My Eyebrow Threading Experience

I first heard about eyebrow threading about 5 years ago. However, only recently, 3 days ago to be exact, did I decide to go and finally try out this procedure. I went to a salon I had seen that advertised eyebrow threading and was actually quite excited to see if my results would be as great as those I had seen online. About 10 minutes after sitting down for the procedure, the threader was done and I was not happy. My eyebrows were still extremely thick (I had purposely grown them in over the course of a few months) and the arch was not suitable for my face shape. The threader also didn’t prep my skin, so afterwards I felt a bit abused. The procedure hurt and now my skin was very irritated. I paid- and tipped the threader and went on my way. While walking home however, I saw another salon and walked in to see if she could properly give me the look I wanted. She did. I like a very, very thin brow and high arch and she gave me exactly what I asked for.

What I didn’t ask for however, I got about 24 hours later- a rash.

My brow area now has red little bumps- even though I read that threading doesn’t irritate the skin or cause rashes. I can’t figure out if it was the threading or the highly perfumed lotion that was put on my brows after each threading. Even worse, because I went to 2 different people- I don’t know exactly who to blame.

So all in all, I love my super thin brows- but doubt I’ll be threading again anytime soon

Anyone else ever tried this procedure and if so, what were your results?


  1. Stephanie,

    I’m sorry for your bad thread experience. The procedure is a bit uncomfortable, but bearable. I absolutely loved the results. I think you may have gotten a bad threader. Most Indians know how to perform threading techniques very well. But it’s not pain free. It hurts to get hairs pulled out — bottom line. However, because you prefer thin brows, threading is definitely not for you. Threading works best for those who prefer thick, razor sharp, brows. I love a thick brow so many hairs don’t have to removed. It’s all about a clean shape, which threading terrifically achieves.

  2. Wow that sucks. i never really thought about trying the threading thing, but you’ve put me off of wanting to possibly ever try it. what was she doing using perfumed lotion to mosturize for that? she would not have got the chance to put any perfumed lotion on my skin doing a procedure like that.

  3. Gee, it did hurt like heck. The procedure being pain free was another myth I read online and saw on television a lot. It is actually quite painful and felt like someone was pricking my skin with fingernail clippers.

    mrsjones, both threaders used the same lotion called “Soothe”. I assume it was meant to soothe the skin after the procedure and I admit, after the painful threading the cold lotion felt good. I thought maybe it was the lotion- but who knows.

    I truly love my brows- but can’t even show them off at this point because of the rash. I hate to go back to waxing or worse- shaving them off and drawing them back on 🙁

  4. My pain tolerance in my brow area is very low! I can’t take plucking/tweezing!!! So with that being said, I have never tried threading, and I don’t plan to! I get mine waxed(pain only lasts for a few seconds!). I’ve heard threading isn’t sanitary(says my esthetician), and I was with my aunt the first time she tried it, and she was crying! I knew it wasn’t for me!

  5. I do both waxing and threading…depending on how rushed I am. Threading hurts like heck and the results can vary depending on the person doing the work. In my experience i have come out with amazing eyebrows and other times one eyebrow was arched higher than the other and another time the person took all of my eyebrows off at the ends and left my skin with abrasions that scabbed over in a couple days. So really it’s trial and error but when you find that good person stick with them. I try to always carry a small bottle of tea trea oil in my bag and i use that to kill any bacteria that may be lurking around instead of whatever that stuff is they use in the threading shop..i dont know what it is and i dont know what it will do to my face so I opt for rubing a drop of tea tree on both eyebrows and the surrounding skin.

  6. i use an eyebrow stencil and shade with a dark eyebrow pencil the shape i prefer then smear vaseline on the hair i want to shave off and wipe off the vaseline with a facial wipe afterwards,it is simple,quick and painless

  7. WOW…I’ve never tried threading. I heard that it was supposed to be painless, but now I see that’s a lie. I used to get waxed, but I heard stories about people who got herpes from the hot wax and I just got real turned off. I don’t know if the stories were true or not, but to hear that was enough for me. Also I just got to the point of wanting to be lower maintenance. I got tired of giving them my money every two weeks to do something that I can do myself. And many of those places really don’t care about your health…they just want your money. Some of them will say anything to get that $10 or $20. I shave my own eye brows now and pencil them in for shape. I am thinking about getting my eyebrows tatooed. My best friend did it and she was happy with the results. What impresses me with the tatooing is that you don’t have to keep going back. Thanks for sharing your experience. You saved many of us a bad experience and a couple of dollars 🙂

  8. I have been getting my eyebrows threaded for some time now and I love the results. But I have always gotten a reconmendation from someone I trusted before I went to the salon. I never had a rash after getting my eyebrows done so it is probably from the lotion.

  9. @katrina they must been in a dirty place to get herpes wow. What in the hell they had in that wack.

  10. The first time I got my eyebrows threaded was by a young black woman (21 to be exact) and she did an EXCELLENT job. I now go to her on a regular. Stephanie, I don’t know why they would use lotion on an area that has open pores.

    The young woman I go to uses alcohol and when it dries a little peroxide. I have never had a problem and she is so fast and precise that there is NO PAIN, just a pinch here and there.

    People say Asians are great at this technique but a lot of them can’t speak English and I’m not letting anyone alter my look if I can’t communicate with them.

    Waxing, manicures, pedicures and nail tips in a lot of these salons is an unsanitary process. They don’t sterilize their equipment and they use the same tools on person after person after person. I remember reading in the medical journal several years ago that Hepetitus C can be spread in these unsanitary salons.

    Didn’t mean to get off topic…………………..

  11. I love threading… I have always had thick eyebrows and I keep them that way but to clean up my arch this is the best method for me. My hair grows very very fast so I can wax today and next week the hair is back. So to keep healthy skin in that area waxing is a no go, also I heard waxing is unsanitary.

  12. I’ve never tried Threading, but I wanted to check it out. The only place around me that does it, is in a mall and out in the open in front of everyone. That’s the main reason why I haven’t done it. I’m still trying to figure out where would the rash come from? Unless you were allergic to the “soothe lotion”. I’m a plucker when it comes to my eyebrows. After I pluck I use alcohol to cleanse the area, it stings alittle but I have no problems after that.

    Sorry to hear about that Stephanie. Just another reason why I do my own mani/pedi and hair. Sometimes you can’t trust people to be clean and sanitary.

  13. I get my eyebrows threaded everytime I go to Houston, TX at the salon on Harwin and I love it. They give me exactly what I ask for and I’m always satisfied with my results. I never have bruising or rashes and I will continue to get my eyebrows threaded.

  14. My cousin got hers done too and she said it was hurtful in a way but it lasts up to 3 weeks…Im thinking about getting mines done too!

  15. I’m an Esthetician and depending on who’s doing it, threading is probably the most sanitary method when ‘cleaning up’ the eyebrows. From what you’ve told, I believe the rash could be from the second go-round on your eyebrows. When I was in school years ago, my instructors couldn’t express enough how important it is to NOT go over the same area twice. I learned on myself how true that is. The skin around the eyebrows is already sensitive & thin on it’s own and with you already being very sensitive to pain… the second threading was just detrimental to that area. PLUS, the “soothe lotion” on open pores like someone stated above was just an OH NO! to that area.

    Your eyebrows look great! Don’t give up so soon on threading and please don’t go back to shaving/razors! I say next time, stick w/ the second threader and take two pain pills at least two hours before the threading procedure. Make sure to ask that the “soothe lotion” is not applied immediately afterwards. Suggest a cold cotton compress to be placed on your eyebrow area instead {allowing the pores to tighten} and after a minute or two, then some “soothe lotion” may be applied…. maybe.

  16. I am an esthetician(skin care specialist), licensed by the state of Texas. I know how to properly wax, tweeze, and shape eyebrows.

    Yes, the perfume most likely irritated the skin after the irritating and (I’m sure) painful threading experience. While in school for esthetics I allowed an experienced threader in my class to thread my eyebrows, I hated it. I have sensitive skin and it hurt.

    I learned that the reason it hurt was because unlike waxing or tweezing procedures, threaders don’t hold the skin taut like they should. Holding the skin taut minimizes the pain and doesnt tug on your skin and breaks your elasticity (your natural tightness of your skin). As you get older, you learn to cherish your tightness of your skin. Don’t allow anyone to mess you up.

    I personally have always had thick eyebrows and very protective over them. I’m extremely picky!

    I stopped going to the “nail technicians” in the nail shops advertising to wax & tweeze eyebrows, I was tired of being messed up. Nail technicians do not learn how to wax, tweeze or even shape eyebrows! Ladies, trust me, its not in the curriculum.

    I don’t even let other licensed estheticians mess with my eyebrows. I do them myself!!!

    My advice to you is the make sure the next time you let someone do your eyebrows. . .

    (#1) Make sure they are properly qualified to be waxing, tweezing, threading & shaping your eyebrows. Don’t be afraid to ask for a license!!! By law, if requested, they must show it to you. (Although again, by law, it should be displayed at their work station).

    (#2) Make sure they are holding your skin taut.

    (#3) Make sure they remove any makeup in your eyebrow area. They clean the skin properly.

    (#4) Don’t allow anyone to put any fragance filled lotion on your skin afterwards! It will definitely irritate your skin if you have sensitive skin. Think about it, when you wax, tweeze or thread your skin, your pores are wide open!!! Thats why you ended up with an instant rash! The area should be cleaned before and after the procedure.

    (#5) You can request non-fragrance Olive Vera Gel or bring a moisturizer that you are comfortable with to apply afterwards.

    Don’t be afraid to ask to hold a mirror so that you can watch them while they’re doing it. Or ask if you can watch them do someone else’s before you allow them to do yours.

    Be specific in what you want.

    You are paying for a service and you deserve to be satisfied. I can tell you horror stories about what I’ve been through in the past before I knew better.

    But now I do know better!!! And now you do too. It’s life. We live and we learn!

  17. I love threading!!! Yes it pinches but that is a little price to pay for beauty. I prefer threading to waxing because often times it is the same stick they want to use or the wax has been sitting there for months all dirty and with all that it would often time give me bumps around my eyebrow.

  18. @lady…yeah I heard about that Herpes stuff on the radio a few years back. They said it was being passed by people getting lip waxes. Like I said, I don’t know if it’s true or even possible, but I stopped taking my chances. It’s not worth it.

  19. A cousin of mine used to get her eyes arched this way & she loved it. Her brows would always be on point ;-).

  20. I have been getting mine threaded for years; but I have always gone to the same Indian salon. I have never had bad results and though it is kinda painful; I would never go back to waxing.

    I too am not sure why they used lotion, my girl uses aloe vera gel

  21. I LOOVE threading..started a year and half ago and never looked back. I go every two weeks, b/c my hair grows FAST!! I like thick eyebrows and most threaders understand that…while the pedicurist/manicurist/waxer don’t and they try to make them too skinny. When I get a pedicure they always tell me…”you need eyebrow wax!” LOL!! I’m like no thank you 🙂
    I get compliments on my eyebrows constantly, I keep a couple of cards in my wallet to get Mary (my threader) more customers!

    Steph..I think wazing would be best for you, especially since you like your eyebrows thin.

  22. I like when the indians do my eye threadings. I always like their eyebrows. Hurt like hell though, that’s why I stick with the waxing and brushing.

  23. I am sooo glad that this subject has been brought up. I tried the threading a few times and it was very painful. I would say I have done it no more than 3 times and now my hair won’t grow back where the threading was done. It’s like the experience was so traumatic that the growth of my brows has been stunted. I don’t know why it hurts more than waxing because the methods are similiar. I am not a fan. I liked the results but I didn’t like that it hurt so bad and it left me with sparse hair where the threading took place.

  24. wow threading was completely painless for me. I always put some cocoa butter on my brows myself before I get it done though

  25. Thank you guys for all the advice.

    Because I loved the results so much, I will more than likely try threading again. I’ll look for a new place to go though. I live in the Bronx and if anyone knows of a great threader there, please let me know.

  26. If anyone knows a place in Boston,MA area to get threaded, let me know. I am currently growing out my eyebrows so they can be extra thick.

  27. Hello,

    I am sorry that you had a bad experience. I have been getting my eyebrows threaded for a few years now, and I absolutely love it. I get really good results. However, there has been a time or two where the shape was uneven on one side. I have experienced the “rash” that you experienced, but I just ask for a little astringent after she is done, and no problems. I get so many complements, and I love the ladies who do my brows. There is some pain involved. However, the process only takes me a few minutes. So I think that it is worth it. From my point of view, I think everyone should try it at least once.

  28. I love getting my eyebrows threaded, they always come out PERFECT…Sorry for your bad experience..Maybe try someone else after letting your brows grow back thicker.

  29. I have tried the threading twice, and to be quite honest, I will never recoomend it. It was an extremely painful experience, and my brows that were so thick and beautiful, never grew back quite the same. I would rather get it waxed instead/

  30. I’ve actually been threading for 3 years now and I absolutely LOVE it!!!!! I initially starting due to a bad reaction from waxing. When the technician is finished, she always tries to put lotion on my brows, but I specifically request that she gives me witch hazel. After the witch hazel, I dab on a little neosporin cream. My skin is very fair and extrememly sensitive. Initially, my brows are red for about 5 mins, but after the neosporin, I’m good. Also, I always use the same person everytime I go. I had a bad experience when I used a different technician because my usual one wasn’t working that day.


  32. I am currently in Iraq and the phillipino women at the salon here ONLY DO THREADING. So of course I heard about it on Oprah….so I decided to give it a try, after all I needed my eyebrows shaped. OH, MAN DID IT HURT!!! And the sound of the strands…makes me squinch!! Results: looked great…so I was dreading the next time. Everyone of my roomates said that it doesnt hurt as bad. Well, I disagree….I am now on the internet looking for at home eyebrow wax kits! How do you think I found this page! : )

  33. I get my eyebrows threaded regularly at a salon called Threads in Bethesda, MD that specializes in eyebrow threading. The first experience was different and a bit painful, however, my eyebrows were in the best shape I had ever seen them! The number one rule is to tell the person exactly what you are looking for before they start on your eyebrows and it doesn’t seem as though that was done at the first salon. Also, I have never had any lotion or any products put on my face after I had my eyebrows threaded; this should not be done at all because the skin is now sensitive and hair follicles are open, which is why the bumps and the rash may have formed. I agree with those who said you have to have a good threader. This is something very new to Americans and it is much more sanitary than waxing and safer than using a razor blade, but there are many people who are doing this and have not been specially trained or know exactly what they are doing. Threading is better for you than any other hair removal technique, that is the bottom line. The important thing is just to find someone who knows what they are doing and speak up and tell them what you are looking for. There are “Threads” locations in Bethesda, MD and Washington, DC. They also have a website:

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