New Music From Mya

Mya recently tweeted about a new single she had coming out and today it finally surfaced. The singer teamed up with another 90s R n’ B icon, Sisqo, and together the two recorded “Want It All.” It’s a smooth laid back track steeped heavily in autotune, but still definitely word a listen.

Click here to listen to “Want It All” by Mya and featuring Sisqo.


  1. It’s okay. I wouldn’t call it great, but it isn’t totally horrible either.

  2. ok… I’m sorry but homegirl needs to take up another hobby…where did sisqo come from? lol what happened to the dru hill reunion? they need to stop. she’s a beautiful woman but this is not it for me.//sorry

  3. 1st i saw Mya’s name and was lyk YAY! then i saw Sisqo and i fell on the floor with laughter cuz i thought yall was playin but then i listened to the song and just died. smh WHY MYA WHY???!?!?!? Stuff like that does not help ur street cred for the mixtape u tryin 2 release

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