My Favorite New Addiction

Move over Chapstick. Get to steppin’ Carmex. You have officially been replaced.

I never thought it would happen, but finally I have found a lip product that has helped me cure my addiction to the two above products.

I can’t even begin to count the amount of money I have spent on Carmex, which I think costs about $4 a pop. Same goes for Chapstick. I used to buy the stuff in bulk; and like a true addict, I even got my children hooked.

Once you get addicted to Chapstick, you actually can’t break the habit. Your lips start to need the stuff. It is truly a revolving door. A cycle that is hard to break.

But alas, after 20 years, I think I have found a replacement…. And one that doesn’t seem to be as addicting.

Maybelline Baby Lips to the rescue.

I love this stuff. It is relatively cheap (I buy it via Amazon for $2.99) and actually does last about 8 hours; and unlike Carmex, Baby Lips doesn’t contain any camphor which actually dries your lips out.

So to all my fellow lip balm addicts, and I know you’re out there, I urge you to give Maybelline Baby Lips a try.

It’s my favorite new addiction.


  1. I have tried Baby Lips and I like it better than Chapstick, but I don’t like the lipstick type tubes they come in.

  2. I love Baby Lips too, though it can get pretty pricey depending on where you buy it.

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