More Brandy “Human” Promo Pics

Not a drastic image change- but cute nonetheless. New promotional pics from Brandy’s upcoming fifth album “Human” hit the net today and I like them more than the first set which were released a few weeks ago. Besides ditching her braids two albums ago, Brandy hasn’t made much of an image transformation but I think she could definitely use one. I have always been a Brandy fan but I think her team needs to step it up a notch. Whoever styled this shoot did a good job but a little extra umph! was definitely needed. Still, I love the pic of Brandy in all black and those Chanel pumps are sure to become a hit.

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  1. Brandy is super talented. She reminds me of the times of Aaliyah and monica. its good to see her back in the game after the whole accident thing. can’t wait to hear her songs

  2. I missed Her and the fact that she name dher album “human” means so much if people could just wake up and realize that a celebrity is an human that just happens to be known around the world things will get so much easier..WElcome back B you’re the Original and that album is mine!

    And i Agree with you stephanie that an new image would definitely bring some extra to B but let’s face it her music never was about her look, some people even found her ugly yet bought her album so i’m guessing her management figured what the hell lets roll with what we have…

  3. Although I currently dislike Departed :thumbsdown: , I can’t wait for her cd! I’ve loved them all. Brandy and Monica will always remain two of my fave artists and they can sing! :thumbsup:

  4. I am glad to see she is on a comeback. I can’t wait for the album. Her shoes in the 3rd pic are hot.

  5. I can see her wig line in that Chanel-pumps pic. Not a good look. :lol2: And again in the very last pic…… about styling, eh? 🙁 But she looks healthy and great otherwise :brownsista:

  6. i miss Aaliyah…. 🙁 she is one of those artist that even though she came up in the 90s she still would be making hot music today…she was always on top…brandy i wish the best for you but i donno if it will happen i use to LOVE BRANDY but i donno…i think her sound is a little stuck…it sounds the same to me

  7. and i miss her show moeshia…I SWEAR if she bought that show back she would be on top…especially the way the show left off…thats what she needs to bring back

  8. I’ve never liked Brandy’s look. She’s been having wig line issues…I wish she would just leave them alone. And it seems like she always plays her wardrobe too safe. I would like to see her step out of her box. Then she would really be a “butterfly”.


  10. @ Kanyade: That is wrong, but so funny!! lol
    I do like her weave/wig in the other pics. I hope the rest of the CD is better than the song Departed, I’m really not feeling it.

  11. I love Brandy. She has never made a bad album. All of her music has been really good music. And her songs were always about something meaningful and deep. I cannot wait until her album comes out I will be the first one to get it.

  12. In this Beyonce/Rihanna obsessed generation, I just don’t see sistas like Brandy and Monica having successful comebacks. It is because the industry force feeds certain artist down our throats and ignore others with just as much or even more talent.

    I mean, how did R & B radio stations get from music like The O’Jays, Earth Wind and Fire, Anita Baker, Regina Bell and Luther Vandross to Lil Wayne and The Game. I just don’t get it.

  13. in response to Chey, radio stations went that way bc blk people dont know or appreciate style, class, and talent.. (The O’Jays, Earth Wind and Fire) they embrace ghetto, lack of taste, no talent, thug ideals…and as a result, blk society is still waddling thru drug users, dealers, carjacking, ignorance, lack of education and crassness and vulgarity. then they think a blk politician can save them when what they really need to do is save themselves. sad but completely true

  14. @Chey: I get it. It’s because a long time ago when they played great music like that radio stations were individually owned. But then two corporations came along and brought up all the radio stations and they determine who will be a star and who won’t be. I think Brandy’s listening audience will be a more mature audience such as myself and other ladies like me. That is what Monica should have went for instead of this younger audience. Simply because they don’t know what real music and real singers sound like. I don’t say that to put anyone down or anything like that, but, even if Whitney Houston came out now as a new artisist looking the way she did in the eighties she would not be a big start today. It’s sad but it’s true. So we have to unfortunately find the good music via internet and other alternative options and buy it. It’s gotten to the point now the only time I listen to the radio is talk radio. I can’t take so call R&B stations anymore.

  15. @Drew said: That is totally racist what you stated there. If that is all that is put out there and you don’t no anything else then that is all you will buy. I don’t listen to that mess and I am black so I take offense to your racisist statement.

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