Monica, Teairra & Rich Girl Work It Out

Monica, Rich Girl and Teairra Mari all put it down Sunday night when they performed at Power Live’s summer end concert at B.B King’s Blues & Grill in New York City. Teairra actually went the extra mile for the crowd, pulling one lucky male fan on stage for a private dance we’re sure he won’t soon forget. The singer Tweeted about the experience earlier today- posting a pic and giggling.

Judging from the images below- me thinks Teairra has been taking notes from singer Janet Jackson.


  1. All of them look great, but Teairra humping that guy is unclassy, it’s the same when men do it, I’m tired of seeing it. Please show us that you got signed for singing, not humping random guys. Monica looks great, I can’t wait for the album.

    What’s up w/ Rich Girl, those girls can really sing, they are much better than those corny electric red mistakes. Are they releasing an album?

  2. I agree Teairra that is so unlady like and Monica always puts it down loved her in the 90’s and still to this day that gurl can sing

    Never heard of RICH girls? so im not goin’ comment

  3. WHo the heck is rich girl. Sorry i don’t do videos or radio much. But whoever they are the leader look a hot mess.

  4. rich girls and electric red sound the same to me,they’ve got the pussycatdolls vibe going on……cnt wait for Monica love this girl.

  5. I love Monica, I will wait til the day she come back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. no, we’re not being hard on her. we’re being honest. it looks like she’s trying to hard.

  7. @ Lizz

    I don’t think so. I have heard Eletric’s CD, but they sounded nasally. I feel that Rich girl showed their voices more, not just one girl sang. Their single sounded better too.

  8. @ Rene

    I agree no one is being hard on her. That’s disgusting, I feel the same about Keri Hilson. All of those women are so fake. Don’t brag on being successful because of talent, then instead of singing your best, you get on stage and just hump a guy. How sad.

  9. 1. Audra sucked. She brought the group down. She is not cohesive performance wise to rock with the girls whatsoever. She does not have the swagger to perform the type of music Rich Girl sings. She is beautiful but her lackluster performance effort takes away from people accepting them as a real group instead of some random girls thrown together singing. There was no oomph in her pops and no sass in her delivery. She is very beautiful with wonderful vocals but is not a gel with the group. She should go solo or join the pussycat dolls so they have more singers besides Nicole and Melody.

  10. Monica’s voice is flawless and beautiful. She is one of the best to record in the past 20 years.

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