Monica To Perform At NBA Finals

Miss Thang herself, Monica Arnold, is heading to the NBA Finals. No, the singer won’t be suiting up and hitting the court. Instead she will be singing the National Anthem. Monica will belt out the tune, and hopefully not mess up, at Game 3 of the NBA Finals in Boston on Tuesday night.

Monica has experienced a career resurgence over the last few months- scoring one of the biggest hits of her career with the single “Everything To Me,” which spent seven weeks atop the Billboard R&B chart. Her latest album “Still Standing” has also been certified by Soundscan and the RIAA.


  1. YEA! Monica…..Success is a blessing….REal Singing and true R & B DIVA!

  2. My friends and I had the pleasure of hearing her sing live, and she is amazing!!! I will be tuning in personally to watch her belt out those notes! Her voice is so beautiful live!

  3. “Cries” yes Miss Monica, yes :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown:

  4. Good for her. I am still upset BET only nominated her for a viewers choice award while she had a number one song for weeks. So messed up.

  5. @KOKO

    cuz BET AINT SHIT!!!


    I COMPLETEEEELLYYYYY CONCUR!!!!!!!!! :bowdown:

  6. I had a feeling this was goin’ to happen they should’ve had Mo’ sing it at the Atlanta Hawks game but instead they had talentless Keri :loser: 😆 ……….I know Mo’s goin’ to shut it down 🙂

    #CELTICS ALL THE WAY :hifive:

  7. OMG!!!! no Atlanta didn’t make it to the Big Game But DAMN MO YOU DID !!All I can say is Damnmit Girl you did the damn than!

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