My Two Favorite Red Lipsticks


Red Lipsticks for Dark Skin Black Women

Looking for a foolproof red lipstick for your darker skin tone? Well, I have several options for you, two of which I will share in this post. Sure, we all know about Ruby Woo (Mac, $17) and Dragon Girl (Nars, $25), but there are many smaller brands that also sell red lipsticks that look amazing on darker skin tones. One of the best is Kiss of Fire by Dose of Colors (above). I love this longwearing lipstick and always get compliments when I wear it. The color lasts all day, seriously it does, and can actually be a bit hard to get off. Still, it is a comfortable lipstick to wear and is well worth its $18 price tag.

Red Lipsticks for Dark Skin Black Women

Another red lipstick I am quite fond of is Cherry Blossom by Coloured Raine (above). This is a color I cannot do without. Me and my daughter adore this shade, which always makes every black girl’s list of favorite red lipsticks. Like Kiss of Fire, it is a longwearing liquid lipstick, but unlike KOF, it is quite easy to remove with any sort of oily product. It too retails for $18 and is well worth the price.

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