More Post Grammy Party Pics

Beyonce hosted People Magazine’s post Grammy party and it was attended by some of the biggest stars in Hollywood.India Arie, Tracee Ellis Ross, Mary J. Blige are just a few of the sistas who came out to celebrate, among many others.Below are just a few of the pics I have decided to share and others can be seen in our gallery.
India ArieTracee Ellis RossMary J. Blige

Michelle WilliamsGarcelle BeauvaisKerry Washington
Jermaine DupriNellyTerrence Howrad
Bow WowChris TuckerKeith Robinson


  1. Kerry Washington has been seen a lot lately minus her whiter half.I heard they broke up.

  2. Terrence Howard is so fine but when he opens hos mouth everything goes down south. 😐

  3. All of our brothers and sisters look good.Soul Train needs to have a Grammy party.That would be the fiyah :thumbsup:

  4. :iagree: Terrence Howard is pure eye candy. He has no depth to his character. What a waste!

    I wonder which of Jermaine Dupree’s parents was an alcoholic?:???:

    Chris Tucker is a straight up fool. For once, I would love to hear him say something intelligent.

  5. [quote comment=”3532″]Kerry Washington has been seen a lot lately minus her whiter half.I heard they broke up.[/quote]I keep hearing that but he may be shooting or something else.I haven’t seen Nelly and Ashanti or Beyonce and Jay together recently either.Couples do spend time apart from each other.It is natural.

  6. Bow Wow is cute, young and short as hell! Ain’t no way ya’ll can have that lol! Terrance Howard on the other hand, FINE!!!

  7. Carmen Says:
    February 14th, 2007 at 10:29 am | Quote |

    JD’s teeth remind me of chicklets. :lol2:


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