MTV Video Music Awards

The MTV VMAs came on last night and as always they were boring as ever.I only watched long enough to see Beyonce perform and if Janet Jackson might make a surprise appearance.Rather than go into great detail about just how boring the show was, I thought I would just give you what I know you all want- the pics.
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  1. The performance was lackluster but I kinda like the trench coat outfit.Other than that, the whole show was dull as usual.I watched hoping for a big shock but MTV let me down.Why MTV still has an awards show is a mystery in itself.MTV doesn’t even show videos anymore.

  2. Every performance was ilk except for Shakira’s.I hate her voice but she can definitely move.

  3. The awards were boring and so were the fashions.What happened to MTV? They used to have the hottest show around.It will take something big to lift their ratings back up.They need Britney Spears again.The return of white america’s new princess will definitely give them that ratings boost they need.That or allowing Janet Jackson to perform again after so obviously banning her from their channel for the past few years.

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