Monique Wins Over The Critics!!!!

At the 2010 Critics Choice Awards on VH1, Monique Imes (better known simply as Monique) took away an award for Best Supporting Actress for the Movie Precious. Watching the Awards, I was in shock as our beautiful sista was able to convince the critics of just how talented she really is. Critics can often be quite tough on movies and actors and for her to receive such an award and beat out many, is truly and honor. Despite the backlash of stereotyping African Americans that the movie Precious, I think Monique did a good job of transforming herself for the role as well as showing a sense of vulnerability for the twisted character. I think she deserved her award and hopefully this will open more doors and roles for her!!! Below is a picture of Monique with her husband and her award!!!!


  1. Yessss!!! She so deserved this. Congrats to her and she should make room for many more.

  2. Dam still haven’t seen “Precious” yet but Monique looks great.

  3. I have no doubt that the award was well deserved. This is my problem: Why are awe still begging these people to acknowledge our craft as talent? Why do we have to wait for someone else to tell us the value of our talent? Why do we insist on being validated by others? My last question: When are we going to finally recognize that throwing us a bone here and there DOES NOT open doors for talented black actresses/actors? Poor Gabourey Sidibe probably WILL NOT get very many roles in the future! Why can’t we make our own way and be satisfied when we reward our own?

  4. Heeeeeeeeeeey Baby! CoNgRaTuLaTiOnS* on your first Golden Globe Sista!

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