Mo’nique Wins An Academy Award

Mo’Nique has won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for her role in the drama “Precious: Based on the Novel “Push” by Sapphire.” The comedienne and actress shot to fame in the UPN series “The Parkers” while also making a name for herself as a comic on the stand-up circuit. She eased into films with roles in such films as “Phat Girlz,” and “Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins.” For “Precious: Based on the Novel ‘Push’ by Sapphire,” she has also won a Screen Actors Guild Award, a Golden Globe Award and the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) Award.



  1. So proud of Monique! I still have never seen this film but I can just tell from clips and previews that she put her all in this role and (this WILL sound wierd) but something positive came out of being raped because who would’ve thought Mo’nique from “THE QUEENS OF COMEDY” and “The Parkers” would go on to win the biggest an actor could accomplish. Her speech was moving as well.

  2. YES!!! I’m so so happy for her!! I was on my feet in my living room applauding and yelling so loud!!! You deserved it Monique, it was you time to shine!!! I love you Monique!!

  3. I am so happy for Monique. It reminds me so much of when Jennifer Hudson won the Best Supporting Oscar because they both just blew through every award winning left and right for a job well done. CONGRATULATIONS MONIQUE. You are a great actress and a leader for women who have been damaged and know that it is ok to just BREATHE!!!

  4. Congratulations Monique! I was glued to the screen and over joyed when she won! She also gave an excellent speech and looked absolutely gorgeous!

  5. Well done M!!

    but omg!! whoa i know shes such a nice person and stuff!! But when i look at her! all i see is the crazy mum!!!

  6. I was extremely happy when she won as well; job well done. She walked up to that stage with such elegance and grace and her speech was very moving. Not to mention, she looked flawless, loved the makeup and the fresh flower in her hair and that blue against her skin was a good look.

    Side note: Did anyone else see the face Samuel Jackson made after her acceptance speech? It puzzled me a bit as to WHY he’d be doing the little side eye thing but then again who knows what was going through his head. Maybe I’m just reading into it a little much but I’m sure once he sees that clip rolled back, he’ll be explaining why he made that face and probably wish he hadn’t. I was also wondering why they had to put the clip on where Precious stole the bucket of chicken and ran out the store down the street?! Was THAT really the only clip they thought should have been chosen? That was a bit embarrassing. I was hoping Gabby would have won but she’s young and will get more acting gigs I’m sure. The only other person I didn’t mind Gabby loosing to is Sandra Bullock because Sandra also played that part to pieces so my first choice was Gabby of course but when Sandra won, I didn’t feel bitter because she also did an excellent job and her speech was moving/touching as well.

    Lastly, congrats to Geoffrey Fletcher for being the first African American writer to win an Oscar. Would have been quite a night if the Black Director would have also won, that would have also made history!

  7. @ Tasha32 If this is the only award the film won then Samual probably gave a side-eye because in his mind “once again another black woman has won an Oscar for being a stereotypical black woman” If no break-through awards like Best Director, Best Film, etc then nothing really has changed since Gone With the Wind in the 1930s. I get what he is probably thinking but I am still proud of Monique because it may open the door a little bit wider for better roles for black women. Look at Penelope Cruz, this is her second Oscar nom I think and she still hasnt won mainly because her roles usually defy stereotypes of a Latinas

  8. @ Blacksista, actually Penelope did win a Oscar 2 yrs ago for supporting actress…

    @ Tasha32, totally co-sign with your assessment of the reason behind Sam’s side-eye!

  9. and also, is anyone just a teeny bit bothered by her “open relationship” with her husband? At the end of the day it’s her business i guess, but at a time when the Obamas strong black love & commitment is highly praised, what do y’all make of Mo’s, well, unconventional relationship? she made allusions to it in her acceptance speech…

  10. I thought Sam gave “side-eye” because she mentioned BET and that horrid “Soul Plane”… I get what she was trying to say but… LOL Sam is crazy.

  11. He probably rolled his eyes because of there open relationship. She did thank her husband at the end. But it all good go monique.

  12. Way2Go Mo’! Can’t wait to see your show in LA next month. Anyone else goin’??

  13. Congratulations MoNique. You truly deserved the Oscar. I just wish you hadn’t said that comment about your open relationship. You’re beautiful and deserve a loving man. No woman should settle for a cheating man!

  14. Congrats Monique! You deserve it for such a great performance.
    @BK I’m also going to the LA show on her tour.

  15. Congrats to Monique. She truly deserved the Oscar and her performance was riveting. It’s wonderful to see an amazing performance receive accolades..

  16. Congrats! Some black sites are ripping her apart but not Brown Sista. I heard she wore the color and put the flower in her hair to honor Hattie MacDaniels Oscar acceptance outfit.

  17. I am so proud of Monique. She truly deserved that award because her performance was amazing! She was so out of character that she seemed like a completely different person. I am glad for her.

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