MTV’s Plot To Destroy Janet Jackson’s Career

If the angry posts of borderline-insane fans on Janet Jackson’s website are to be believed, there’s a vast, evil conspiracy against Janet Jackson being perpetrated by the villainous career-breakers over at MTV.

Why do they think there’s a conspiracy, you ask? Well, let’s peruse the evidence they present:

* Janet Jackson is an undisputed BIG STAR whose first video (”Call on Me”) from her upcoming album should by all expectations get a big premiere and heavy rotation on the premier music video network.
* Further evidence of her BIG STARDOM: The recent issue of US Weekly that featured a newly svelte Janet on the cover was their highest-selling issue ever.
* The video has already aired on BET, where it premiered on Wednesday.
* Janet fans have posted in droves on the message boards requesting the Janet video…and many of those posts have since been deleted.
* Janet Jackson received, and still continues to receive, considerable fallout from her 2004 Super Bowl “wardrobe malfunction,” and many fans equate that with her being blacklisted.
* The 2004 Super Bowl aired on CBS, and the halftime show was produced by MTV.
* CBS is owned by Viacom.
* MTV is also owned by Viacom.
* Viacom is evil and insanely powerful, and they apparently bear quite a grudge.

MTV has yet to give any official comment on the charges of Janet being blacklisted, but a source at MTV gave the following counterpoint, under condition of anonymity:

* “The song just really isn’t very good.”

So what do you rational folks think? Conspiracy? Or just a question of (MTV’s heretofore unexercised) taste?

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  1. Not just MTV either.Also VH1 and all things Viacom owned and operated, sans BET that she gets a pass on because she herself is Black.

  2. It does sound kind of fishy to me too. you would think Janet Jackson out of all people would be promoted like hell since shes considered a legend but for some reason, these stations arent supporting or promoting her…weird.

  3. Hmmmm… I think they might be right. After all, who was it that made her their 1st Icon? MTV. They refuse to play Janet’s video, yet the rotate Justin Timberflake like there’s no tomorrow. Both videos are not very good, but Janet is the one still being punished.

    My other comment is that while Janet was the first to come out and apologize, they are still holding that against her! Why? Justin had to be dragged out to the apology barn kicking and screaming, but Janet did what grown women do: accepted blame and said I’m sorry. MTV needs to let it go, especially since it later came out that MTV was well aware of what Janet and Justin were up to, and gave it the go ahead in spite of the trouble it might cause.

    MTV & Viacomm need to step up and let this go!

  4. The song just really isn’t very good.”

    As opposed to what? The rest of the crap they play all day?

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