More Janet Ads + Wedding News

Singer Janet Jackson is all smiles in her latest ad for luxury furrier Blackglama.

The 45-year old pop icon is seen wearing another design from her own capsule collection, a black fur waist jacket trimmed in Italian leather.

In other Janet related news, it is being widely reported that Miss Jackson is planning to marry her longtime boyfriend Wissam Al Mama in an extravagant $24,000,000 wedding.

This story originated from the National Enquirer who also claimed Janet was a secret Muslim and would become Al Mana’s fourth or fifth wife.

I think the source of this alone is enough to call BS on this one. I have always said we will know when Janet has remarried only when she decides to seek a divorce.


  1. Another fabulous ad! Janet becoming a fourth or fifth wife? Ummm…I don’t see it. Does Wissam have “wives” already?

  2. I guess Janet is over doing music. These pics are just lame. She’s a music artist and this stuff in no way adds to be resume at all. Sing or step to the left girlfriend.

  3. Janet has many things in common with the first lady …

    1. In relationships with very powerful and rich men.
    2. Successful in their own right.
    4. Knew their worth, and hooked up with men that can give them the world.
    5.All around fabolous women.

  4. okay. can i ask a question?

    these pictures, they are ads right? so does that mean that they are put up somewhere to sell her small line of fur ishnish? where are those ads? i mean you post the pictures here as more of a “scene on the scene” thing. and i gotta be honest when i say that what becomes a legend most tag line isn’t special.

    ya know what, i know what my problems is. it’s that these dry asz pictures aren’t helping anyone….drop that album janet! drop that new movie janet! drop those feet and dance janet! and get someone other than gil as choreographer because i’m tired or the over effeminate men dancing and the drag queen woman dancing. please let me wake up tomorrow and hear she’d done all this, i’d smile for real.

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