Most Talked About of 2010!

Being a celebrity must be really tough. They’re always in the public eye. Especially these days when there are media outlets like blogs, YouTube, TMZ, paparazzi, etc. Whatever they do, whether good or bad, it will be critiqued..praised..or blown way out of proportion.

Nicki Minaj

Hate her or love her, rapper Nicki Minaj has been “doin’ the damn thing!” You already know how I feel about her style “inspirations,” but I must give credit where it is due. Even if you’re not a fan of her music, she still managed to keep her name in everyone’s mouth with other things like her over-the-top style, fraudulent derrière, and controversies throughout the Hip-Hop community.

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Alicia Keys

Not that it was her wish — and, I’m pretty sure it wasn’t — but Alicia Keys ruffled more than just a few feathers back in 2010! She also birthed her first child, married super-producer Swizz Beatz, and at the end of 2009, she released her fourth studio album, The Element of Freedom. I still haven’t had a chance to listen to the entire album, but I’m pretty sure it was good. All the singles she released, from “Try Sleeping with a Broken Heart” to “Put It in a Love Song” and “Un-Thinkable (I’m Ready),” were awesome! But, what could have been an extremely positive year for Alicia took a turn for the worst when Swizz’s estranged wife (Mashonda) and mother of his youngest child accused Alicia of being a home-wrecker! Mashonda released several statements via her Twitter page and magazines like VIBE and Sister2Sister, which depicted Alicia as the “other” woman.

Long story, short: Mashonda said Alicia was sleepin’ with Swizz (while he and Mashonda were still married and just gave birth to their 1st child). When she realized the two were getting a little too close, Mashonda kindly asked Alicia to back off and let them handle their own business. Apparently, Alicia didn’t. She continued to persue Swizz (or vice versa — doesn’t really matter). The couple (Mashonda and Swizz) filed for divorce, Swizz left to be with Alicia, and the two are now married, with a child. Home-wrecking at it’s finest I tell you!

Because of this accusation (and facts..and Alicia, nor Swizz not defending themselves), I don’t feel the same way I used to feel about Alicia. She was once my “sista.” I’m the only girl in my immediate family, so whenever I was feeling down and needed a quick pick-me-up, I’d pop in my favorite Alicia Keys album, As I Am. It felt as if she always knew exactly what to say, without actually knowing me or my problems. She was so real to me. So soulful. So sweet. Now? …now she seems two-faced to me! Like while she’s singing “Superwoman,” she’s also saying “B**ch, watch yo’ man!” And, I actually believe “Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart” was a direct blow at Mashonda, but that’s neither here, nor there!

“The Element of Freedom” became Alicia’s first non-number one album in the United States. *sideye* Congrats to Alicia and Swizz, nonetheless. To Mashonda, I wish much more love and success! Sorry. I’m not with all that cheatin’ and dippin’ and snatchin’ up people’s-people and stuff.

Willow Smith

Ten year-old Willow Smith was already a rising star with 5 acting roles already under her belt (2007-2010). Back in September, she revealed another talent of hers to the world. She can sing! Not only was her hit single Whip My Hair widely received by the masses, she was also signed to rap superstar/business mogul Jay-Z’s label, Roc Nation.

Willow’s talents and funky fashion expression caught the eyes of many, including other popular artists like Justin Bieber and Nicki Minaj, with whom she had chances to collaborate with this year.

I think it’s fantastic that Willow is merging into the music biz. She’s cute, smart, and very impressionable. She knows what she likes, and knows how to be young and free. The young girls of this generation definitely need someone like Willow to idolize and emulate. I’m pretty sure Will and Jada will continue to do a great job at raising her properly. Then, we can add her to the list of young celebrity sistas like Raven Symoné and Keke Palmer, who understand that they don’t have to show skin to be succesful. Go team Willow!

She’s definitely one to watch in 2011, and beyond!

Naomi Campbell

Ohhhhhh, Naomi. Where shall we start? — The 40 year-old British supermodel is always making headlines. It’s sad to say that she is better known for a series of legal issues dating all the way back to the year 2000 (ultimate FAIL), than the extensive charity work she has done and participated in over the years.

In June 2010, while on-set at a Dennis Basso photo shoot in New York (on a windy day), shocking photos of the supermodel’s hairline hit the net, and media heads went wild! Thought to be “traction alopecia,” a condition that stems from years of wearing tight braids and extensions, sent a wake up call to many women — especially ones of color. Having the luxury of hair weaves and extensions is truly a blessing for most. If you want a quick color, without the use of harsh chemicals on your hair…you can have it! The same goes for when you want to [virtually] lengthen, thicken, or protect the hair for the most part. But, just because your hair (weave) looks bomb on the outside, does NOT mean you should neglect the real hair that’s growing and living underneath!

Ladies, when getting an extension/braid/weave service done to your hair, be certain that the style is not too tight and ask your beautician to be extra gentle around those edges, or they’ll be gone for good!

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  1. Alicia Keys was a huge disappointment to me. She was deceptive and manipulative. Singing all those empowerment songs trying to elevate black women’s pride, yet she was tearing down another’s self-esteem. Shame on Alicia. Get what you want when it’s not attached to someone else’s heart. Bad girl!

  2. Hey Ms. 101, you may not remember me but I came to this website back in 2006 and I have’t been here to often though….any way I am in full agreement with you on Alicia keys. The fact that she never denied anything leads me to believe it’s true. B/c if I didn’t do this…. I WOULD NOT SIT STILL WHILE BEING WRONGLY ACCUSED!! I don’t see how they can be sooo happy together when it was done wrong. Belive me, God is not pleased with that and there is probably a little paranoid voice in the back of her head that will never allow her to fully relax!!

  3. Congrats to Willow, the kids are really loving her!

    The Naomi pics of hair loss, is a wake-up call…the price of beauty…this also happens when you don’t give your natural hair and scalp a rest from chemicals, heat, braids, weaves, etc. Adding moisture to your scalp, will help to prevent hair loss, not just oil. Take breaks, use pretty silk or nylon scarves, go hipster…make makeup or jewelry your focal point accessory instead of your hair while on weave hiatus, wear wigs for special events that can come off after a few hours. Even hats will cause receding hairlines, if you always wear them. It’s not easy going without our weaves and sometimes it isn’t an option, find out the best way to take care of your scalp for the long-term!

    Nicki Minaj is doin’ her thing and it’s her time, so congrats to her!

  4. As for Alicia Keys, her not addressing Mashonda’s public recriminations via tweeter, picked up by blogs and magazines (went viral) proved the correct thing to do! Nothing she could have done would cleared her name because legally he was married during their courtship. Gabrielle escaped because the wife proved to be a case of some sort and liar. Alicia’s image was tainted for some and Mashonda exalted, promoted and made a name for herself through her pain which will prove quite beneficial for future sales and marketing. Not that she needs the money, she’s quite wealthy as her heart mends. Then this other side chick from overseas shows up on the net with an allege son by Swizz, one with whom AK accompanied Swizz for a paternity suit case. while he was married to Mashonda, during or before Alicia Keys and that ended Mashonda’s beef with Alicia, haven’t been anymore talk from her camp, life moved on then for real!

    Swizz did deny it, Alicia never made public statements, doesn’t necessarily mean guilt, PR damage control would be my guess. Mashonda was the wounded wife and what she said had to be the truth because she was his wife afer all. People believe what they read or see on the internet. Alicia put herself in this situation because he wasn’t divorced, regardless of the true status of his relationship with his wife, Mashonda. Swizz may have screwed up, like most of us do in our 20s, but, I also give him props that at least he can marry the women he claims to love, not all that fiance’ stuff and takes care of his kids (the ones who really matter). Look at how young he was when he got married, no excuse, but most men aren’t mature enough for marriage in their 20s, sorry!

    Alicia loved him enough to put her career on the line and she lost some fans and will continue to be a force in the entertainment world! She will have to just live with the public perception of “homewrecker”…keep on with her aids awareness and helping to keep kids alive and making decent music, along wit all the black people she might employ over the lifespan of her career is good enough for me (I love Oprah, but her lack of diversity astounds me).

    Sometimes love doesn’t come wrapped in the ideal packaging or circumstances. I hope she didn’t pull an Angelina Jolie because my sista will definitely reap what she sowed! I don’t believe you can have happiness at someone else’s expense, not for the long-term. If she pulled a Jolie, she’ll always be looking over her shoulder because she’s next!

    In the meantime, I will continue to be a fan! Just like I bought R. Kelly’s “Love Letter” and love it…he definitely has character flaws. No one should lose everything for their mistakes or error in judgments, other than murder, rape, child molestation, human trafficking, corporate theft, pensions, savings, etc, we pay! Michael Vick lost over 100 million and went to jail and some people still think he shouldn’t be able to earn a living. These celebrities aren’t saints and quite human.Whoopi’s new book is partly about celebrities and how they can disappoint us, so now I work extra hard not to be disappointed in people I admire. Especially, nowadays with the internet that can be used as a double-edged sword!

    Wishing all our stars a great 2011 on the most meaninful levels, they probably needed more than us!

  5. Little girl’s need to be idolizing or emulating anyone. They need to be taught to be themselves. Willow is too damn grown for her age if you ask me. The song was cute, but where is the next one?

    Alicia, I’m through with her. Something about her is very different now, I just hope she doesnt end up like Mashonda. Then she would be getting a dose of that “karma” she was talking in her song.

    Naomi, my goodness how did you let that happen. There is no way I would wear braids that are tugging and pulling at my hairline. I would love to hear how she feels about this.

    Not a fan of Nicki unless she’s collaborating with someone I like.

  6. I Agree Alica Keys was a Huge Disappointment. But she is the one who sang what goes around comes around!!!

  7. @Cynthia, well said…as a fan I was disappointed but I don’t feel that a mistake defines who we are and all that we have done. Yes depending on the action it can taint our image and I am sure that Alicia has and is reflecting on all of it. What we do after our mistakes is important as well. I do think she will address it but in her own way. I am glad she didn’t respond via twitter or blogs, just because that is a popular thing to do doesn’t mean you should.

  8. You all don’t know these people to be disappointed in them. You can either like her music or move on. YOu don’t have the right to judge her personal life. You weren’t there and you don’t know what happen. Stop being so wrapped in these celebrities lives. It is ridiculous.

  9. KOKO AND BEE you said true fact, half the people judging on this forum do not love their neighbours, are hard liars and may even be in shadey relationships. Live and let live- let God be the judge

  10. Yeah I am not going to be disappointed in anyone that is grown and don’t pay my bills. I will listen to Alicia’s music just like I listen to a lot of people that don’t do things I agree with like do drugs and carry guns and all that madness. It’s just not my business people.

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