More ‘Single Ladies’ Casting Rumors

With Stacey Dash’s role as Valerie Stokes on VH1’s ‘Single Ladies’ officially up for grabs by every black actress in Hollywood, is there any wonder rumors of those possibly ready to take her place are flying left and right.

Last week I posted news of 41-year old actress Elise Neal possibly taking over the role; and now this week we have news that 30-year old actress Meagan Good may have officially been offered the part.

Meagan, known primarily for her roles on the big screen (Eve’s Bayou, Stomp the Yard, Jumping the Broom), has also dabbled in a bit of television over the years, most recently wrapping up a stint on BET’s revamped version of ‘The Game.’

No official word has come down from VH1, Queen Latifah (Executive Producer) or the show’s head writer, Stacy Littlejohn. However, if rumor that the actress hired must have the ability to pull off Valerie’s now epic wardrobe are true, we think Meagan may just have this role in the bag.


  1. Sorry to disagree with you but,
    “Valerie’s epic wardrobe”? Joan Clayton from Girlfriends had an epic wardrobe.jmo.

  2. Megan would be the perfect replacement!! She’s good at acting sexy and seductive(that’s all her roles in a nutshell.) But if anybody should replace Ms. Dash, she would be the perfect person. The show could possibly up it’s view’s.

  3. Meagan alongside Lisa. I like Meagan, but she would seem (does seem) younger than Lisa. I don’t know. Good luck to the show and whoever they choose.

  4. UGH … This child cannot act! She has been playing the same parts for years.

  5. I sure hope so! She was my first pick when I heard Stacey was leaving. I definitely think she can pull it off.

  6. I think she would be perfect for the role. Elise Neal? ugh.. I don’t like her acting. This is not a role I think she would be able to pull off.

  7. Yes I can c Meagan with the part & do much better than Stacie. Keeping it real Stacie only have looks going 4 her. Congrats 2 Meagan if rumor is true.

  8. I think Meagan is a little young for the role. What about Sanaa Lathan or maybe even Regina Hall? There are sooo many possibilities

  9. Meghan is too young-looking. I said it before, they should not re-cast the role. The character should be totally new.

  10. That would be cute. It’s not gonna be the same without Stacey and Lisa Raye can’t act

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  11. Beg Stacey to come back to the show. It is going to awkward seeing someone else as Valerie. The season ended with her possibly losing the love of her life. It is going to be tough to recast and pick up from that point.


  13. I hope Megan DOES not play the part left behind by Stacey. I can’t stand her acting. Please consider other actresses. Christine Milano,Zoe Saldana to name a few. Anybody but Megan! i can’t stand her mouth. Otherwise I must say goodbye to the show

  14. STACY DASH is hard to replace most men watch the show because of the beauitful woman that is on the show acting and showing there best game.there is a connection between the ladies that work, who ever replaces Stacy, i hope she can bring something that will make me come back to watch the show.

  15. Sanaa Lathan? Nia Long? ZOE SALDANA?!? LMAO! Are ya’ll for real?None of these ladies gonna consider that wack-azz show… It’s entertaining but the acting is HORRIBLE, the storylines are STUPID and it’s got ghetto-a** LISA RAYE – the queen of overacting.

    Zoe is doing movies…no way in hell she’s gonna be heading to tv soon, esp for this D-list sh!t. And although Sanaa and Nia may not be busy, I doubt those ladies are that desperate.

    Let Megan have at it…it’s not that serious

  16. No Megan can’t take Stacy’s place. She was one of the reasons I watched the show. I hope they can someone that can play the part. I’m really glad Q.L. has a good show under her belt, but If Lisa R. leave’s, it’s so long for me

  17. Please pay STACEY more money so she can return. The SHOW want be the same with out her. If I had to choice GABRIELLA UNION she will be perfect. Get rid Lisa raye keep STACEY.

  18. Now ya’ll know Lisa Ray aint gonna act next to someone who is gonna make her look her age. Either find someone age appropriate or have Val dip and elope with Jerry(whom sold his team). As for the shop, bring in her lil cousin from Cali or something.

  19. @Saditty

    Uhh yes I am serious. I names actresses that dont get work that often for a reason. Sanaa Latham played the voice of the wife on The Cleveland Show which is a spin off of Family Guy so I dont think her playing the role of Val is that far-fetched. Thank u and next

  20. @MrsJones

    So what? Sanaa is doing far better on Broadway than subjecting her acting credibility to that TRASH. No black actress worth their salt is gonna risk their career on that kinda GARBAGE programming. Lisa Raye and Stacey Dash are not good actresses…it was either this show, reality TV or another naked spread in Playboy. Unless Queen Latifah can get better writers and revamp the show, those ladies you mentioned are not gonna consider this tripe. Your welcome…SIT DOWN!

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