More “I Am” Tour Pics & Videos


Sasha got fierce last night and we have the pics to prove it. No official photos have come out yet but the fans are keeping this blog up to date with photos they took themselves. Above the singer can be seen performing Angel/Ava Maria, in an outfit that is sure to be the talk of the blogsphere.

More images and costume changes can be seen below.

Video of Beyonce performing Single Ladies can be seen below.

Beyonce Single Ladies from on Vimeo.


  1. I really like the first outfit. She looks fabulous!

  2. Absolutely gorgeous! Steph, they’re will be no official pics. Media wasn’t allowed.

  3. I am not sure who thought Ave Maria was a good hook for a pop song but “Ave Maria” means Hail Mary as in the mother of Jesus.

    The song sounds nice but is a bit blasphemous. IMO

  4. Absolutely gorgeous! Steph, they’re will be no official pics. Media wasn’t allowed.

    I was wondering why nothing was being posted on Wire Image or Getty. Still, I think at least one professional photographer should have been allowed in- at least to get a few clear shots.

  5. Is that a wedding dress? She’s pretty much wearing a tank top and high-cut briefs in all the pics. Are these really her performance outfits or is she giving the tour a trial run???

  6. Did she wear something else or those are all the outfits for the night. Cause I’m kinda disappointed seeing them. Are those the outfit that famous designer designed????? They don’t look like the sketches I saw in blogs yesterday.

  7. no media was allowed mostly because these are kinda like practice live run throughs to work out some kinks i love when she does baby boy in the air lol and smash into you sounded so beautiful

  8. I love all of the outfits because as an entertainer, you have to do something with your fashion that excites or at least takes the mind away to fit the atmosphere. I know her tour will be great.

  9. To Mario- So those are not the final outfits for this tour? I was wondering cause I saw some designt floating around yesterday and they looked different.

  10. i really love the third pic whatever it is she got on its fun and exciting also (from someone that was there last night) said that it was cool to see beyonce strut her stuff across the stage in the dark because her outfit lit up, i bet it was that one sounds so fun!

  11. @coco they might be im sure some are but usually when she stars a tour one or two outfits usually change before she brings the tour to the US right now these are just run through shows to get a feel of whats to come later, even the stage might alter some i cant wait to see

  12. also, she opened the show with Sweet Dreams, i bet that was fun, i wounder how she performed that one! then broke out into crazy in love

  13. She needs to slap the hell out of her costume stylist..WTF is this mess?

  14. umm, why are there only two outfits that look professional? the three at the bottom look seriously thrown together. they don’t even make sense really. still love you bey, lol

  15. I just wished she had more variety in her costumes. I mean, no pants at all!!!!!

  16. coco, hang on tight im sure everything you see from these first few nights wont all be the same, alot will stay but a few will change im sure it always does thats why there was no media allowed and it started in canada because her fan base isnt as big there so she has time to work it out before she goes over seas and finally the US

  17. Those outfits are cool, they are really Beyonce-ish. I was just expecting more after I heard a big name designer was going to desing her outfits. I think Beyonce can be dressed in a trash bag and her performances are still gonna look fly but I wish she changes it up a little like incorporate othe types of outfit. She kinda wore that same 1 piece suit last year during her “Beyonce Experience tour”.

  18. *yawn*

    I AM GRANDMA Tour…

    First costume is UGLY!!! Looks old fashion

    Her theme is allllllllllllll over the place

    Her legs are big

    Her waist is definitely NOT 19″ Keep dreaming.

    She needs to find a direction and get creative and stop jacking other people’s styles and maybe she would come across as credible.



    I Am GRANDMA look at those fat thighs. 😆 Her waist is not 19″ :noway:

    that first outfit looks like something Mrs. Roper (Three’s Company) would wear or Peg Bundy. :lol2:

    Once again, Boring Bey is trying too hard and is all over the place as usual.

    There is no connection with any of the costumes to her I AM (theme) 😆

  20. I LOVE LOVE LOVE THE OUTFITS…luv me sum Beyonce and all the pics look great…I heard it was her best tour yet and her voice was 100% on point along with the dancing and performance styles….she’s just the ultimate entertainer…the whole package.

  21. :lol2: LIVERPOOL you keep on sleeping while beyonce keep makin her money and i sit back and enjoy her doing it

  22. Interesting! LOL!!!

    Okay Ava Maria could have had a little more clothing included.

    The others are ummmmm….

  23. i absolutely love love love these outfits. theyre so hot! and the clips i saw so far are spectacular! :bowdown: :bowdown: go head girl.

  24. I think the reason she probably didn’t want media in there is because she probably didn’t sell out seats. You know how she tries to hide her insecurities. By the way her outfits are nice.

  25. That is a pair of high cut briefs and a house coat. The wedding gown is terrible. Stop this foolishness with this woman. The outfits are terrible. Since this is what happens to all of these new artisit they constantly need a gimmick and I think she is on the way to gimmicking herself out of a career. This is utter foolishness and I am surprised as tight as her team seem to be that they are starting to crack because some of the things she had been doing lately has been a little strange. She is a grown woman not that young teenager nor that young lady she was when she first came out. She is a grown married woman and it is time to act like it.

  26. Aaah Beyonce, My auntie used to say that if you let people do them without saying anything
    they’ ll show you who they really are Great outfits, Great performances beyonce you are undeniably a legend
    keep doing what you doing You are definitively a role model for young girls around the world
    Gooooo Beyonceeeeee!!!!!!

  27. Voice lemme find out you a Beyonce Fan…

    BTW most of the “Beyonce” outfits were done by Ms. Tina and I’m not feeling them … Sorry ( it’s hard for me to “diss” somebodies Mama, especially when they’re old enough to be mine)

    The rest were done by Thierry Mugler, you can gauruntee that they won’t look like that when she leaves Canada. The Canada shows are probably just run-throughs. Like someone stated before she ALWAYS does that, the outfits that she started the tour out with don’t always last.

  28. She needs to throw them in the dumpster on the way out.

    BTW – I saw a clip of her doing alanis morrissette’s song..It was a cool rendition, but bey, please, if you’re gonna do someone else’s song at least have the decency to remember the lyrics!

  29. Noe- Hey girl wassup?
    I’ m not a fan ,I’ m just cheering up for her to make a bigger fool out of herself then she already did 😆

  30. @Getem you are wrong before tickets went on sale they announced that media wouldnt be allowed so try again

    Voice loves beyonce its clear

  31. Mario- I thought you” passed me by ” on posts :lol2: Your simple behind would not catch on irony if it was explained to you word by word 😆 running everywhere trying to make everyone know that the 8.000 people concert was just a warm up, it will get better, please don’ t be mean to beyonce, Lmao You’ re Pathetic

    Go beyonceeeeeee (Doing my best cheer kick) i love the wedding gown beautiful, Gorgeous, She is definitely a legend :bowdown: :bowdown:

  32. go back and read honey i said i usually do especially when you write to me and they are to long, thanks and come again i red your first sentence and that was enough, you are and always will be under me i hold you to a very low standard and that will remain thanks anyway…


  33. Mario You hold me to a low standard? and that is suppose to hurt my feeling? Coming from a sick person like you, all jokes aside if you took time to read your sentences you’ ll realize how deranged you are, Pursuing everyone trying to convince them about beyonce, You need serious help, But you’ re so sad when you look in the mirror you don’ t see anything wrong,holding me to a low level, coming from a beyonce wanna be sorry excuse for a black man,hypocrite person like you, I am so hurt…Trying to get all snappy with me, You are not a woman get yourself together Shirley :thumbsup:

  34. Noemi said,
    March 27, 2009 at12:33 pm 8 hours, 2 minutes after
    Voice lemme find out you a Beyonce Fan…

    BTW most of the “Beyonce” outfits were done by Ms. Tina and I’m not feeling them … Sorry ( it’s hard for me to “diss” somebodies Mama, especially when they’re old enough to be mine)

    The rest were done by Thierry Mugler, you can gauruntee that they won’t look like that when she leaves Canada. The Canada shows are probably just run-throughs. Like someone stated before she ALWAYS does that, the outfits that she started the tour out with don’t always last


  35. Haters will hate, but have you actually thought about why you are reading a beyonce thread in the first place?

    I can’t stand Lady Gaga, so guess what, i’m not gonna read any of her threads or blogs or comment on any music she may have…so why are you?

    Just because she is a married women does not mean that she has to stop being herself. She has always performed this way and i would be dissapointed if she changed. And the comment about it having no relevance to the I AM theme….er the wedding dress??? DER!

    No-one has mastered the singing and dancing element of concerts like beyonce and thats why we get so excited. Its about time people gave up fighting it and just admitted that Queen B is the best!

  36. okay so Diva_is_ghetto and I_AM_boring are the same person. get a life and stop posting under different names on this blog

  37. The first one is alright. The rest is just horrible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :noway:

  38. I saw them all on tape before they got taken down by musicworld. She did the darn thing for it to be a “test run”. She will do 5 days of this, a month break and then the REAL tour won’t start until late April. The great thing is that this was the FIRST performance and Bey performances tighten up as the tour goes on. So I am excited.

  39. I only like the first one. But I’m sure on stage with her other ppl it looks ok. But from the pics not feeling it too much

  40. people will always find something to hate on when it comes to beyonce. i mean can u blame them. in this year alone she sang for the first black president, performed at the oscars, sold 4 mill ww, and covered vogue.

    if i was a rihanna stan or ciara stan or alicia keys stan or whoever stan, i’d hate beyonce

    she still the most successful,richest, and most popular black female artist of this generation so what the haters think dont really matter. her millions of fans outnumber them. that’s why she so successful.

  41. It is not consider hating a person assumming that is what that silly saying means to give your opinion about something. People came on this thread because we were looking at the outfits she was wearing. I would have looked at any artisist and probably would have made a comment as well. I think that some of her fans “Mario” are really psychotic. To think that if you don’t share your worship of this woman you must hate her is a bit extreme. I mean really she looks fat in those outfits. It’s not trying to hate on her it is speaking the truth. She looks chunky and the outfits look cheap. Everytime someone says something you don’t have to announce how much money you think she has because none of us really know. This thread is about the outfits so people can comment on them.

    I don’t think 8k people coming to see you is a bad thing, but, if you were expecting to fill the arena I guess it’s not a good thing. But, hey she’ll be okay. I don’t think anyone sells an arena out all the time and everyone goes through a down spiral in life every now and then. She may just be going through her first. She is not as popular as she use to be and that’s okay. She will just take sometime out and re-group. She is just to over exposed and she looks like she is really tired. So people please relax.

  42. @bee by do you keep wasting your time on a subject you cant win? if you think you are right then let it go but you cant win an argument when it comes to your reasons of not liking this woman so stop writting books about it, it will be okay just dont pay beyonce any attention while the rest of us do

  43. bee :hifive: You ain’ t lying sista, and now it becames a win or lose situation, I was saying a few minutes ago how beyonce stan on this thread wanna act like they are classy or stuff but give them five minutes and they fit into the categories of people that like her, Trannys young and insecure chicks and chicks wanna be if you know what i mean,They make me laugh going after everybody trying to make beyonce look good, I don’ t know why people defend someone if their talent is spose speak for itself, “Hater” is about the only word they have in their dicos, Sad people,Lmao meanwhile we hate so much, we burned down the extra 5.000 tickets so people couldn’t purchase it, Psychos, they gonna love this poor chick to death…Literally ,Lmao at people “enjoying” beyonce making money, so they are really living their lives through hers, How sad is that
    Nyway :hifive: Chicka

  44. Hmm…BB can do better. I’m guessing the final outfits will be a lot more glam and a lot more deroeon-sparkled. 😆 Looks like talent show costumes to me right now, but hey, I still want to see the show this summer.

  45. Beysus is back on tour and rocking stage just the way we like it!

    I like the big dress in the first pic! I LOVE the black and silver outfit in the second and third pics! I think that performance is Get Me Bodied, because when she’s dancing to that song, she has that form (in the second pic) at the part, “Get me bodied, gonna be myself tonight.”

    I also love the gold outfit in the fourth picture. I think that performance is Radio — Just a hunch! The way Radio sounds matches so well with way that outfit looks.

    I think she performs Diva in the outfit in the fifth picture. Again, just a hunch. I don’t like that outfit very much though. But I do like the white outfit in the sixth picture. It’s simple and really pretty, and she looks very sexy in it!

    And her legs look amazing! She has very sexy legs.

  46. ugh so many videos have came out and im so excited im loving ego performance, radio, sweet dreams, hell all of them she really outdid herself this time and this is just from the first night dang beyonce…i mean sasha, what are you doing to me!

  47. :iagree: I Can’t wait til the show to come too!!!! will still in line to get a ticket

  48. All jokes and Irony aside, I saw the iiwab Live Video and it is too cute ,I always love that song that gets a :thumbsup: from me 😉

  49. she constatnly forgets to put on PANTS!! omg, it´s like she just jumped on the stage having no time to dress..

  50. Am I the only one who thinks the outfits are terrible? I dont understand why she is showing her privates in a wedding dress then with an armor top. I dont care how many “hater” I get called, this is garbage and if some of you werent die hard fans you will say the same. Beyonce is not showing her mature side, but she looks slutty and cheap. :thumbsdown:
    Didnt Madonna wear a wedding dress for MTV and concert tours? Why is she wearing panties with a jacket? The costumes are off and I am in shock by this, I really wanted her to bring it and look hot…..but honestly she looks tired, uncomfortable, and off. Lady Gaga costumes are cool, Britney’s costumes are cool, I know these are white chicks but Beyonce should be bringing it more.

  51. Britney’s costumes are cool

    Now Britney’s costume that’ s something to talk about have you heard that madonna helps her pick them up?

  52. I am going to have to agree with Kenny on this one. The outfits are off. Just because people say that the outfits are tacky don’t mean that they feel she won’t put on a good show just that what she has on needs some help. I believe she is a great entertainer but she does look put together. So I hope this is a ‘paid dress rehersal’ as one review called it and the same review mentioned that the show wasn’t cohesive or didn’t flow well. So I am sure things will get tweaked real soon.

  53. @Mario: Psyco I am not arguing with you or anyone else on this blog. I am just stating my opinion. That is the reason for these blogs. You can choose to worship her. I think she is an extremely accomplished young woman. I am not a fan of hers but I can say that she is accomplished. I won’t argue with someone like you because I believe that she is your life. I don’t think you have anyting else going on. If you listen to the way you word your comments you speak as if you and this woman are personal friends. I fear for her because of you. There is something seriously wrong with you and I pray for you. You are a demented and derranged young man. It is just not normal the way you defend this young lady. Now you know if anyone else had that mess on she is wearing you would rip them a new one. But to argue with you or anyone else on this blog about people niether of us know would be pretty sad on both of our parts don’t you agree. You don’t know her. You have no idea if she is changing her outfits for the rest of the tour. You don’t know anymore about this young lady than anyone else on this blog. You know exactly what they put out for you to read. So stop trying to act as if you have extra information or you know some inside information about this woman because you don’t. Stop trying to go back and forth with everyone about what they think about someone again yo don’t know.

    Get a life because you definatly can’t have hers. You are just a person making comments just like the rest of us so please get over yourself and seek some help seriously.

  54. I won’t argue with someone like you because I believe that she is your life. I don’t think you have anyting else going on.

    :hifive: 😆 I love you Bee You’ re cold with it :hifive: :brownsista:

  55. u ppl need to stop she looks a mess ….what a role model :thumbsdown: these are not costumes these are f***ing night clothes and her hair looks horrible….now fans go ahead and get mad its the truth

  56. and yes I do agree she is a hustler and she very talented ….she just try way toooo HARD and she is highly overratted!!

  57. @Bee :lol2: :iagree: You hit the nail on the head don’t argue with deranged immature people over someone t hat doesn’t even know they exist. I like this statement, “I don’t think you have anything else going on.” I have always thought that about most of her stans. They can’t be all that accomplished if they defend every comment that does not suite their fancy. Mature and intelligent people just don’t act like that.

    @Kenny I 100% :iagree: throughout my time of posting on this site I can say you seem to be very rational and just honest. It is what it is people need to stop lying to this girl.

    @Voice :lol2: you are always very humorous but you also make good points.

  58. Okay, some of you have said that this is like a “dressed rehearsal” and these are not the official outfits for the tour, right I hear that. However, between these costumes and the other ones posted on the net are we to assume that she will NOT be wearing any pants for the entire tour? Is her crotch going to be taking front and center stage throughout her tour? She’s not like Madonna & Janet, they are FREAKS and they are not afraid to OWN it, they dont pretend to be all sweet and innocent, we kinda expect it from them, if they didnt we’d be shocked! But she goes on about being elegant and feminine and then WEARS UNDERPANTS ON STAGE! Grow up Beyonce…
    I think she’s trying too hard. UNDERPANTS are NOT fashion forward, its LAZY!

  59. I think Everyone need to leave beyonce alone, apparently her fan base like to see her dressed like that, Why should we be concerned? Like i first said if she likes it I love it, Leave her all alone.

  60. All the sorry ass haters (you know who you are) need to get lost already. You’re hating is not wanted or appreciated.

    @ Mario: Fuck these clowns, man. Beyonce is great.

  61. I want stans to go one post without using the word “haters” Just one post, Open the dictionaries , Please Upgrade,Please

    “I think Everyone need to leave beyonce alone, apparently her fan base like to see her dressed like that, Why should we be concerned?”

    Ain’ t Nobody concerned, people need to wake up and realize we all are just chatting unless your name is mario his entire life is beyonce the rest of us finish to post get up the pc and go on with our lives People criticized rihanna’s outfits for being too sexual and they were not fans, who called them anything? I’ m sick ,Real talk is sick,Bee is sick, PEOPLE ALL OVER THE WORLD are sick of beyonce’ s stans thinking that she and only she should be praised no matter what and everyone else can just go to hell, we are all sick of their Hypocrisy , so we are going to say whatever the hello we feel like saying and what the stans gon do? call us “haters” we are so scared,If they were that bad and or bold I am sasha fierce would have broke sales records in its first week, BUT WAIT even They don’ t believe in her talent
    Bringing up how much money she makes and how they enjoy her making money, NOT ONE OF THEM, came on here with real arguments about her talent, EVEN I defend beyonce’ s talent more then her stans do, so let’ s stop the mockery, If the stans are too upset they can just drop dead because until Stephanie do like Angel at CL and block people from posting comments about beyonce they can just kiss ours

    Oh hey Real talk How are you Girl? :hifive:

  62. I guess a post about beyonce cannot go without the imprint of Voice. It’s really funny reading the accusations levelled against mario. Take heart my brother. At least you come on here to express your love for beyonce. Unlike others who bombard us on every post about their dislike for beyonce. And I mean EVERY SINGLE POST. If that doesn’t make you a hater,tell me what does?

  63. Beyonce is out here doing her and making history! Its all about crossing over and making music that EVERYONE can relate too. Thats what I admire about Bey she isnt afraid to step out of the box and do new things. Folks say she is overrated b/c so many ppl love her and respect her hustle…not alone that but the HATERS (dont take offense if you’re not one) are always worried about what she does and just every and anything she is Involved in. What makes me laugh so hard is the one’s that hate or “dislike” her so much are the main one’s that post first on threads about her and just shove Beyonce down there own throats! :lol2: My point is if YOU dont like Bey then KEEP HER NAME OUT YOU’RE MOUTHS AND MINDS!!!! LOL Beyonce is going to rock 2009 like she did in 2006. Just get use to it b/c Beyonce will be here for a while! SHE WILL NEVER RETIRE, she already said and made that clear!!!! LOL I cant wait til the tour comes my waaaaaaayyy!!!!!!!!! :hifive: BEYONCE IS THE HOTTEST THING OUT :bowdown:

  64. I don’t like the way she said and her stans are sayin its a test run. then that means she had people spending their hard earned money and that is NOT right. I’m beginning to agree WHEN have you ever known beyonce to do a test run Never that don’t even sound right. What it is she didn’t sell out that concert so she was sacred people would know it and that’s why she isn’t let the media in and her camp is snatching down them videos. I saw one on youtube it was boring as Freak. her in a robot suit and a tiger.please she doing movies not performances. If people wanted to go see a movie I feel they would have been better off spending their money. People isn’t feel her anymore, and you can tell it by her first week sales. for beyonce her sales should have been 500,000 or more and a test run or not BEYONCE’s SHOW should have sold out. stans keep making excuses for her. it’s all come to an end asap watch. beyonce is QUEEN BEY so you say regrdless her concert should have sold out and people should have been standing on the outside trying to get in, and her first week sales should have beating alicia keys 700,000 something with all that hype. she a gimmick and people getting sick of her tactics to get rich quick schemes. thank you. stan warring with me in 5-4-3–1-0 here goes stans of beyonce cussing me out. whos is probably little young kids anyway seems here lately that’s who she is appealing too.

  65. ^^Ugh… She didn’t sell out there on her last tour either. She sold about the same amount again, 8000 tickets, so who cares?

    Nobody sells out every single show. But it’s all coming to an end, right? I guess that’s why she had to keep adding so many overseas dates to her tour. Yes, that makes a lot of sense. :lol2:

  66. So let me get this straight ,You think i’ m a hater (like i care) but in EVERY SINGLE POST of beyonce you look for me? So you are desperate to find a hater on a beyonce’ s post to Validate you uh, dawn that makes you a stalker and a liar mama, Sit down, There are a lost of beyonce’ s post i ignore, there are some where i comment very nice things about her, But of course you only check the negative why? because without the “haters” beyonce is nobody in your mind,You’ re sad!

    yoli :lol2: You so funny

  67. HATER? Black folks really need to expand their vocabulary.

  68. I know she puts on a great show but I’m not feeling these outfits.

    The wedding gown – WTH???? Borderline Madanna Trash..Does she really think she needs to resort to coming on stage in her panties to stay relevant?

    Robe, tshirt & panties – see above comment

    The gold – wanna be wonder woman – mess (that has tacky T’s dereon all over it)

    The black/white short dress – this one is ok.

    The bullet proof vest over top of the white tshirt and panties – come on bey!

    I hope she revamps her wardrobe before coming to the US. No way I’m paying more than $20 to see a show in those get ups!…Then again $20 is a pack of bus tokens…I’ll wait for it to come on Youtube.

  69. Beyonce can wear a bath towel and still kill it, Beyonce can put on a wedding dress and a helmet and still perform better then your favorite artist! :hifive: Beyonce can wear whatever she wants and still her fans will love her and be at her shows. Beyonce is trying something new and Im loving it. Its very iconic, very unique, and just reminds me of a warrior princess. BEYONCE IS A LEGEND :bowdown:

  70. Like i have said her fans and stans like to see her vagina print, If they didn’t she would be fully clothed and switch her routine, Obviously those people can identify to her ways on stage, since they are mostly part of what i consider low class in the society, So if they want it and she likes it, Why should we be concerned?

  71. That question needs to be directed at your own self, dark sista. Why should u be concerned? Why should u be posting on this thread? And voice, please don’t crack me up. The day that you avoid one beyonce post, not even to talk of lots of beyonce posts, is the day the arctic circle becomes red hot, scorching hot And no darling, I have not been stalking you. Just merely keeping up with the posts about beyonce, whom I happen to like. And noticing that somehow, someway you are a part of every single one of them.

  72. dawn : who are you? and why are your feelings hurt?oh i’ m sorry you agree with me uh :lol2: Please go talk to people your own class rat, there are plenty of people like you on this board go talk to them

  73. And she ignores the issue at hand. Darling,my feelings cannot be hurt by an unstable mind like yourself. The issue at hand is you and your fellow cohorts are on as many posts about beyonce as the alleged stans. To even make the attempt to deny this makes you sound senile. Now I’m wondering how a grown woman like yourself finds so much time to spew nothing but hate and turn it around and call it objectivity and criticism.It doesn’t take a blind man to see that you have an obsession with beyonce. And the unstable people are not the stans- but rather you who has to feed this obsession. In the end you accuse mario of being something that you are. And that is sickening. I seriously advise that you seek professional help.

  74. :noway: her fat ass got on hanes high cut briefs … why show your married crak to the public thats why jay stay in rhi rhi puzzy … because bey gives him the space to do it … stay home bey …..y u touring ….lol by the way them costumes suck … not a hater ::just being real :loser:

  75. DAWN If i am not hurting your feelings WHY are you addressing me? IGNORE ME don’ t talk about me, don’ t read my post, obviously yall patiently await my posts because you know i’ m going to make sens and you need to go against that by calling me names, What is so funny to me is that it never occurred to you people that i might be saying the things i say about beyonce just to mess with you all, all i ever did on this blog is to show how insecure, limited,and sad stans are, that’ s all, i can come on a post about bey and just type ” :lol2: ” and you all start being nervous it’ s hilarious,look at you arguing with me you have no clue that out of the two of us you will look foolish and insecureto an unbiased person because you have no argument, It never occurred to you that the stans are my target not beyonce why because you are thirsty for negativity to validate beyonce’s status as a star you are sad sad sad you and all your crew,So stop right there and go away and deal with your own misery you along with the rest of the rats

  76. First you denied. Now you’re claiming you only comment on beyonce posts to get the fans riled up. No. How did u put it. To mess with you all. Darling the only one you’re messing with is yourself. You’re just confirming the obvious. U are sick in the head. Dr.Phil’s number, anyone? You just admitted that you type your malicious comments on every SINGLE post to mess with people you don’t know. That’s pathetic. Did I ask for Dr Phil’s number for you? I think we are going to need to add Oprah to that list. PITY is what the ”stans” should be for you and I’m sure they do. What a sad case you are.

  77. Dawn I have weakened you by my last post, You now realize that i am no beyonce hater,so what do you do? Back down , You are weak, , I pity you and i am done talking with your weak behind Please call me when a stan actually have an ounce of intelligence and a strong argumentation about beyonce beside “you’ re a hater”,”You’re jealous”,”You’ re sick” That’ s all you got? You still have not change my mind about beyonce so you are cancelled and dismissed this is my last post to you, You are as dull and boring as beyonce Mario your alter ego on this blog and them


  78. This is so elementary people arguing like little kids. I dont like any of the costumes thats all I have to say

  79. Dawn
    Don’ t bother addressing me, I have nothing but disgust for the like of you

  80. Darling, I don’t know what goes on in your head but I am clearly not weakened by your insanity. The only thing I realize is the facts. You are clearly have an obsession with beyonce and you feed this obsession by posting on every one of her posts. When I called you out, you came up with the silly excuse of posting just to get the stans riled up. Please, you don’t fool me. Clearly you still need Dr.Phil. For dark sista, I am surprised that you can look beyond the disgust you should have for yourself to direct some at me. Thinking back and reading back, you and voice have a connection, a family connection of some sorts I guess. That explains how pathetic the two of you sound. Obviously the obsession runs deep in the family.

  81. And I know I will certainly see the two of you on the next beyonce post. Your pathetic selves.

  82. Who did you call out? Certainly not me , you will see me again stalking Chick, And your blood pressure will go high once again and you’ ll start crying and worrying about your little feelings 😆 You keep answering and arguing with me so obviously we share the level you put me on.I am ridiculing you since your first post where you called me “pathetic” yet came back and spent all that time with me,Obviously you are as bored and deranged as you assume i am you’ re an idiot, An Obvious Idiot at that :lol2: Dismissed

  83. LMAO look at all the FUCCERY that Bey can cause in an old thread!!! LOL Beyonce look what you’ve done YET AGAIN! I tell you If there not talking about you, you’re NOT doing something right! :hifive: Either way the 6-7 of you who dont support Bey dont stop NO SHOW believe me Beyonce will still sell out all over the US and and in other countries. Sorry HATERS & STANS you loose again! LOL

  84. @ Voice don’t waste your time it’s obvious VIRGO, dawn, Mario, and a few other names on here have some connection or are the same person posting under alias names. I have been coming to this site and reading for sometime now and what I have noticed is ever time someone calls Mario out for being psycho or Lola out of no where appears alias names defending them (which is extremely childish). Apparently they are sending their friends to this site to fight for them or they are using alias names to fight for themselves. So take Bee’s advice and don’t argue with psycho individuals.

  85. Anonymous:’ they can’ t be the same person because steph delete people posting under muti names unless you let her know why the same i.p shows for two member like my sis and i did, but i def think something is going on, and i don’ t even care, if they have to call each other for back up it means that the things i say, which i laugh at , touch them deep down inside and that is pitiful i never took any of their comments at heart they are pathetic , they are weak no argument, beside the tired “you are a hater” they have nothing else, i am still waiting for the intelligent stan to “call me out” even me can say something about beyonce and defend it and still make sens both way, Empty minded chicks and chick wannabe :lol2: when someone have real talent there is no reason to call someone names over them unless their character [which i’ m not sure beyonce have] is attacked i.e i only jump up when people call Akeys a home wrecker, Because to me a man who does not wanna cheat won’ t and black chicks need to stop going after the woman because they are scared of being left alone if they confront the man, That’s all you’ ll never catch me defending her talent or calling anyone hater over it,I have spoken loud enough by being one of those purchasing copies of her album 750 the first week, That’ s how fans fight, But you wanna sit there and pour your little heart out (Like we care) but your girl still can’ t top that? Akeys is to date the best black selling female of the decade NOT beyonce so they just need to sit the hell down, or working double shift to buy more albums PERIOD

    hOW YOU DOIN tho? 😆

  86. Voice, I don’t delete everyone because I can’t catch them all and sometimes by the time I see it, many comments have been made since and thus deleting that comment may screw up the entire comments section.

    Sadly Voice, many ppl here have multiple names where they are either co-signing their own comments or puposely flaming.

  87. @ voice Im one person and been under this ONE name for a while now. YOU nor this site is that important where I would need to post under a bunch of different names. PLEASE I say what I feel and keep it moving.

  88. Oh Hey stephie :hifive: I see what you mean
    so Anonymous And i conspiracy theory still stand loool, Well that is unfortunate but don’ t trip more visit for you more money girl :hifive: You thought about the African American written book topic? I am so going to stalk you until you do it 😆

  89. VIRGO then why are you defensive? further more i did not say your name you came up with it on your own :lol2:

  90. @voice NO HUNNIE defensive?? For what, initially Anonymous did mention me and you agreed like the follower you are so Im addressing the BOTH of you hating fools. I dont comment on things that have nothing to do with me. :loser:

  91. LOL Bey keeps the haters steadily coming back time after time. The haters are the true stans.

    @ Anonymous (March 31, 2009 at11:28 pm) :Voice is the MAIN one who posts under multiple user names to bash Beyonce. That’s why he so quickly tried to debunk your theory of posting under multiple user name, because he doesn’t want that tactic to be recognized because HE uses it. He named some of his alias names in his post on March 29, 2009 at6:02 pm.

    @ Lovey : There’s no need for an expanded vocabulary for these peole. They’re haters, and that’s all they need to be called as long as they keep being a hater. We still call water water, don’t we? ‘Cause that’s what it is. : ) And btw, not just black people use that word. And also, not just black people post comments here at BrownSista, or at the forum.

    @ dawn : Gon’ head then! Screw the haters.

  92. BlackMetalMan: Of course i am which is why the owner of the blog did not just call me out a few post ago 😆
    VIRGO : Well I obviously touched a nerve by agreing with anonymous so I guess 😆

  93. I dont care too much for BEY but she is a good at what she does idk why blogs are filled with haters. I got to a CIARA thread and boy those tired lines the haters use-man/tranny/flop. Which she is none
    Come to Bey’s thread-jacker/boring/theif and both get all the above.

    Well congrats on her success and wish many more this lady is a legend beleive it or not.

  94. Yoshi: it’s just like black metal said, the haters are the real STANS. So don’t let that bother you. Take the psychotic sisters,voice and dark sista for example, there is nothing about beyonce they don’t know, there is no beyonce posts they are not on calling her names. Yet they take the pains to click on her posts every time they come up.

  95. Dawn You’ re still talking about me? :lol2: I touched you that deep uh? You’ re pathetic 😆

  96. And you’re still on beyonce posts. She touched you that deep uh? The only pathetic one here is you, my dear. :lol2: :lol2:

  97. #
    Anonymous said,
    Gravatar IconMarch 31, 2009 at11:28 pm 4 days, 18 hours after

    @ Voice don’t waste your time it’s obvious VIRGO, dawn, Mario, and a few other names on here have some connection or are the same person posting under alias names. I have been coming to this site and reading for sometime now and what I have noticed is ever time someone calls Mario out for being psycho or Lola out of no where appears alias names defending them (which is extremely childish). Apparently they are sending their friends to this site to fight for them or they are using alias names to fight for themselves. So take Bee’s advice and don’t argue with psycho individuals.

  98. Someone needt to bring Beyonce bakk down to earth cuzz with these dresses i have a fealing her and cher are having cocktails on MARS or sumthing!@>>.

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