More ‘The Best Man Holiday’ Promo


After a fifteen year hiatus, the entire cast of the ‘The Best Man’ has reunited for ‘The Best Man Holiday,’ the sequel to the 1999 romantic comedy that made stars out of most of the cast.

The film isn’t set to hit movie theaters until November 15t, however Sony Pictures appears to already be in promo mode, releasing several trailers for the film early, including the one below.

The extended trailer will reportedly start appearing in theaters later this fall, in conjuction with a college tour several of the castmates will participate in to promote the film.


  1. I see they are following in the footsteps of the “Think Like a Man” cast, touring black colleges to drum up support for the film. Smart move.

  2. I will be in the theater to see Cibrian and Nia Long relationship.

  3. And what a long wait it was. I hope the sequel is as good as the original, because they rarely are. And from what I’ve seen from the trailer thus far, all of the characters have aged gracefully. Hollywood isn’t green lighting many black films except Tyler Perry’s. And it would appear that Spike Lee is on permanent hiatus it seems.

  4. I’d only heard of this coming out and not really seeing any trailers. Thanks Brown Sista! Now you all have gotten me excited to see this movie!

  5. I think I’m gonna pass. The first one did nothing for me …

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