Mya’s Vibe Vixen Pictorial

Very pretty…


  1. I would have either put the fourth or fifth pic on the cover cause they are both very summery. The cover image is too drab and looks bad. The interview was real good though. Even women like Mya who a lot of people think get treated better by Black men, get treated like crap too. She talks a good game and says she has grown wiser and I hope so. Too many women have let bad men ruin their lives. At her age Mya should definitely be over choosing bad boys and should now be capable of choosing a man based on more mature qualities.

  2. Vibe and Vibe Vixen are both know for using bad cover shots. Often the pics inside the magazine are better than the ones they put on the cover but they don’t seem to know that. The Mary J Blige cover from a few years back and the 50 cover out now are just awful. Whoever is making the final call on these things is really inept.

  3. Mya was all wrong for the cover I was disappointed with their selection of her and Janet Jackson before that. Janet is off the radar and has nothing to support so why feature her? Mya on the other hand has an album and single to promote but has anyone ever actually heard it? Too much time is given to her when she isn’t doing anything worth talking about. Why hasn’t Beyonce gotten a Vixen cover yet? Or Rihanna? These women are making moves and a cover with them would have really flown off the shelves.

  4. She looks good they need to push her single harder. I’d be mad if I was her.

  5. Mya needs to diversify. Start a fashion line, become an actress- anything to keep her name relevant in the minds of the public.

  6. Mya looks great. They never push her singles or albums hard. I have her last CD “Mood Ring” and it wasn’t half bad. I like her but I personally think she would be better on Broadway Musicals or something. She seems like that is better for her. I know she has her own dance school in her home town. I hope she has a long career in what ever she chooses.

  7. I think she was fantastic in Chicago, but since then has gone quite quiet. definitely needs more agressive promotions. I think she should concentrate on what she is good at because that is a huge asset and can be used to her benefit. Doing a clothes line is great, but is getting a bit tiresome because so many artists are going down that route, the market will soon become saturated for that sort of thing. Broadway is cool but she needs another Chicago to get her back on track!

  8. Second set of pics were better. Did she ever have a #1 album or record? I remember that song in the Rugrats movie, but not much else on her own.

    She looks much older than she should – how old is she?

  9. Mya is 26 or 27. I know were real close in age but I love these pics! I hope she comes back hard and kill’em! LOVE MYA

  10. Mya looks absolutly beautiful and that was a good article about her and the so-called men in her life too. I hope she keeps that promise that next time she won’t be a fool for no bad guy. The cover wasn’t that bad but I would of picked the fourth or fifth too. She had every right to comfort 50 because people thought she was going around sleeping with everybody. 50 probably wish he would of had her.

  11. Oh, I see. I read the rest of it. Not bad. Maybe she was in need of attention or she just wants to taste all of the flavors 😐 Whatever the case may be I think that it is very good that she’s practicing self control….something that is missing amongst a lot of black people. HIV is running like crazy through our community

  12. OMG I just read the article, she’s been through a whole lot, being the other woman without even knowing it!! Had to follow him around to know what was going on!! Geez man! And she didn’t have a lot of boyfriends contrary to what naysayers keep saying. She needs to stay strong, and I’m glad she didn’t tolerate the disrespect with her 3rd man and broke up instantly. There comes a time when you’ve dealt with so much you just can’t tolerate bullsh*t anymore!! Love can get the best of you, causing women to deal with unnecessary drama and pain, causing men to lose their minds and kill out of love. This feeling is something else! But I’m glad she survived and moved on like a soldier!! I really hope her album’s gonna be good.

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