More Kelly Rowland Promo Shots

Oh so cute…

More images on the pages below.


  1. :brownsista: I don’t like these pics. I always thought Kelly looked better au natural. These pics look to processed and I hate the big hair on her.

  2. I prefer Kelly with short hair too but her pics are classy and I like that. I hear her song a lot here in New York and it’s grown on me a bit WBLS is showing Kelly a lot of love. :dance2:

  3. @ Dana, I agree w/ you about the short hair. She looks like a pure diva with short hair!! Then I like the curly hair, this hairstyle makes her look so generic, most RnB singers have that same hairstyle. I wish Kelly was more in a divalicious mode while taking pics too, like she knows she’s THE star. It’s too bad her single tanked, I used to blame the Knowles, but she probably just doesn’t have the confidence and drive. Pretty lady though!

  4. Oh I just saw the second page (hadn’t paid attention), she almost has a pure divalicious attitude. :thumbsup:

  5. She is very pretty. The first 3 pics do look a tad Barbie-ish but over all she looks flawless.

    Then again I’m the type of woman who loves to get made-up, glamorous, dressed up for pictures so I won’t fault this pretty lady for her over-processed look.

    As far as the hair, I’m torn. I liked her hair short and red back in the day, but I love that she dropped the bright colors and wears it longer now. It’s more sophisticated.

  6. prettyparker is your site still under construction? I have tried to visit several times but all I get is the front page.

  7. Hey Shaniqua, actually my poetry site is just hidden for a while. When I finish my latest work, I’ll have it up again.

  8. these are pretty…but they do her NO justice…she looks soooooooo much prettier in person… she’s beautiful.

  9. I think she looks very pretty on these pics. What is it too much eyeshadow or something? I also think she looks great with long black hair unlike halle some people can actually wear long hair and look better. Kelly’s a natural beauty and these pics brought it out. :thumbsup:

  10. my teacher said kelly was ugly and Beyone cute, but I think it is the other way around. He is skinny and stupid anyways, just a hater on dark skinned women. :hater: :iagree: :brownsista: brown sistas rule

  11. Is it true what I heard on a an urban Washington, DC radio station Monday afternoon – that Kelly was supposed to be on the cover of VIBE since her album was coming out, and when VIBE scored an interview with Beyonce, that Beyonce herself requested the cover as part of the deal – knowing in advance that Kelly was supposed to be on it?

    I hope it is just a rumor, because if it is true, I will be so disappointed in Bey.

  12. I doubt that is true prettyparker but that rumor is spreading fast. I think to the average person it just makes no sense that Beyonce could get the June cover the same month Kelly’s album comes out.

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