More Pics Of Janet’s 2007 Calendar

A few months back we posted the first pic of the front of Janet Jackson’s 2007 Calendar and now the back cover with previews of images from all 12 months is available as well.Check’em out below and hopefully we’ll have scans to post soon. Enjoy!!
Janet 2007 Calendar Front CoverJanet 2007 Calendar Back Cover


  1. Some of those pics look a lil corny.There are 3 of her leaning forward in almost the identical pose and the one of her on the phone really looks a lil young and silly.I will have to see them full size to really give my opinion but I’m none to impressed at the moment.

  2. I like Janet but what elses do she have to offer other than her body? Janet need to understand that she has allot of young girls looking up to her. You don’t want them thinking it is o.k. to slut your body out at 40. GET A CLUE JANET. YOUR NOT 20 ANY MORE, LET IT GO!! It is bad enough that she is always singing about it. When will she grow into her age? As her last cd showed, she is all but washed up! I hope she learn to accept that she is not Ciara, take some singing lessons and focus on an:dance: older age range….Love ya Janet..

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