More Sneak Peaks at ‘Being Mary Jane’


BET’s first scripted series ‘Being Mary Jane’ is finally due to make its premiere on Tuesday, July 2nd at 10:30 pm.

BMJ stars actress Gabrielle Union as a successful Atlanta news woman who struggles to balance family and career.

The pilot will air directly after the season finale of ‘The Game,’ which despite its many cast changes, continues to be a ratings winner for the network.

Two new clips of the pilot have been unveiled by BET and both can be seen below.

The series, originally scheduled to air this fall, has now been pushed back to an early 2014 release date.


  1. The Akils are starting to worry me. The Game became a farce years ago and I stopped watching when one too many black jokes at the expense of black women became the norm. I get a sense of uneasiness watching these clips as well. As a black woman I don’t want to hear schit about angry black women and I don’t want to see one of us being chastised by a Latina or any other race of woman. I can do without all the race talk too. Want to know why Scandal is so successful with black women? It’s because the character of Olivia Pope is allowed to be great without all the race bullschit. Based on these clips we will be hearing a lot about angry black women and probably interracial relationships based on the fat white chick I saw. I will watch the pilot but if it blows I will skip the show when it airs and hope for better luck with Kelly Rowland’s What Would Dylan Do.

  2. I agree if Scandal can become a success without the discussion of race, than at this point shows that mention race, is solely poor writing and unmaginative thought. BET carries the same formula that below average black shows always used to get by. Won’t be watching the pilot or the series. I’m tired of being constantly reminded about the black woman’s plight. Let me escape for 30 minutes, is that ok?

  3. I agree we do need to turn the page! I don’t believe showing so-called relatable images is going to help us. The Cosby Show or A Different World, Living Single or Martin wasn’t the norm for most people (not just black), but we watched and enjoyed the characters because they told common stories, we all share and experience. I am so tire of the “angry black female,” racial embarrassment, and black people feeling we have to address every social issue through the media.

    We need black Hollywood’s presence in our hoods across America, we need our rock stars, reality TV favs tutoring our youth for a week or month out of their lives and writing some checks to those seriously on the ground trying to save and enrich lives. We now design our media around getting the advertisers’ most desired demographic 18-49. We have to start offering our young generation and the next generation different programming, an upgrade!

  4. I see I’m not the only one who wasn’t feeling the clips, especially the first one with Latina actress Lisa Vidal.

  5. I’m not feeling this at all.Why does Gabrielle Union always play the same role in everything she does? She is so typecast. I don’t see this being a hit.

  6. I don’t like the first clip either. But the second one a lot of successful ppl can relate to. Being the successful one in the family often means you end up taking care of lazier relatives who think they are entitled to the help. I can also do without the black shit and interracial bullcrap the Akils seem to love these days.

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