Monica’s Reality Show Debuts Strong

Monica Is Still Standing Congratulations to Monica on the success of her new reality-show “Monica: Still Standing”. The series premiered to an astounding 3.2 million total viewers, making it the #2 series debut in BET history! In the new original BET series MONICA: STILL STANDING, Monica opens her heart and life to viewers and takes them on her personal journey of survival and enlightenment. Each week viewers experience the many faces of Monica as she balances family, deals with trials, triumphs and health challenges, records her fifth album, Still Standing and tackles the hardest job of all – being a full-time mother of two young sons.

If you missed the premiere, you can still watch it by clicking here!


  1. Monica is one of my fave singers. I hope this show can help to catapult her music career back to the success she once had.

  2. Monica has a voice of an angel, one of thee greatest vocalist of today.

  3. i been a monica fan since she came out with miss thang back in the day she is one of the best singers in the industry but she dont get enough props maybe because she aint all hollywood and shakin her butt to sell cds i love all her albums and i cant wait for the next one to drop

  4. Love her and the show is great!!! Its nice to see a reality show that seems ummmm REAL. I have all of her cds and the next one will not be an exception!

  5. she looks gorgeous in that pic, but i never realized she was so light.

  6. The show is classy. Way better then alot of these ghetto show. She a classy beautiful woman. Im going to support the show and the album. I love her part on trust. That my girl.

  7. Noooo, I missed it, I forgot all about this.

    @ LADY

    Thanks for the lil review. I love Monica too and I’m so glad somebody on BET got some dignity.

  8. It is so sad that black singers especially black female singers who has a massive amount of talent has to resort to something like this so that people can start listening to their music again. But someone like Rhianna actually has people anticipating her new album. Just completely amazing to me.

    Monica has always been a class act so I am sure her show will be as well. It is sad that this extremely talented young lady has to do this just to get black people interested in her. So sad.

  9. @BEE


    Jennifer Hudson had to win an Oscar just to get a record deal and the girl’s voice was off the hook during American Idol! And the other girl named Latoya who was in the final 3 with Jennifer and Fantasia never got picked up and she was amazing..If you don’t have main stream popularity like Beyonce or Rihanna you kind of get swept under the rug..Look at Cassie getting signed to Bad Boy because she’s screwing Puffy and she’s gotten not one but two record deals and she’s complete garbage..The standards have changes so much from back in the day, sex, skin color, and looks have won out over actual talent.

    I hope Monica new album does well she was always one of my favorites.


  11. @Stefany those women that you mentioned are willing to do almost anything to stay out in front of the cameras. They have changed who they were as people for fame. They have showed just about every inch of their body and it works. We as black people all got caught up in this foolishness that is the black music industry and now we want more.

    The reason Columbia is pushing Beyince so hard is because they have ignored everyone else on their label and now they have no one else to push. She is not going to take a break because the record company is not going to let her. Name one artist on Columbia’s record label besides her. They have messed them selves up.

    The difference between today’s music world vs yesterday’s is they knew the fads and the one hit wonders and then they knew the people who would become icons. They developed them. That is why Clive stuck with Whitney. He is old school he understands how to develop and work with people. The new school is people like Jay Z nothing against him but anytime the boss is putting an album around the same time that you are guess who’s going to get the most attention. They don’t know how to promote real talent so they stay away from it.

  12. That’s great !! I had no idea she was having a show. I’ll watch it just to support her, cause she’s classy. Kudos !!

  13. Debuts strong but the show was kinda meh/boring. Good luck to her though.

  14. @BEE

    You’re exactly right “FADS” are what most of todays artist are, these are people that no one will be talking about 20 years from now. They’re not making any kind of long lasting impression on the industry..Look at Gladys Knight, Pattie Labelle, Chaka Kahn and Anita Baker still performing sound good as gold, and people still remember all of their songs.

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