More “Glama” Pics From Miss Jackson

As many of you well know, my favorite musical diva, Miss Janet Jackson, is the new face of Blackglama furrier’s 2010 “Icon” campaign. We first posted this news back in July, along with one photo and a video. We were told more images would be forthcoming this fall and now those images have finally been released. Check out the diva herself giving great face for photographer Rocco Lapasta and representing the 40+ sistas beautifully.


  1. Yes it gets no better than Ms Janet Jackson!!! & for thoughs of you that care Kelly Rowland will no longer be releasing an album this year it has been pushe back to 2011, with that said I offically be staning for Lady Gaga Rihanna Janelle Monae and Solange….

  2. @ Andre Le Dale
    Probably because Kelly won’t go far enough to the “edge”. (even though she’s pretty damn close IMO)She better count her blessings. I truly don’t believe “stardom” is for Kelly. I think GOD has other plans for her.

    Janet is classic!

  3. Im glad Janet did this legend campaign because she looks stunning, regal and edgy in these pics.

  4. The celebrities are lucky that they have access to good food, skin care, and no stress of everyday life. I like to see someone look this good around the area where I live.

  5. These are indeed beautiful pics of our sista Janet. As always Janet looks radiant and flawless;a beautiful African Queen clothed in the sun with a golden crown upon her head. Nature has smiled upon her like a lover who`s love affair is everlasting. Mother Arica, Mother Africa, what “BEAUTY” you bring. Luv you Janet.

    Michael Jackson & The “GOLDEN” 80s 4ever!!! Long live The “MASTER SHOWMAN”. Luv u always Mike.

    Peace, in the spirit of my BELOVED “HERO” Brotha Malcolm X. Long live Brotha Malcolm, one of our greatest “FREEDOM FIGHTERS” and minds who was not afraid to die for the greater good of us as a people.


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