Meagan Good Kraves More

Check out this exclusive shot of Meagan Good photographer Kate sZatmari sent to us. This image is of course a part of the shoot the actress did for Krave Magazine’s double issue that featured the stars of the original “Stomp the Yard” movie.


  1. Ok, I see you MG. She definitely worked this shoot. Still not feeling the hair. LMAO.

  2. Somebody CAST THIS WOMAN!!! Srsly. She’s a good actress; so much potential. I like her new look 🙂

  3. So she’s sticking to the short hair look? She looks nice.
    Not looking forward to the movie though…

  4. As far as Meagan’s hair ”change Is a good thing” Me personally I got tired of the long hair on her.. It looks nice to me ….but as far as the photoshoot It’s average and the background lighting Is too dark!

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