My Farewell Letter To Michael Jackson

I bet you could have never imagined that a little boy from Gary, Indiana would grow up to become such a phenomenal force around the world; a phenomenal force that seemed somehow to have a genuine connection with people; regardless of their race, gender, or religion. People like you “moonwalk” into our lives only once in a lifetime. Though I feel that maybe you left this earth a little too soon, I have to be grateful that you were ever here in the first place.

You paved the way for so many music artists. You set the bar so high, that believe me, no one will ever come close to doing what you have done. You were aware of the social injustices that plague our world and you set out to do something about it.

Michael, you have left us with music that will forever be etched in our minds and music that will forever resonate in our hearts. You have left us with exceptional dance moves that we will continue to try to perfect. Trust me; the “moonwalk” will never die! Simply, you left us with the memories we shared with our family and friends surrounding your music.

Leaving our mark in this world is something that most of us set out to do, and for the most part, we all do it in our own small way; but sometimes, some of us make such a huge impact in this world, that our lives, our talents, and our contributions can never be denied. And this is true of you Michael. There will be many people debating about what your legacy will be, and as far as I am concern, they can debate away; but one thing that is not debatable is your talents, your contributions, and the huge impact that you have made in this world.

Today is a sad day, but today I find myself smiling through my tears. I just know that wherever you are, you have finally made peace with the man in the mirror. And for that, I can smile.



  1. To MIchael Jackson: I `m in tears right now as i write because i truly loved Michael with all my heart.I have always and will always love you Michael. A piece of my heart left with you and your music will be forever in my heart. You were one of a kind and there will NEVER be another like you. NEVER. So unique, handsome, gentleman, a great heart and a lovely personality to go with it. I`m from the caribbean and as a child growing up i`ve always admired you and always loved your music. You have always been special. The last time i`ve cried this much was at my moms funeral 14 years ago and that`s the Gods honest truth coming from the depths of my heart. People may talk all that BUllsh*t about you but only the one Above can Judge you. Forget those FOOLs who themselves have shocking secrets and skeletons in the closet that will embarass even animals. People make a big deal about Michael having plastic Surgey, what the hell. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO many people in hollywood has Surgery. Especially those white folks. and no one talks about it. There are more important things in this world to talk about. Like kids dieing from hunger and aids and cancer. Someones the people that talk all that shit i wonder are they Human beings or are they just an UNIDENTIFIED OBJECT. Quincy Jones talked so Much shit about MJ now that he passed. I mean for a man his age and calibre i had expected better from him because that`s exactly the kind of Negativity that the media likes and will turn it into a tornado. Everyone is quick to judge based on a RUMOR or what they read in a Magazine but to those people i say: WERE you actually there and did you see with your two eyes. JUDGE not lest y e be Judge, because the same way they are quick to Judge MJ, so will the LORD above JUDGE them. May his soul rest in peace from those BACKBITTING,BACKSTABBING, ENVIOUS,DEVIOUS and HATEFUL people on this EARTH called HUMAN BEINGS. His judgement awaits with the Lord. I hope those who Judge are ready to be judged by the Almighty God. And that`s exactly why he didn`t want to be around anyone. But Animals and Children because with these two species you find PURENESS and INNOCENCE and they will NEVER JUDGE you. NEVER. Rest IN PEACE MICHAEL JACKSON. LET those MISERABLE LOST souls on EARTH KEEP TALKING SHIT. YOU WILL FORVER be in my heart. FOREVER. I lOVE YOU.

  2. Rest in peace Michael Jackson. You are free. We will always miss you.

  3. when i first heard it i just did not want to believe it. He’s is the most untouchable entertainer that ever lived. No one will ever surpass his success, he’s truly one of a kind. We love you and miss you michael. Long live the KING!

  4. That was absoulutley beautiful Stephanie. Michael and Barak should show these little children that regardless of where you come from you can accomplish anything you want to accomplish in this world if you try.

  5. R.I.P Micheal Jackson…There will NEVER…EVER….EVER….EVER be another one like you!

  6. The memorial service was simply beautiful. everyone’s vocals were on point!! usher was trying to make me cry and stuff!

  7. @ stephanie that is so profound….i loved how simple and intimate the memorial was,i felt like i was there,it was 99% African-American to realy show that micheal was a black man with incredible powers,i have just realized that even if we dnt have real super heroz in comic books or block busters but in real life they do exist….look at Barack Obama,Tiger Woods,Bill Cosby,Venus and Serena Williams,Oprah, Bishop Tutu,Nelson Mandela and many more are those are our black super heroz of the world

  8. @ lizz. So very well said. I agree with what u said totally. RIP Michael Jackson. You are and will always be the best Ever. There is no doubt about that.

  9. the best entertainer in the world….his memorial today wasso touching, ever aspect was wonderful, i had tears in my eyes a few times. at the end i kind of wanted michael to just step onto the stage and smile and wave, like this was all a dream…gone too soon…yes indeed.

  10. R.I.P. Michael, there will never be another like you!
    Continue to keep the family in your prayers, especially his children.

  11. A rare talent and a true gift to the world. There will never be another. Thank you, Michael.

  12. All i have to say is R.I.P to the one the only MICHAEL JACKSON often immietated and duplicated but none can accomplish Micahel’s achievements.

    You are not alone MICHAEL Jackson 😎

  13. The memorial was far better than I expected. I love the message echoed about perfecting your gift by the MLK’s kids. Maya Angelou’s poem read by Queen Latifah was awesome. Al Sharpton simultaneously humanized and exalted him. Seeing his siblings and children on stage was a sad reminder that his life got snatched. It was too soon.

    I can’t stop singing the music of the Destiny album (my fav) and the Off the Wall & Triumph albums since his untimely passing. I am flooded with childhood memories of making up dance routines to his music. “Rock with you” was the best song to dance on skates ever!

    Inspite of the wierdness, his music has proven to be timeless. He has made his mark on my mind & heart and this age forever. I truly hope he has found peace.

  14. Michael, you already know how I feel. This was one of the hardest days I have ever lived through. Beside Jesus Christ, you were the only person I could name that gave so much love, only wanting more love in return- but not just for yourself, to everyone else in the world.

    I love you more than you will ever know.

    Renetrice Pierre

  15. I love you Michael Jackson. I love you beyond words. And I must say only that type of love is reserved for family. And you know what, you are family.

    Im gonna miss you my love. May your soul, spirit be free. May god keep you close by his side at all times. Love You.

  16. He was the epitome of stardom, being a human and a MAN. He helped out so many, further expressing how compassion is the key to success, along with being humble and true to one’s self. Though ridiculed, he still stood out among the rest and continued to give the world his BEST : ) MJ, you are the epitome of what a MAN is and though I’m not male, your footsteps are what I’ll follow in my adventure to success : )

  17. My letter to MJJ. I as the rest of the world loved and love your music, charisma, charm, grace. Your music , dance, art , genius touch my childhood, embraced my adulthood. The lyrics, the poetry, the rhytm, the dance. The creative masterpieces t hat will never be matched, brought wonderment and joy to my life. From my childhood crush back in the 80’s, to my fantasies of being your girl in any video, you are apart of my life for so long, and thank you for the memories.

    But, I feel sad for you, though I as a fan loved you as an artist, I didn’t take the time to think of what you were going through in your personal life, the pain and agony. Of being misunderstood, labeled, as all geniuses are. I couldn’t imagine the loneliness you felt , and the deepest despair that weighed you, through life. I’m sorry that the media put you through ridicule, but the fans kept your genius pure. I cannot imagine how painful your life was , and the numbness you felt throughout your life. Many people said you died young, but I don’t believe that. For, when you were a child, you were a child prodigy, singing and performing as a old man, and you spent 45 years performing , out of 50 or 49 years alive. I see you as an old man that body just gave out, and left this world old and gray. Most importantly, I feel sorry that the media not your fans allowed you to displayed your adulthood, or your blackness.

    I’m happy that you bought joy as an artist, but I feel sorry that you had to live your personal life.

    Love you always, as an artist, for your family knew you as Michael.

  18. Jermaine sounded so good singing that song “Smile” at the funeral. You could tell he was trying his best to hold it together. He always could sing. I felt his pain all the way through the tv set. Lionel Ritchie, same thing with his song “Jesus Is Love”. He also fought back the tears and made an immediate exit from the stage. Stevie sounded great as usual and his was just as moving. Marlon’s speech made me feel the pain they were really going through. The pain in his voice was really something. I haven’t him speak in so long. The memorial service was really good. The King family also gave great speeches as well. RIP Michael.

  19. That was really sweet and truly from the heart. I must say those are my sentiments exactly well said! 😉

  20. I love you MJ and you will be miss but NEVER EVER FORGOTTEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. : michael i will never forget you, you were the best singer and when you were a little boy in jackson 5 you were AMAZING and you still were as an adult i will always remember you and it is true you are the KING OF POP!!!!!!!!!!!
    😥 i will niss you soooooooooo much 😥

  22. I also forgot to say that was the most beautiful memorial I ever saw. So organized and well put together. That is a beautiful family and to all the people that was saying there is no love or togetherness in that family was put to shame yesterday.

  23. I am so sad about the passing of such an amazing man. I have loved Michael Jackson every since I was a little girl. I had posters of him from RightOn magazine plasterd on my walls. I heard about his death and I cried. I cried again yesterday when I watch the memorial. I still get a little teary eyed when I think about it. It just goes to show that no matter how much money you have it does not mean that you will be happy. I feel extremely sad for his children and I pray for them as well as his family. Especially his mother. It just not right for parents to bury their children.

    However; I agree wtih what Marlon said yesterday: “Michael your work on earth is done and our heavenly father has called you home to do a different type of work. And maybe now they will just leave him alone.”

    MJ I love you and we will all miss you and those deepness of your eyes. and the sweetness of your voice. May God bless his family and children.

  24. Thank you for all of the wonderful memories Michael. Thank you!

    I never imagined I would be so hurt by the passing of someone I didn’t even know. But Michael Jackson was special. And we will NEVER see anyone like him again.

    The service yesterday was beautiful. And he would have been so proud of his daughter for her bravery. I was 30 years old when my mother died, and I could not speak at her funeral. I was too busy trying to keep myself from falling apart! It took a lot of strength to do what she did.

    RIP Michael. Like your brother said, “Maybe they will leave you alone now.”


  25. Micheal I love you so much and only a few of my friends understood that! I think I may have recorded every move you made (except for using the bathroom) 😀 but I am glad to say that I was a true fan from jump!! And I am glad that I have you on tape to pop in whenever I like. You made such an impact on me that your death shook me like you were my flesh and blood. It seems God takes some of the best early. Maybe you were here just to teach us some things….I know I learned a lot from you. You truly loved the way Jesus taught us that we should, and you were ridiculed as he was too! I love you and always will. The news is reporting that all you wanted was to get some sleep…..God bless you Mikey, now get some shut eye 😥

  26. I was never what you would call a true Michael Jackson fan. I did like most of his music. But I guess I just never followed him that closely. However,..for some strange reason, when I heard of his death, I felt a large loss. I know that he was one of the last superstars. His music and dance has spanned several decades. And though accusations came out in the 90’s accusing him of child molestation, I guess I never really believed them to be true. (If someone has money, people will always try and find a way of taking it from them.) And the courts could not even find him guilty on one of the several counts against him.
    I am not here to judge his private life. But it is obvious that MJ has touched hundreds of millions of peoples lives with his music and showmanship. For me, a white American male, what is really sad,…is that it took his death for me to realize that I was one of the people he had touched. And now that he is gone,…I miss him.
    Michael Jackson,….may God bless you. May you rest in peace.

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