My New Obsession: Scented Shea Butter


I am absolutely obsessed with scented whipped shea butter. Ever since I discovered the shea butters from, I have been on a quest to find as many brands as possible to try out.

My quest has so far led me to Amazon, where I purchased a patchouli scent from a company called Shea ScentSations, Etsy, where I purchased two wonderful scents from the Lovely Body company, and Belle Butters, where I purchased a Warm Vanilla scent that is advertised as being both for the body and the hair.

I have so far purchased eleven scents from the Perfume Chick, and am working up to acquiring the entire collection. The scents are unique and most of all, long lasting. I am by far no shea butter expert, but in comparing Perfume Chick’s consistency to that of Lovely Body and Belle Butters, it is easy to see Perfume Chick is using shea that hasn’t been bleached or stripped of its natural properties.
Perfume Chick, Shea ScentSations, Belle Butters, Lovely Body

Still, Lovely Body makes some lovely scents, and I highly recommend Pink Citrus if you want a unique fragrance. Belle Butters is extremely popular and already has a name online. Of all the shea butters I purchased, this one had the faintest smell, almost none at all. I believe Belle Butters is used by most people as a hair dressing, rather than a fragrance, which is what I was essentially purchasing it for use as. Having said that, I too have opted to use it on my hair and would recommend it to those of you, who like me, still grease their scalps (lol).

However, if you wanna smell like a million bucks, without actually spending a million, Perfume Chick is your best bet. My daughter uses Strawberry Shortcake and the nurses at the hospital are in love with how good it makes her entire room smell. The scent just lingers. Likewise, I get tons of compliments from my Mango Madness scent, which is the brand’s biggest seller. Whether alone or layered with the matching body mist or perfume, you can’t go wrong.

Other scents I highly recommend are Beloved, Baby Powder, the not for the faint at heart Cocoa Butter & Shea Butter with Tonka and Pink Champaigne, which yes, smells exactly like it’s name. Your man might actually get drunk off of you.

If you’re lucky enough to live in Atlanta Suitland, Maryland, then like their celebrity clients, you can just stop by the Perfume Chick Galleria. The rest of us however, can always hit up their online store.

This post is NOT an advertisement. I just love me some scented shea butter.

Rest in peace to the perfume chick (LaShawn Lindsey). She passed away some months ago. I learned of her products via Tamar and Trina Braxton’s Facebook pages. Thankfully, her family is continuing on with her legacy.



  1. I was shocked to hear about the Perfume Chick’s death. I’m glad her family is keeping the business going. I first read about her in Sister 2 Sister magazine and ordered a few products online. I love Strawberry ShortCake, Mango Madness and Cocoa Butter & Tonka the most.

    Newbies should start with Mango Madness. I get the most compliments from that one and Beloved. Everyone asks what I’m wearing and why I smell so good wherever I go. I struggle with telling them and supporting a small business. I hate when people I work with want to know because then they’ll come in smelling like me and I love the Perfume Chick’s products because they are unique. No one ever smells the way I do. The fruity scents are the best.

    I don’t buy perfume anymore. Don’t need to and never will again. The $10 shipping and handling is a bitch if you wanna know the truth. But I don’t have to order the stuff every month so it’s no real bother.

    Glad to see a black blog finally write about this sister. Sorry it was her passing that spurred it.

    R.I.P Perfume Chick.

  2. I struggle with telling them and supporting a small business. I hate when people I work with want to know because then they’ll come in smelling like me

    Oh my gawd, you too?

    I hate, hate, hate when people I’m close with wanna know because then I know they’re gonna start wearing the same thing and I’ll no longer be unique. I get asked what I’m wearing by strangers and gladly tell them, but I hate telling people I hang with cause sure enough, they run out and buy it too. At first all I wore was Mango Madness but then everyone else started wearing it and it was no longer my scent, my smell. Damn them. LOL. So now I play around with a lot of different scents and brands, but none are ever as good as Perfume Chick. I just ordered Jasmine Honey Suckle. Bitches better not order that one too. I’m gonna stop telling them the names.

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