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Tracee Ellis RossGolden BrooksZoe Saldana

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  1. Tracee has a fabulous body and that dress does nothing for her.Golden looks good for once and Zoe looks ok.Beyonce has taken a lot of flack for her dress but I think she was the best dressed and most daring woman at the Globes.Everyone else showed up in basic white or black so as not to make any waves or anyone’s worst dressed list, while Beyonce showed up to dazzle and did that.All the ladies above blended in and how dull is that? :thumbsdown:

  2. [quote post=”1511″]Golden looks good for once[/quote]
    No she doesn’t.She still has that dull lifeless weave that looks exactly the same everytime she leaves her house.Her makeup is also all wrong.All that blush and too light lipstick looks terrible.She never gets it right.Never. :hmph:

  3. Tracee is so questionable from the neck up and so is golden.Tracee does however have a booty- oops I mean body- to die for. :booty:
    Zoe just doesn’t do it for me.She is a plain Jane.

  4. I just have to say that I love Tracee Ellis Ross. I think she has great style and flair, but this dress isn’t doing it for me. But I do have to give her props, because she’s willing to take chances and I like that.

  5. Tracee is beautiful and yeah I agree Shay that the dress she is wearing does nothing for her at all.The color is pretty but the dress just hangs like it would on a rack.Tracee can do better than that.

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