My Mini Review of Scream Queens

REVIEW OF SCREAM QUEENSAfter being granted an advance preview of the new Fox horror fest Scream Queens, I have decided to write a mini-review for Brown Sista, despite the show not being something I would ordinarily watch… ever.

Starring Emma Roberts, Ariana Grande and Keke Palmer, Scream Queens is unabashedly aiming for the advertiser coveted teen demographic. The show is essentially Mean Girls meets Friday the 13th.

There are lots of snide comments; a maid is actually referred to as white mammy. And at one point one of the means girls requests to be spray tanned and turned into Jada Pinkett Smith. I know these things were supposed to come off as funny, but I didn’t find myself laughing. Instead, I found myself totally immersed in how accurately the show’s name is.

KEKE PALMER SCREAM QUEENS PRETTY EVIL POSTERThere is a lot of screaming in Scream Queens. No, seriously… a lot. The characters literally walk from one room to another finding random ass schit to scream about along the way. I can’t say this necessarily disappointed me because I had no expectations, but it did get annoying after a while, particularly when nothing would actually happen.

Fox has high hopes for Scream Queens. The show has been given a two hour premiere (though the episode I watched was exactly 1 hour, 30 minutes and 48 seconds) and a very accommodating time slot of Tuesdays at 9pm. In other words, Fox really wants you to watch this show. And if you are a fan of teen slasher films, then you absolutely should.

Scream Queens debuts on September 22 and will feature guest star/dream boat Nick Jonas. There is also a major “oh schit, I didn’t see that coming” moment you might wanna tune in for. Nick’s involved in that too.