‘Mrs. Carter Show’ Tour Book & Video

Like all of Beyonce’s tours, the ‘Mrs. Carter Show’ will eventually be released to home video.

Earlier this week the pop diva gave fans a look at the European leg of the tour which has been completely sold out and has gone off without a hitch.

Despite online complaints of the singer not releasing any new music before the tour, fans don’t seem to mind. Plus, in my opinion, the music is new… tour wise. The ‘4’ era lacked a tour because of Beyonce’s pregnancy, so for many fans this is the first time they are seeing the singer perform these songs live.

You can check out official tour footage below, as well as a few scans fans uploaded of the tour book.


  1. Beyonce has made money as an artist but hasn’t evolved as a artist with her music. I feel she knows it this is why she hasn’t released new music because the 1st was the best album and memorable songs, hoewever everything after was ready hits for the moment and I can promise wouldn’t be listened to years to come such as Maxwell, Marvin Gaye or Madonna. Sorry a money maker she is but her craft is dead as a singer, her music just sucks!!!!!

  2. No longer a huge fan of Beyonce but, I am happy for her. She is doing her thing touring and making money. Career, husband, baby I am sure she is VERY happy with her life. At the end of the day that is all that matters! Go girl.

  3. TLD no new music is because”4″ didn’t get a tour due to her having a baby. Please explain evolve? Because she has went from a girl band to a Top Billing Solo Superstar. I guess thats not good enough for some people. I wonder what job you doing because you must be the CEO and billionare by now.

  4. shes not model material but there is more character in her pics than her music. she has gotten boring but thats how the music industry goes. its rihannas time now and there will be a time when shes gonna be struggling like bey to stay on top. shes needs to grow her music game up but the younger the fans the crazier they are.

  5. I’m a Beyonce fan ( granted less of a fan than I used to be) but we all pay way too much attention to her.

  6. @Ella Umbrella you are not a fan. fans dont throw shade. If you don’t want to look at her then why even click on the post? Smh. misguided hate.

  7. she is a over payed..over hyped..sex robot..nuff said

  8. @imsojazy she said fan not stan. fans are honest and know that their not gonna like everything bey does. stans worhip her no matter how many stupid things she does/say. theres no hate in her comment. grow up.

  9. I’m a Beyonce Fan! I really enjoy her music. I thinks she’s evolved as an artist. Four was completely different album than B-Day, Sasha Friece.

  10. I like the pics, esp with the black hair shows her features better.
    I think Beyonce has evolved as an artist over the years vocally, and musically moreso than many artists, honestly none of her albums/eras sound the same, BUT whether people like the music is subjective. I’m be the first to say “why the hell did she release that”. And she is a risk taker which doesn’t always pay off. Not the most creative, but it’s 2013 who is?

  11. When people say Beyonce hasn’t evolved i get confused……Because “Dangerously In Love” doesn’t sound anything like “B-day”.”B-Day” doesn’t sound anything like “I Am Sasha Fierce” (an album she could of kept to herself) and “I Am” doesn’t sound anything Like “4”. All these albums are different in every way too me. No one would have expected Beyonce to make an album like 4 and its one of my favs along with DIL. Anytime someone can sell out their tour without new music or album is someone to be reckoned with.

  12. Pretty pictures.

    That all-white look scared me at first. LOL. I posted it on my Pinterest. I think it would have been cool for her to do an all matte black look as well, then align herself against herself on a human chessboard. Or not.

    She performed “Grown Woman” in Paris. It’s on Youtube. A very energetic performance.

    I won’t speak on her evolving. She’s touring. She plays shows, performs, gives a good two hours’ worth of herself to the crowd, receives the love from fans in return.


    “She’s got work to do. She’s got work. She’s got a job, baby.”

  13. @Siren you need to grow up. How is you a fan but tired of seeing the person you a fan of yet you click on a post about the very person you claim to be tired of seeing? GTFOH with that.

  14. also Siren to going out of your way to look for a person you tired of seeing and hearing just to make a comment about them make you look dumb as he-LL. why waste your time? That sounds more like stanning to me. stalking hater a$$ fans = Stans.

  15. imsojazy…um when did i say i was tired of seeing her? your mad at me for somebody elses comment. proves your insecurity and childlike manner. or maybe your a$$ is just crazy. nut pitch.

  16. Siren r u slow? You reply to my comment to another person. I never said you were tired. I was responding to what you said to me. A true fan would never say they tired of seeing their favorite. You told me to grow up yet it seems you can’t comprehend this conversation. With tht said, have an great weekend. Bye.

  17. @SEAN I so agree with what you said about the Beyonce comment. Also I would like to say for those of you that seem to be tired of Mrs. Beyonce Knowles-Carter really need to go somewhere and shut the hell up because you known there’s no one out today that can capture your attention and give you every penny of your money worth than Beyonce. Yes people like the Rihanna’s give surpur performance’s because they keep you hype by staying on intergram giving every inch of their down crazy life and Beyonce keeps it the most real, her life is not to stay on display. She gives you what you pay for a great performance/sings live. Now if you are so tired of her and only wants the non-talented singers/performers then it’s your choice but for me I choose talent and that’s Beyonce. It’s so sad that no matter what Ms. Beyonce does/say people still feel the need to critize her. People said she should take a break yet she did with her being pregnant but Rihanna haven’t taken a break in 7 years and she get’s a go ahead and she’s not as entertaining, all she does is walk up and down and grabs her crout(oh yeah that’s entertaining).

  18. Okay pictures!
    @Kanyade well said I agree!
    @Siren well said and don’t waste your energy ignore ignorant and insecure people that want to hate on you for telling the truth!

  19. @Real Talk how is hating telling the truth? What truth is that? If you dislike someone then why waste your time talking about them? The truth is yall really are fans. The same haters be on all of Beyonce post talking about how much they dislike her or tired of her yet yall be on the post commenting. I guess the truth really does hurt when the haters are in denial.

  20. and the all white is the “Virgin Queen”. This is from the Queen Elizabeth I era. Cate Blanche won an ocsar I believe for the movie. After she realized she didn’t need a King to rule with her she became the Virgin Queen. Meaning only she would rule so basiclly she was the King too. Look it up people. King Bey.

  21. Also how is calling out a hater on their hating insecure? Only Insecure people say others are insecure because they are the one that are insecure themselves.

  22. I’m very proud to say that I’ve never purchased a single CD of Destiny’s Child nor of Beyonce solo. I would never line up to see her, go to her concerts nor ask for her autograph. She’s a diva in her own mind but in mine, she’s a non-person. I feel sorry that her daughter will be brought up by two idiots.

  23. From reading these comments, why do the Beyonce stans all seem to feel like it’s a personal attack on them when someone criticizes her? The only meaning any of you have to Beyonce is to line her pockets with cash. If people want to comment negatively, Bey doesn’t need you to defend her, just keep buying her stuff and support her with your money.

  24. Very pretty, love her! Not many people can take a year off, come back, kill a superbowl halftime show, make one of the most watched HBO documentaries ever, sing for the president, and then sell out a world tour. Her werk ethic is bananas!

  25. From reading these comments, why do the Beyonce stans all seem to feel like it’s a personal attack on them when someone criticizes her? The only meaning any of you have to Beyonce is to line her pockets with cash. If people want to comment negatively, Bey doesn’t need you to defend her, just keep buying her stuff and support her with your money.

  26. @Cw yet you went out of your way to comment about a person you consider a non-person and an idiot. Yall crack me up.

  27. @Felt1960 why do you feel the need to address her Fans and not the people who claim they hate her so much? So since she doesn’t know any of us its ok to just talk bad about her? and why do you even care what the Fans say? We actually like or Love beyonce so we actually check for her. What the excuse for the haters checking for her? I’ll wait……

  28. @Felt1960 Because they are as ignorant as she is. They are lowly and oppressed and to speak ill of her is an insult to them. So defend their ignorant idol.

  29. I would prefer NOT to look, but Ms. OVEREXPOSED is in Pepsi ads, Covergirl, in the windows at “H+M” (while on my way to work,) magazine covers, on line. Seems to me that “Mrs. Carter” is finding out that she’s not as relevant as she once was and is falling by the way side. SCREAMS desperate! You can continue to watch this tree trunk legged Diana Ross wanna-be.

  30. I’m so over her, call me when she starts making music with a different beat and she learns some new moves. And for peat sakes stop wasting energy on those fans blowing her hair. She is a performer not a singer and now a days both are weak. Go home study for your GED and set an example for your Daughter. Oh and have some respect for yourself as a married woman Mrs. Carter. Those crotch moves are so unlady like. They show no self respect or no class. Save that for the bedroom Mrs. Carter. And oh I don’t care if you call me a HATER because I make six figures a year and I bet the ones that will more than likely say that will never make six figures in their life which seems to be most of beyonce’s low class stans!

  31. Pure example of a broke stan that’s a loser.

  32. @mbfemafia lol you’re hilarious by thinking because I’m a fan I’m broke. You not the only one making 6 figures, hon. Differences is I waste my time on people I love while you hating. Go make that money girl because your job must really suck since you sound bitter. Maybe you should take a vacation or a mental leave of absense.

  33. @ imsolazy I didn’t even bother to read your comments! I knew you would would respond from the looks of this thread. It appears you like talking to yourself! And besides what type of name is imsolazy oh yes the name of a broke and low class person! So like I said before you are a pure example of a broke stan that’s a loser!

  34. Wow you making 6 six but can’t read? Lol girl bye. I don’t taunt dumb people. I just laugh and point. @mbfeimata

  35. @imsobroke&lazy I didn’t even read your comment above. You are still a broke LOSER! You haven’t found a job yet? Oh yes that’s right you guard this post and every story written about bedonkey that’s your job with no pay! Wow so sad better call your god bedonkey so she can start paying you NOT LOSER!

  36. Lol you still here talking about nothing? Hilarious brokers hoes always mad at Beyonce. Get your life up, boo @mbrokemata

  37. Still laughing and pointing at your dumb a$$. You crack me up.

  38. @imsobroke&lazy I still did not read your last comment you are still a broke loser and I stand by that smile!

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