More Behind-the-Scenes Love from Janet Jackson

JANET JACKSON UNBREAKABLE PROMO IMAGESYu Tsai, the photographer tasked with helming the photoshoot for Janet Jackson’s upcoming Unbreakable album, uploaded a video to his Facebook page just moments ago that gives the singer’s fans an even more in depth look into the process of creating the pop diva’s next iconic persona.

Kimbo, Janet’s stylist for the cover shoot, called Janet’s new look “tribal,” and said it signifies her connection to her fans, her music, and even her culture. “We’re all just living on planet Janet,” according to Kimbo.

Fans will get their first look at Janet’s new style on August 31, when her tour kicks off in Vancouver, Canada. As previously reported, Giuseppe Zanotti will be designing all the footwear for the tour, including several exclusive sneaker designs for Janet.

In the meantime, enjoy the video below, as well as a few screen captures of promo images that have yet to be released.