Monica: Love All Over Me Video

Monica premiered the video for her single “Love All Over Me” earlier today on 106 & Park. The song is the latest track to be lifted from the singer’s sixth solo album “Still Standing.”

Monica is joined by rapper Maino and basketball player Shannon Brown in a love triangle of sorts. Monica seems to be confused as to who she should be with- a pro-athlete or a jail-bird. Fans can go to to choose the videos eventual outcome- and I am so far pleased to report that new love (Brown) is winning 100% of the vote- with a whopping 1 person having voted so far.


  1. Monica loves promoting loving thugs in her videos. Her mind is so far in the ghetto it ain’t even funny. Hasn’t she learned by now that thug ni ggas don’t love nobody but themselves?

  2. @ Angie – You betta Preach!

    The church wasn’t ready for that one, half the congregation just left……lol!

    I do love this particular song on her cd, I must say and loving the song, is starting to make me love the video that much more.

    Simply Phillip Brown

  3. :lol2: @ Angie!
    I don’t know maybe Monica doesn’t want to be seen as someone who forgot where they came from or maybe the people around her are still ghetto fabolous so she is just represting her environment. Anyway I like the song, and the video it portrayed the age old question old love vs. new love very nicely.

  4. This is a beautiful song and I like the video even though she should be with her new lover because her old lover told her don’t wait up for me…so what is a girl to do when she still on it? I totally understand the concept of the song and video…*Team Monica* :hifive:

  5. Please pick Shannon…leave the thugs..Monica…leave them you are too old for that crap!!

  6. :iagree: w/ Angie!

    I do love this song and it will probably make me go and buy Monica’s album. In this video, she should pick the new man/fiance. Why leave a new, better, non-jailbird for a guy who you were kicking it with as a teenager back in the 90’s? He would know her as a girl, not the woman that she is today.

    Ok, I’m getting too serious about this. *talking to self* “It’s just a song/video, Lovely. Just a song”

  7. :stop: LOL

    She sure does promote thugs in her videos! I just noticed that..what’s up with that??

  8. “Amen!” says the choir. Out with the old and in with the new!

  9. Oh yes. She sounds great! Her eyes are spectacular. My vote for a makeup spokesperson gig.

  10. Rodney is a damn dog…>!!!!! He has been cheating on her since day one!! Why she had two kids….by him I do not know. Watching her show I knew something was terribly wrong by her living in a hotel until her home is ready. That negro could not rent her a house or an apartment? You need a video to decide on what you should do? Please leave that little ninja turtle dog to the deseparate seeking women that are out here. He does not deserve you.

  11. @Angie and others

    How is Monica “promoting” thugs in this video? Please inform me because your comments are confusing to me. According to my viewing, Monica was in a relationship and her first boyfriend went to jail and she moved on to a ball player and the first boyfriend was released but she still has feelings for him. Isn’t this a case of a woman that moved on but was never really over her previous relationship (due to whatever circumstances). Can this situation closely resemble real life? It’s amazing how we can attempt to ascertain a person’s mindset as if we know them personally. Your suggestion that Monica’s “mind is so far in the ghetto” seems rather ignorant because you speak as if you know her personally. Many of “us” really need to STOP with these oblivious classifications and stereotypes that are overwhelmingly negative towards each other.

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