Mya: Shake It Like A Dog

Mya An unreleased track from one of Mya’s many ill-fated past albums has surfaced an according to Palow da Don, the track’s producer, the song is a hit and should have been released. Not being a Mya fan myself I didn’t hold out much hope the song would actually be good, but after listening to it I must agree with Palow. I cannot say whether this song would resuscitate Mya’s career or not, but it definitely is catchy- in a freaky, sexual over the top kind of way. It’s so over the top in my opinion that radio stations may not pick it. Still, it is hot and Mya’s vocals really make the song pop. Suprisingly, the background vocals are very Amerie-ish, so Amerie-ish, I think it may actually be her. Give the song a listen for yourself here and lemme know what you think.


  1. The beat is banging and the song is fiyah. Like you said though radio won’t touch it. Not because it is too sexy but it is kinda hard to understand everything she is saying. A song needs to be somewhat understandable to be a hit and Mya’s mumbling is sexy but you can barely make out the words.

  2. It does sound like Amerie and it is totally annoying. I could do without Jim Jones too. As for Mya, poor thing. Her record label just hates her 🙁

  3. JBL you’re right you can’t understand it. Dang poor Mya. I think she should stick with her Dancing school, or become a Choreographer to other artists. I don’t think her music career will ever take off.

  4. Shake it like a what? Oh hell to the naw :lol2: :lol2: :lol2:

    Somebody give that chile a pole :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2:

  5. Hm…I used to really like Mya, a while ago when she released her album “Fear of Flying”. I don’t really like this song, though. It’s made for radio, yes, but I’m not sure this would’ve been a hit. It sounds like nothing new to me. Mya has a very weak singing voice, but it’s always been perfect for pop music. Not sure what happened, but somewhere along the way she lost her appeal and started to blend in. I heard “Ayo” and I thought it was catchy, but still quite ‘Blah’.

    Come on Mya!

  6. Never been a fan of Mya’s and can’t stand Polow w/ his ignant ass but I think this song could be/could been what “Like Whoa” was for her- maybe 😐 .

  7. are u serious about this song being good. mya and this song is a joke. It is a shame when this is song is considered good music. But if the song does not work, looking at her pictures she can always be a playboy model. :hmph: :lol2:

  8. IMO that song is awful… can only understand a few words…..

  9. What happened to ‘Ridin”? Mya can actually sing when she is live. On her albums they (producers I guess) have her singing way too soft; I’ve heard her blow before not Whitney style but more like Nivea on a bad day.

  10. She either needs to model and become a fashion icon or start her own clothing line or something….I think Mya had it in her head that she could make it off of that innocent looking face alone, but was sadly mistaken.

    She is soooo beautiful and could be doing wayyy more with her time and life

  11. The song would be better if she wasn’t saying shake it like a dog. I feel like she could have said shake it ______ (fill in the blank with an non animalistic word) and the song would have been better. It’s bad enough the music industry continues to capitalize off of representations of black women as sexualized objects but I just find it degrading that this song takes the objectification to another level by making the comparisons to a dog.

  12. :thumbsdown: I vote no. Sorry, Mya; what’s ur “Plan B”? About time you pull it out

  13. It is not bad. It is one of those kind of songs that has to grow on me. But I wouldn’t want to spend my hard earn dollars on buying it. After a while, all of the songs on popular radio start to sound a like and the videos have no creativity. Just another pretty girl, half naked and shaking her booty. I think artist of today need to definitely have a plan B and C. Like invest in a proper education and other skills in case their future in the music business fails. The state of today’s music is just in jeopardy.

  14. “the state of today’s music is just in jeopardy.”

  15. (in my street voice)

    Word on the internet..says she sleeps with alot of rappers for music :lol2: :lol2: :lol2:

  16. It’s not bad, it’s not good either. Mya has so many different talents – she can dance, act – so if singing doesn’t work out, there are other things she can do.

  17. :banana: i like the beat..and she did sound sexy. I sear I don’t understand why they give Ciara play and not Mya. Mya can dance and sing way better than her. It must be her lable. She had a few hits and then they stopped promoting her. She should act, get a reality show like keysha cole….(her and her family are so ghetto) But i hopw Mya gets a break….the music industry is so tired. Amerie, Mya, kelly Rowland, Brandy,Kelis, Monica…it’s like they are non existant. We love Mary, Beyonce, Alica, keysha …but there is room for ever one…..


  18. I DO NOT LIKE THIS SONG :noway: :noway: :noway: BUT JIM JONES IS STILL MY N ***A :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


  19. :stop: Do not pass go do not collect $200 yeah that sucked a little something awful. Poor baby…. she just needs the right songs….and some music…and some proper promoting…maybe a good calabo or two…or 5….

  20. Mya is a versatile, talented artist.

    Things are changing so much its hard to be on the pulse of things.

    This song is not bad but its not a hit.

  21. The song isnt too bad definately not a hit and she has definately had better songs. I think with a few good producers and the right promotion she could have a better career than what she has now.

  22. I HOPE IT WILL NEVER BE A HIT. We have enough songs objectifying us to have that chick compare herself to a dog in a song. Mya is an airhead as far as I’m concerned, I used to love the girl but she disappoints me, and I hate to diss women but Mya is a stupid fool. That’s the same woman who demands respect from a man but goes around talking about shaking it “like a dog” and appearing in a video where she’s being called a beeeyatch by The Game and talking about my sex is like woah. She needs to shut her trap. No I’m not acting stuck up and hollier than thou, but this broad is just another half-naked pretty face objectified black woman shaking her butt for a man’s dough. Sit down and reinvent yourself. It’s not like she can’t do it, her father been working in the industry all his life.

  23. Everyone is saying that she needs to act or model but the reality is, Hollywood and Broadway (let’s not even talk about modeling because Mya is way too old) aren’t checking black actresses the way they should. These days if you (artist) can’t make it in music it is very easy to fade away. It’s not that easy to just create a new career. She better come up with a fashion line or perfume, something business wise.

  24. ^^^co-sign with blacksista.But I would advize Mya focus more on pop music.What the sistas don’t find interesting the whites always will. 😉

    Anyway I actually like this song.People don’t realise that shake it like a dog is actually a dance.This song will be released next year with R.Kelly over Jim Jones’s part.And I do believe with this record Mya will gain success again.

  25. The song is hot. The Amerie part of the hook… hot. Jim Jones… ok. “You make me want to shake it like a dog” part of the hook…. fuks the whole entire song up! And it got the nerve to be the title :thumbsdown: she could’ve thought of a better analogy breakin a knucka down

  26. Mya will never become a powerhouse because she is a pretty girl singing raunchy/ghetto songs. It’s the same reason why Monica’s last album failed. No one wants to see a pretty girl who looks nice and classy open her mouth to sing about sex, cheating and lying–at least not the way Mya and Monica have been trying to sing it. Mary J and Keyshia Cole get a pass because tbh, they have a “rough” quality to their beauty and to their singing voices. Not to mention we all know their pain and background. I have all of Mya’s albums because she does have good songs, but I still kind of…flinch when I listen to the raunchy songs she sings because her physical appearance doesn’t jibe with the sort of songs she sings. She’s just as pretty and just as good of a dancer as Ciara and the late Aaliyah, but they are(were) able to succeed because the sexuality in their songs are subtle and arch, not kind of “skanky” the way Mya has presented herself.

  27. Mya is trying to hard to be sexy. That’s why the song is WACK! The sexiest people don’t even try to be sexy. They just are. She’s cute. She doesn’t have to make stupid songs like this. Come again Mya. I’ll support you if you bring a better song to the table. Plus, I like to see her perform. She’s a good dancer.

  28. I agree with the majority of the other readers who believe that Maya should try something different because her singing career just haven’t taken off yet and it doesn’t look like it will ever.

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