My Interview with Actress Nicole Beharie

Nicole Beharie Discusses Sleepy Hollow’s Season 2 Decline


Though my overall affinity for Sleepy Hollow has waned over the last couple of weeks, my total idolatry of actress Nicole Beharie and her spectacular portrayal of Abbie Mills has not. If anything it has actually grown stronger.

It is for that reason I am asking fans and non-fans alike to tune in to tonight’s episode of Sleepy Hollow, titled “Mama.” According to Beharie, who I had the pleasure of interviewing via telephone last week, “Mama” will give fans what they have long been asking for: a glimpse into Abbie’s past and possible answers as to how she became a Witness.

The Mills-centric episode will introduce us to Lori Mills, Abbie and Jenny’s mom, who committed suicide while institutionalized in a psychiatric hospital. Beharie says “Mama” will be a “big episode for the sisters” and that fans will see why Jenny (Lyndie Greenwood) and Abbie “were dragged through the mud as children and how it all led to Abbie becoming a Witness and Jenny a kick-ass know-it-all.”

Nicole also teased a “big revelation” about Lori Mills and a “legacy” that runs through the Mills family.

As for what is next for Abbie and Jenny, I asked Nicole if maybe fans will get to see the sisters in their home, their own space- doing sisterly things like watching Netflix and arguing over whose night it is to do the dishes. Nicole said “probably not” as fighting the Apocalypse continues to come first.

As for their being love on the horizon for the Leftenant, again, Nicole said Abbie isn’t particularly adverse to being in a relationship, but that she is more than likely “waiting for the right man.”

I also got Nicole to talk a bit about the #AbbieMillsDeservesBetter hashtag on Twitter, which I am proud to say has been going strong for over a week now. For those of you not in the know, fans of the show are not happy about the Abbie character being sidelined this season to showcase what has been dubbed Crane Family Drama by the fandom. And by sidelined, I don’t mean in screen time. Abbie continues to be front and center in every episode. The sidelining comes via her character, a Witness, having no actual role in this season’s plot. Yeah, Abbie often saves the day, but she has been reduced to being just the muscle. The actual plot, the storyline, has nothing to do with Abbie at all. Everything instead revolves around her partner Crane, and his relationship with his wife (Katrina), his former best friend, Katrina’s ex-fiancé and the Horseman of Death (Abraham Van Brunt) and his salty son Jeremy/Henry, who is also the Horseman of War.

When I asked Nicole about what she thought of her many fans venting via the social network, she said she had been offline for a while and found out what was happening when friends contacted her and were like “whoa, you gotta see this.” Nicole said she was “thankful for the support her character has received” and acknowledged the rights fans have to want to see Abbie’s story told.

We also talked a bit about TV tropes black actresses often find themselves limited to (strong black woman, angry black woman, sassy black woman, ext). I asked Nicole specifically if she and the writers try to steer Abbie away from such tropes. Nicole said as a black actress she is “very aware of the stereotypes and tries to avoid them,” as for the writers she said “yeah, sometimes things are written and then they kinda go nah,” but for the most part she says they know what they’re doing.

Check out stills and a preview from tonight’s episode below.

Sleepy Hollow airs Monday nights on FOX at 9pm/8c.


  1. YASSSSSS! i’ve got my popcorn ready. now if only i could fast forward time and leave work, right now! also, i love Aunjanue Ellis.

  2. OMG!!!! You got to interview Nicole Beharie?!!! How awesome!!!! I would have been so starstruck!!

  3. I’ve got tears in my eyes, watching this episode. Kinda annoyed that Abbie and Jenny had to share the special moment with their mom with Ichy and Hawley present. I thought it should’ve been a more private moment. Were they really needed to summon the spirit of Lori? Still, a beautiful moment that in my eyes solidifies Abbie’s importance in this series.

    Writers…until you do right by us fans, everything you think about…

    Also SISTA I meant to thank you and give kudos for sharing your interview with Nicole Beharie.

    Also, Kertrina pureeing green onions for her demon baby…ick. Could’ve done without that side of the cast for this episode. Keep this show Mills driven, I say.

    Also, why is this heifer wearing a corset AND tight jeans? Does she like to be uncomfortable.

    Also, this demon child…g’lawd, reminded me of Damien from OMEN…and is it just me, or did Moloch seem to be non-caucasoid in his beastly form? How he come to Earf (earth) all lily-white and blue-eyed?

  4. @Danielle

    It was a telephone interview. Had it been in person I would have fainted. I truly do love me some Nicole Beharie.

    Last night’s episode Kanyade had me bawling at the end when they brought Mama Mills back. My soul is slayed.

    I need more Abbie and Jenny in my life.

    Didn’t miss Crane at all.

    As for Katrina, the writers know she is worthless so they are trying to sex her up to bring in the fan boys.

    And yeah, that demon spawn very very Damien like. He’ll be fully grown soon though.

    And the devil is always white and blue-eyed 😆

  5. LOL. Aw, you didn’t miss Crane? I will say, however, that he is absolutely adorable while sick with a cold. And Geezus-beezus, Hawley is a mouth-breather. I both like and dislike him. Interesting how “interested” he is in Abbie… Running after her through an abandoned wing of a mental institution. How heroic, Hawley. We do so love your chivalry. *blech*

  6. LOL to the comments. I noticed too that Katrina was wearing skinny jeans and a corset. I thought that was really odd. But seriously she has to go, she brings nothing to the show. Katrina needs to betray Crane, which it looks like she’s going to do soon, than he can be done with her.
    I also felt that Abbie and Jenny should’ve solely shared that moment with their Mother, no need for the other two guys just watching like two idiots. The story arc of Abbie/Jenny and her Mother in particular needs to be further explored. I also feel that Jenny is from a different Father than Abbie. I don’t know if it was simply the casting director choosing who they wanted for the role of Jenny based on ability or purposely picking a biracial woman (with talent of course) to play Jenny. So the writers could reveal that Jenny’s father is some Demon or Blonde hair Blue eyed Devil???? Could be interesting??LOL
    I am glad that Nicole acknowledged her fans frustration and didn’t object to us voicing our opinion. It shows she has some questions herself. Good job Sista!

  7. Kudos Brownsista for a wonderful sharing of this interview! It’s awesome how well Nicole is doing and the support she receives!

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