More “Super C” Shots

Ciara Short HairstyleCiara Short Hairstyle

Ciara tweeted more images of her rocking a short do. What do you guys think? I like the other cut better, but these images are still quite captivating.


  1. I LOVE the short hair. This is a definite UPGRADE!!!!

  2. Love it like grandpa’s pancakes. Do it C’

  3. It really suits her… I don’t see why these girks have to wear so much weave all the time anyway…
    (well thats if this short do isn’t a weave as well)

  4. it looks very sheek. I still think Ciara need 2 find who she is as a person-she seems confuse, but luv it.

  5. is it just me …. or has she been going for the rihanna look lately? short jet-black hair, green eyes . ring a bell?

  6. :dance1: lol i just wanted to put this to rep mj 😀

    I LOVE IT! she looks absoloutely stunning .
    Work it Ciara god gave you BEAUTY so flaunt it :thumbsup:

  7. This hair style is better than the last one. She looks really pretty. The contacts fit her, but I hope she doesn’t keep them, if she does, we all know where this is going.

  8. she looks nice with long or short hair her facial feature’s accentuate her looks

  9. ~This looks really cute on Ciara. I’ve wanted her to cut her hair for a while now. She has amazing bone structure. Her cheek bones and jawline are to die for and this cut shows them off nicely.
    ~Oh and for the people who feel compelled to mention Rihanna. I didn’t realize that she was the first to wear a short black cut. Is everyone who cuts their hair tryna be Rihanna? I have black hair and i’ve been getting it cut short every summer since I was 11(i’m 20 now)…I just got it cut 2 weeks ago am I copying Rihanna to? I can pretty much bet that when people cut their hair Rihanna is the last person on their mind.

  10. I agree with Krystal. The cut looks nice on her but Ciara’s biting of Rihanna.

  11. Okay 1st off I will like to say CiCi looks amazing, she look very handsome. Her bone structure is so beautiful and she’s just a handsome female overall! Yes woman can be handsome. . . Now I want to make something clear ” I AM CIARA’S BIGGEST FAN” I have her name tattooed on my wrist she’s my idol I am also a dancer. It boggles my mind how you ppl are here leaving these comments about how she’s trying to be like Rhianna; 1st off people had short hair cuts before “Rhianna” to name a few
    1: Nia Long 2: Halle berry 3: Kelly (desting child) an there’s many more. To me Nia long has the baddest short hair cut in the game and she’s been rocking it since the late 80’s so Rhinna was like what 1 or 2 years of age?. I feel like Rhianna hair cut is flawless on her but Ciara’s hair cut is so effin gorgeous because her bone structure is so beautiful you don’t even notice the hair, her face is so over powering it’s a sight to see. I think you’ll are haters with a lot of growing up to do and it’s always us Moorish people or as they call us “BLACK” who hate on one another. Love yourself and you will learn to appreciate others. I’m 21 years old I’m no old person but d*mn when will it end?. Do it C they can’t stop you. F*cking Heffas

  12. I like Ciara. Very pretty and real talented but i’m not really feeling the new look. It could be cause i’m really young so i look at things different. But if she’s going for an older look the short hair is nice. I like the old Ciara better

  13. cici looks real hot but she dsnt need the lenses…riri made short hair fashionable again halle,kelly, and monica succumbed to the pressure of the long weave bandwagon.oh yes riri dsnt own the copyright of short hair but we have to give her the credit for bringing the sexy back esp. jet black and she wasnt forced by her label or stylist

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