More Miss Kelly Video Goodies

Check out some live footage of singer Kelly Rowland on the set of her “Lay it on Me” video shoot.

After weeks of anticipation, Kelly finally started shooting the video earlier this week and is set to shoot another next week.

According to Kelly, the two videos, along with the taping of her British TV show X-Factor, and her preparation to hit the road with Chris Brown on his headlining tour later this fall, have her all pooped out.

Despite the hectic schedule, however, Kelly says she has no plans of slowing down and is already working on her new album which she hopes to release next summer.


  1. Taking a page out of the get-nekkid book to sell music.
    Whatever it takes, I guess.

  2. I don’t think I’m going to like it. She is pretending to be someone else. It doesn’t seem natural. Every performer has a natural style and this just seems awkward.

  3. Is Kelly supposed to be selling sex simply because she is wearing a sexy outfit?

  4. (((((((kelly))))

    go ahead switch the style up and if they hate them let em hate, and they can watch the money pile up

    i love them sexy fine men omg. i love it you given the ladies some real eyecandy and we appreciate. I love that song too on the album
    ok ms.thang

    i like that song on the album too..

  5. Well with the title of the song ” lay it on me” and lyrics to match. What do you expect?

  6. The choreo looks EXACTLY like Motivation…same general premise…

  7. You know, in Kelly’s defense she’s been werking it since DC days – like she was right along with B pop lock and dropping it 🙂

    I say let her do her thing. For the heck of it, pull up the Lose My breath or Soldier video, Ms Kelly was getting it in!

    Now I can see if say, Michelle did a super sexy video it would look contrived.

  8. @The Other Lol- I was gonna say the same thing. But much love to Kelly but I do feel like the videos won’t be that much different.

  9. i love sex, dont know about yall. i like the grown and sexy. i love dancin sexy. i love sexy lyrics.

    i dont like kiddie songs, Kalendria is showing off fine black men, instead of it just being her shakin her azz in the video.

    im not gay so i love seeing fine black men.

    pump it up baby

  10. @we party yall- I know right! It’s like a lot of the r/b divas always have a guap of female back up dancers.
    I say bring on the eye candy!!!

  11. She looks great but I’ve got to agree with some of the posters.Kelly doesn’t own her new image.sSe needs to get into it or go back to being the girl next door.

  12. gotta co-sign on the male eye-candy. Yes and yum! A nice break from the monotony of videos with all lovely ladies in the background. If Kelly is going to go with the sex sells route (which it looks like), then at least I can give her credit for selling something that I would buy…!

  13. Okay. I love seeing all the menz…as her MINIONS. Bwhahaha. 😀 Her swimsuit here looks like swaddling clothes 🙁 LOL. Can’t wait to see the final product.

  14. @kanyade- you wrong for calling her outfit swaddling clothes LOL!

    Her skin is off the charts though- I’m surprised that she hasnt been picked up for palmers cocoa butter or something like that!

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