Mya’s New “Paradise” Video

I know many of you had no idea Mya was releasing a new album- but indeed she is- but only in Japan. The video for her new single, Paradise, premiered late last week and the singer co-wrote the song along with singer, songwriter and producer, Ne-Yo. Mya’s new album, Sugar & Spice will be released on December third and marks her debut with Manhattan Records after splitting with Motown Records earlier thise year. No word yet whether the album will see the light of day in the United States. To promote her new venture, Mya will be visiting the HMV Store at theTakagi Building in Tokyo to give a live performance and sign copies of the new CD.

Two days later she will do it all over again at the Fever in Ageha Shibuya. Make sure you guys stop by and support the sista- you know- just in case you just so happen to be in Tokyo, Japan- lol.

Below you can see Mya’s new video, which is pretty cool, as well as recent pics of the sista at the North Shore Animal League’s Celebrity Gala.



  1. I love, love, love the second look..that cage dress is amazing; however, why is this tailored toward the Japanese audience? I don’t mean to insult Mya, but isn’t her body more ummm American urban?

  2. Americans haven’t supported Mya is years. When was the last time she had a hit? In Japan though they love their American artists. Almost no one flops in Japan.

  3. Ummmm, she seriously USE TO BE one of my favorite entertainers. What is so paradise about this video? I mean, the scene in the pink outfit looks like one of her most recent photoshoots from Rap Up magazine or something. I don’t understand the water scene in the box with the guy when they could have just used the beach or a pool. SOMETHING! LOL. This is a really low budget video and I am seriously disappointed because I love her so much! She’s been gone for too long to put something out like that. But I do like the song though. LOL. Ok, enough of my bitching. LOL.

  4. Gorgeous lady. I wish her well with her album in Japan. :brownsista:

  5. I am very surprised that Mya is not getting the promotion that she needs because she is very talented. But I guess everything has it’s time and place. I wish her the greatest blessings and more success in the US and abroad.

  6. I’ m happy for her Black folks here have already picked sides ๐Ÿ™„ at least overseas people hav love for everyone ๐Ÿ™‚ :thumbsup: Nice video and i love the song

  7. This is what happens when you catch the case of beyonceitis! ๐Ÿ˜†

  8. I hope she sell good there :brownsista:

  9. I wish her the best. Isn’ she an actress as well, she was good in Chicago!


  10. Oh well.. Maybe this was suppose to be a green screen, computer-generated paradise but they ran out of cash. She is beautiful. wondering if she would consider another musical…

  11. At least she is being released somewhere! What has happened to Eve’s project and all the other artist whose records have been pushed back into oblivion?

  12. Wow this was really, really,really,really BAD! I mean this is like some naughty Disney music! I was never a fan of her voice, and I liked her collabs waaaay better than any of her solo efforts, but c’mon this song is soooooooo wack ! I can’t breath :noway:

  13. Why are ppl crying over Mya? Her music was never that hot. She never even reached the level of say a Brandy or Monica. At best she was just a side act. A loss of her music is no loss at all.

  14. Dana, speak foryourself. Mya had plenty of hits, and all of her albums went platinum or gold. She has also done broadway and acting. Just because she isn’t all over the place doesn’t mean that she is doing her thing.

    And, really, to the person that made the comment about her body…what does that have to do with her album or music?

  15. Mya is a really beautiful woman. Personally, I like the song, I think it has a good melody. She does have talent and she`s one I root for. Hopefully things will begin to click for her.

    MJ & The Golden 80s forever!!!

  16. :hater: :hater: Forget the people that hate Mya. I love the song and the way you look in the video is amazing. Keep pushing.

  17. :thumbsup: BEAUTIFUL!!!!! The director suck though. Love the caribbean song…….

  18. Mya is one of those artists who for some reason or another are on the periphery of “cutting it big”. I’m thinking Amerie, India Arie etc. Since i’m obsessed with her i’ll still give her a 9/10 although i see many concepts in this video that are in the “FALLEN” video which is my favourite of all time.

  19. I’m truly confused as to why Mya’s career stalled. She’s a legitimate triple threat, she can sing, act and she can definitely dance. Plus she’s beautiful. I’d love for someone to interview her and just ask her what the heck went wrong. ๐Ÿ™

  20. Voice,

    You said something about translating right? I’m pretty rusty on the french so help me out ! Lol

  21. :brownsista: Love this song Mya.. Want to hear more from you.. Can’t wait to hear the Sean Paul joint..

  22. I love Mya and all, but Im going to agree with Dana. For some reason she was just not on the same level as Brandy and Monica during the late 90’s and 00’s. She had a few hits such as Case of the Ex and Moving on, but after the song Falling , she just vanished from the screen and radio. Shes beautiful of course, and her singing and dancing go hand and hand but i believe it has to do with her choice of songs. I MISS HER THOUGH. come back MYA!

  23. Mya is boring now. I dont think she has a chance to come back now the same for Ashanti NOW that the Rhianna and Beyonce saga seems to never end!! she wont have a chance sorry.

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