Monica Unveils Album Cover

Well that was quick. Less than two days after announcing her ‘New Life’ album would be “restructured” and “delayed,” Monica has decided to unveil not only the project’s new release date, but its cover as well.

Blaming the album’s postponement on the shake-up at RCA and the closing down of her longtime label, J Records, Monica said she chose February 21, 2012 as the new release date so she and RCA could “rethink the album’s entire movement.”

Part of that movement will reportedly involve recording new singles, doing more promotion and putting together a full scale tour in support of the project.


  1. Anything to Find you and Until It’s Gone are both solid songs. I could unsderstand pushing it back a month but 3 months is ridiculous. The new songs better be hot!!!

  2. Monica is a great singer and performer! I only hope that her new project reflects her raw talent and singing ability. I can’t wait to hear what else she comes up with.

  3. Beautiful. But, Monica needs to step up her game. Most of her music is dated and uninspiring. Cant she see that pop music is the way to go these days? R&B and Soul are pretty much on life support. The world is changing and cultures are becoming intermixed. She must consider that when putting together a cd. Make it fun, lighthearted and uplifting. She is an amazing talent but she needs new life pumped into her career ASAP!

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