Musical Quickie: Priscilla Renea

You guys remember the first article we wrote on Priscilla Renea, don’t you? If not- do check it out here. This up and coming diva, who first made a name for herself on You Tube, is poised to take the world by storm in 2010 and Brown Sista was lucky enough to get a few moments with the singer to ask her a few brief questions. Priscilla’s debut album “Jukebox” hit record store shelves on December 1st to much fanfare and her latest single “Lovesick” is just one of several standout tracks on the album.

Check out the new single here and peep what Priscialla had to say in our exclusive interview below…

Brown Sista: You are pretty young- at what age did you know for sure that you wanted to make singing a career?

Priscilla Renea: I was in the 8th grade. I knew I wanted to do something in entertainment. For a while, I wanted to be a star on Broadway and had done a few plays in school. But I began to be noticed more for my vocal ability. Since both of my parents were artists, my mom a lead singer in a band and my father, a trumpeter, it was easy for me to work more on the music side of entertainment.

Brown Sista: What do you think you and your music bring to the industry that isn’t already here?

Priscilla Renea: I wouldn’t say that the music industry as a whole is missing anything. I think that my sound is a good blend of a number of styles and genres. I grew up as a Navy brat, so through my travels and living in different parts of the country, I’ve come to appreciate all kinds of music. My music reflects all areas of music, from funky, to rock to pop to dance to R&B.

Brown Sista: Can you share with us what artists (if any) influenced your sound?

Priscilla Renea: Second to the early influences of my Mom and Dad, Lauryn Hill, Lily Allen and Michael Jackson heavily influenced my sound.

Brown Sista: Can you tell the Brown Sista family why they should pick up your album “Jukebox?”

Priscilla Renea: I cover topics that are important to everyone, from loving someone else to loving yourself. My songs tell stories and offer fans something they can relate too. Aside from the messages, my album is fun and takes listeners to a place of comfort and relaxation. Some songs paint a clear picture of a story, while others serenade you and let you relax, then still there are songs that make you dance while feeling good about yourself.

Brown Sista: I follow you on Twitter and you seem to be a fashion and beauty buff. What fashion and or beauty advice can you share with our readers?

Priscilla Renea: Be comfortable with who you are, you were created to be exactly who you are. Rock whatever makes you feel good and comfortable not what makes others feel comfortable because your comfort level impacts your confidence. Confidence and self-esteem are always beautiful. Don’t always dress how you feel, like if you feel down, don’t dress like it. Sometimes it’s good to dress how you want to feel. If you want to feel edgy and spontaneous, then put on something that says that. It can change your entire outlook for the day.


  1. Love her voice, her music, she ways she phrases her words when sings. She is all the way original.

  2. Where was her album on the charts? Did her song even break the Hot 100? I’m just asking.

  3. Priscilla is a new artist. Nobody cares where her album opened and if it went gold, plastic or pleather. People only care about that stuff if you are an established artist with a history of selling well over the course of many years and many albums.

  4. I’ve listened to some of her youtubes and I like her voice. She’s talented and I wish her well!

  5. Ive seen one of her videos….she does have some talent…..Good luck to her! I love fresh talent!!!!!!

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