me that maybe they haven’t been together for quite some time. Also, if anything he will come back to her because what is he doing really? I see her making the money. Not him. Do your thing and keep singing them ballads.

  9. Oh, i am sorry to hear that. I know this sista loves herself and her boys so whatever happens I know she will be okay.

  10. Now whoever just said that’s its an album stunt that’s just dumb why the hell would a break up with her fiance be an album stunnt?? Smh and I’m sure she got tired of it you can only put up with so much from a man sounds like she’s trying to get her life together spirtually and he don’t seem like he’s on her level period…but its sad that her kids after deal with that but from the looks of the show it seems like he wasnt around much anyway but that doesn’t mean he wasn’t a good or isn’t I feel like she deserves more in the first place his thugged out ass goodness Monica you didn’t learn from cmurder and young buck good grief!! Lol well they say three times a charm! Let’s hope she goes after something a lot better you know an upgrade….cuz rocko wasnt it!

  11. So this sister is in pain Right now over a failed relationship what do we do? Do we wish her the best for next time hoping for better choices?
    Or do we sit here and keep reminding her of how much she messed up ?Like No kidding she messed up ?She can’t tell…

  12. well If you ask me MO was more In LOVE and still In LOVE with her sons Romello and lil rocko….everytime I was watching her show that Is all she talks about and they are always around her and It seemed like Rocko and Monica were always distant towards each other IDK but Mo’ Is a strong woman If he feel the need to cheat hell that’s what he’s gonna do Mo’ can’t stop that no matter how much of a good WOMAN and MOTHER she Is….we all know that sayin’ just cause you have kids by him don’t mean he Is going to stay with you…and my mama taught me that EARLY! kudos to you MAMA

  13. Monica…great choice!!! So happy for you my sister you’ve made an excellent choice!!

  14. i knew that relationship was going to end. like somebody said earlier, after two kids he still didn’t want to put a on ring on it. He wasn’t anything special anyway, walking around looking like his face was in a permanent frown all the time. I hope monica chooses a good man next time instead of these so called “thugs” she always likes to date. All they are good for is making babies while trying to have their cake and eat it too

  15. @delphine:

    I know right? The negativity on here is crazy. Also, too many people act like because you get married, that somehow you’re going to get some kind of “happy, fairy tale” good relationship serum or something. Marriage is work. Who’s to say that if Rocko and Monica had been married that the relationship wouldn’t have ended in divorce? Ladies if the relationship is bad to begin with, marriage ain’t gonna help it. The people in the relationship will. Kudos to Monica for making the best decision for her spirit. I’m definitely going to support her by buying the cd.

  16. Monica has always came off as phony to me. Like she is just shady, IDK why but she just rubs me the wrong way. Oh Well………

  17. WOW!!! Raven in many ways your right….but I don’t think she’s making excuses for him..When you do dirt you get dirt! She’s taking the high road without any negative bashing towards him. The main thing is she is moving forward with her life. True statement she will live and learn. GODS got it!!!! Good luck Monica with you new CD! The most impt thing is to continue to be a great mother…..Life goes on.

  18. Some people are SO hypocritical.

    Marriage doesn’t mean anything but having a contract, ring, a DAY of being a princess for a woman, and if it goes bad losing ALOT of valuable and money. Can’t you love your soulmate til death do you part without those things mentioned above?

    Sorry I just don’t get why marriage is so…important.

  19. um @permain

    can you tell me why you copied and pasted my comment?

  20. I wonder if shes gonna get that ‘rodney’ tattoo removed now that they’re no longer together.. =/

  21. WOW I feel people should mind there own business..Worry about what your man is doing n how dumb you is to your man. Monica I Will keep u in prayer as well as your handsome boys. Those who talk cramp on this websit about monica need to take a look at your life in stop judging others. When God come back he wll judge you for judging others n its not going to be pretty. Some people just neeed to shut their damn mouth and stop commitingt on everything..for the haters go play in traffic

  22. In for those who said they saw it coming.. Get a ;ife please do something different how about a job or a career..Hell go back to school. I normal do not post on these type of site but I was angry by the comments made on this page

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