I know that this is an issue that has been touched on in Rap videos but I feel it necessary to express my disdain for another venue that has been portraying the same images as of late. We may have grown accustomed or even turned a blind eye to the constant parading of half naked women in Rap videos. It has become a norm unfortunately. Now it seems that the other chicks who could not make the cut of  a rap video have  decided to become stars in their own right by posing naked as hell on Myspace. When I say naked as hell, I obviously don’t mean it in the literal since I don’t think Myspace allows that. What I am saying is the implied sexuality. Question. Why is it necessary for you to pose with a t-shirt and some panties on with your ass poking out to the side with a username like “juicy cooch  for you” or “taste is on your tongue“. What the hell! Tell me, are you that starved for attention that you would reduce yourself to becoming a myspace hoe? Come on now that has got to be a few notches below video hoe. At least four notches if my calculations are right. Let me do the math, carry the one ass, I mean add the two, yep four.

You have no idea how much it disgusts me when I sign onto my myspace account and see that one of my anonymous friends that I have accepted has a new picture up and low and behold what is the picture of? Is that her ass? Do I see a little pubic hair? Eww! Why!  Again I ask, are you that starved for attention? Does your momma not love you? Did you ever meet your Dad? I immediately throw these questions out in hopes of there being some excuse for your behavior. Something that makes you a little off in the head but still functioning and can partially justify your behavior. Fellas, I do not want to see you either. It is equally disgusting for me to see a brother posing with his meat half hanging out. I am not intrigued dear.

I know it may seem like I am coming down on the ladies the hardest but that is because you are what is closest to my heart. When I see a sistah going down the path of destruction or even pure lameness with your Victoria Secret pose I become embarrassed for you. I immediately go into my Amy Whinehouse impression and want to ask you “What kind of fuckery is this?”.  You know what I would love to see on myspace? I would love to see tasteful pictures. You can still be sexy with your cut off shirts showing your cute belly buttons (cute belly buttons not big belly’s) and your tight jeans or some thigh hanging out your skirt. I can even tolerate sexy poses as long as your ass is dressed and I do not see any vagina hanging out (trying to keep it mild so my Editor does not give me a good talking to for my abrasive language).

Please ladies, if you don’t change anything in 2009 do this for me- Stop turning myspace into a brothel. Leave your dreams of being a stripper at the club.

LJ Knight

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  1. LOL, yes myspace is getting worse and worse, but that’s with any online community basically. And it’s sad to see the ugliest females think they look cute doing that. But we can’t “save” and “help” everyone. =/

  2. Well, we are living in a “look at me” generation no thanks to the advent of social sites on cyberspace. There is so much emphasis on every move a celebrity makes every moment of their stardom that its become popular to share everything about our lives ( good bad or indifferent) with the world as well. I guess its a good thing for circle of friends to keep in touch. But to share every aspect of your life, including the most private and most sacred, is a sad commentary on our culture. There has always been people that take things way too far. Well all know somebody that does this. But now, they have a vehicle for the whole world to see them take it way too far. If I had my way, folks would have to submit to a psychological evaluation and a background check just to get the privilege to have access to the Internet period. There are some serious foolishness that are being spread on every turn. Parents really need to monitor their kids access and talk with them regularly about the family’s morals and values.

  3. Ya know what I would like to see on Myspace? I would love to see some young women ( and young men ) in their caps and gowns because they’ve graduated from high school or college. 🙂

  4. I had to cancel that myspace account I couldn’t even browse it at work without some random nekkid pictures showing up in the form of an animated banner or scattered background. If I want to see oiled up booties , hell I will go over to smooth or ethnicity babes.

    Give them 7 years , they will regret it .It always come back to haunt them.

  5. Girlllll BYE!!!!!!!!! i have mys pace because my sisters apparently refuse to use that simple advice called a phone, they wanna twitter me, myspace me, facebook me, I get so lost, but when i log on and i see some of the people adding me, it makes me trow up in my mouth, look i am all for female empowerment and feeling good and sexy, but a woman with her legs open in a picture, or video needs to get her lady card canceled, see i am a lady, but behind close doors it is on, and that’s how it should be, when i see all those young girls with their privates exposed, i can’t help but think about what goes on in a rapist mind when he sees those pictures? to add insult to injury some of them stay twittering about their whereabouts, what the hell? and don’t get me started on the young men with their d–cks showing, talking about how they can lick it, pictured with other young ladies in less than appealing positions i mean idk, i was beginning to wonder if i was too old school but i’m glad i’m not the only one feeling that way, I’m just loving you right now Miss K

  6. MYSPACE ,FACEBOOK ,TWITTER all this crap is getting ridiculous to me , but i still manage to get on myspace though . Im really not so much into the twitter & facebook 🙄

  7. Ohhhhhh SNAP one time I decided to add this girl as a friend going against my usual uh requirements of adding friends either we talk a lil’ bit before I add you become i’m not adding anyone that won’t gimme a wassup ery once in awhile on there and just using me to get their stupid count up. Soooo her page was private before I added this random chick and I naturally go to see her pics…… ALL of them but ONE (which was her default and she was clothed fully and smiling) were pics of her cooch I MEAN CLOSE UP or other nudes…. I dunno how long her account lasted because I removed here from my friends immediately. The girls that pose nude or sexual type pics I don’t get why all that’s gonna happen is their pics will be spread anywhere OR they’ll get a lot of super nasty attention a lot worse than what I get and I be fully clothed in my pictures and at the worst some are MAYBE PG. It’s some icky icky people on myspace.

  8. Its not just myspace, its in our hip hop and R&B vixens too(they just classy it up) in our media. Of course kids and immature adults mimic what they see. a lot of girls may look old, but the majority are young.

  9. I think its wrong to judge the women for taking very sexy photos because one really doesn’t know if these women know better. I’ve known of several women who do things like this because this is how they were raised–sexualized women surround them constantly in their communities. So, yes, its wrong to over expose yourself on myspace, and yes some women do know better, but just understand that many women just don’t have the same wisdom as others, and act in an immature fashion.

  10. Myspace has SPAM features under account/privacy settings that will block a lot of these ‘would-be-pin-up-stars’ from attempting to Friend you or send you Notifications or Bulletins, etc. I have a myspace acct. but it’s primarily for friends and family and some music artists I keep up with. I also have Facebook which is a lot more streamlined and less tolerant of the rampant scantily-clad bull**** that these other sites allow.

    As for ‘the why’ of these images floating hither and thither, let’s just say that it’s the media influencing the youth to be ridiculous. They look to video minxes like a Vida Guerra or Melyssa Ford (both very beautiful women) who for the most part in public (at events and such) dress normal and classy, but in these vids and on these big-booty-websites and these KING magazine (RIP) sites with their tookus hanging out and piece of string trailing betwixt their buttocks…they look at these provocative images and poses and attempt to emulate them because 1) that’s what’s hot and 2) that’s what’s sexy and 3) that’s what’s gonna make me an ‘overnight super-starruh’ be it at my school or in my hood or at the club, etc.

    I’m amazed at images of certain actresses I see who have posed provactively in various stances and positions I would associate only with porn. I’m amazed that this is the mainstream, taking a pic that’s “classy-but-sexy” but you’re spread-eagle while posing……

    I’m not a prude. I don’t mean to come across as one but since WHEN do booty-tookin become the norm? Booty-shots in photos…did you all do that when you were a teen?



    that so much of what I used to think was taudry, trashy, porn-ish, is now…THE NORM of “sexy”???

    Since when did regular sexy turn into soft porn sexy? LOL Bump that, not even soft porn but straight up porn?

    Heck, maybe I’m just old………………..(34)…………..old school…………..or just old.

    Ay, yay, yay.

    I would share a link to a site I visit but I don’t want to upset the rules. This site has pictures of folk, us folk from across the country at various clubs and such. The things we ‘wear’, the way we ‘pose’, the things we ‘do’ for a flash of the camera and some celebrity……………….

  11. Well to all you ladies out there feeling “old” for not accepting this behavior on myspace, trust me its not an age thing. Im young myself, in fact I’m a teenager yet I cringe when I see pics like those too. Its not just women posting nude pics, but young girls too, and dont let me get started on the videos. On youtube there’s tuns of videos with young girls booty shaking to some nasty music, or slow dancing sexually. Im like… wtf? wheres the parents? My mom would slap the hell out of me, take away my computer and then ground me for something stupid like that.

    What happened to VIRTUE? Do we not value ourselves anymore?

  12. I don’t get it either. I’m open minded, I swear. There’s nothing wrong with loving your own T&A and wanting to expose yourself. That’s what Strip Clubs are for. For women who are exhibitionists at heart and would like to benefit from such behavior. But MySpace and Youtube? Really, that’s just putting yourself at the bottom of the ladder and it’s not even sexy. I have a friend who insists on taking video girl pics of herself and putting them online. Then when people contact her and start talking sleazy, she gets really pissed. “I’m a person, not just some slut for guys to (blank)!” She’d say. I’m like… 😐 You really don’t see how they’d think you might be into that? Really?

    I’m a believer in being classy and being sexy. Like you said, by all means be cute. By all means be sexy. But you need to know the difference between sexy and slutty.

  13. I try not to judge other people. To each his/her own. Hopefully one day they will learn to do things a little differently because it really doesn’t take all that to be sexy. But unfortunately some women don’t know any other way.

  14. Majesa
    Girl please i had a chick told me last time she don’t get why men whistle at her in teh street when she is always dressed liek she stepped out of a rnb vixen video clip and you know i told her ass if you quack like a ho… she talk about “i don’t care if my p–sy is exposed people shouldnt assume stuff”, i was about to bytch slap her so i just kept on moving, welcome miss knight!

  15. i was kinda asking myself this question why do they do that themselves and i think its low-self esteem coz most of them are realy not that attractive…..@ voice i’d like to differ on your opinion a bit,i do dress down a bit mostly in summer and i think i deserve to be respected by anyone,i think it depends on how your body is strucured an how you carry yourself,showing your crack or thong in public is sluttish but wearing a micro or hotpants and fashionable sandals or snickers is decent….rihanna is very classy and she dsnt look like a video girl…beyonce is a full-time video girl.

  16. Myspace is off the hook period. I have a page on there all my picture is classy not trashy i get alot of nice comments on my picture.

    Like you said you do not have to do all of that.

    I think this generation is soooo mess up. You have teenager on there too posing like they sexy too. Something have to give period. Im just tired of how are kids is exposes to all this mess.

    It funny how they know all the word to all these nasty @ss songs like birthday sex can not stand that song. But do not know school work.

    I work for the school district if you see the kids grades and how much school they miss you be shaking your head.

  17. lizz, girl i wear shorts and tak top sometimes my stomach is showing but that chick she wear mini skirt with no underwear how do i know? whenever she walks her psy lips are showing urgh! so you know?!

  18. It is a sad state of affairs when so much emphasis is placed on a person’s appearance and not who they are as a person. Yes, first impressions do last a long time, and it is not fair to anyone to let another person’s first impression of you be that of a person who is willing to show more of them than is necesssary for a first introduction. We do live in a time of what is on the outside that counts more than what is on the inside. When you see makeover shows, they don’t care about how a person has changed in their personality from being a mess to a success, they are more concerned with nose jobs, face lifts, tummy tucks, liposuction, gastric bypass, etc. It is the times we are living in and I still think a man, woman or child of substance should still keep speaking out about what is proper and what is not. Very good article.

  19. Speak the truth girl ❗ Oh, and welcome to brownsista.

  20. It all starts in the home.

    But in the end it is left up to us as a WOMAN how we carry ourselves, and what image we allow to be portrayed as individuals. I wish I could help our absent-minded sisters, but we must know.. self respect starts from within! Those girls have alot to learn!

  21. I’m not going to lie I admire beautiful woman in swim suites,but the representation of these women in the Rap videos has gotten way outta hand.Myspace,which I am a menber is getting to out landist with scanli-claded women presenting themselfs half naked.
    We are living in the time where the Bible calls the last days.It says,”men,that includes women also,will be lovers of them ownselves…….”,meaning we are living in a self centered,self promoting,and a me-ism attitude. 🙁 but true!!!!!!

  22. well. when you say “this generation” i guess i’m grouped into that. being that i am 19. i’ve seen those pictures of the women, the youngin’s who try to be sexy. it’s nasty at times. other times, especially when they are younger, i am disgusted but more over i am saddened. cuz that’s what they believe is sexy. that’s what they believe they have to do in order to get that attention from people. and the comments are usually very derrogatory. then again maybe i’m not hip to that ish. in my mind my body is for my eyes only. i’m not gonna sit and post up pictures of myself in little to no clothing for a cheap comment. i got more important things on my mind and a actual life. i have tried so hard to protect my younger cousins from that stuff. but there’s only so much i can do when they don’t see me as an authoritive figure. and the sad part is….we got some real grown folk on myspace and all those other sites who are parents and they are worse than the children…..doing things in their photos that i would never ever…want to see. and some have the nerve to post up videos. but hey…..all i do is bypass that stuff when it pops up on my page.
    ***side note….who told dudes it’s sexy to see their pubes. that’s freakin nasty. if you gone take ya shirt of fine…..but leave that ish alone child….please.
    ***side note #2 why do people think it’s hot to leave you dirty messages and stuff, on some let’s chill type biz….and when you tell them to never contact you again they get mad and curse you out….either way i come out a winner. it’s silly to me.

    but like i said….i’m the worm with the glasses….in no way am i expected to understand trends cuz i truely don’t care. lol. 😆 🙄 😯

  23. lol @ the sidenotes the worm with the glasses….

    1, NOBODY lol.

    2. BECAUSE myspace is filled with freaks and they think it’s a booty call site lol and it’s far too many stupid people with internet access lol.

  24. @voice i get you,i think your friend shud be arrested or fined for indecent public display and all those girl on myspace bcoz it is a public forum and the age restriction is 13 if my memory serves me right….. i know America is a democratic country but one thing that must be taught is that with democracy and human rights comes responsibility,self-respect and respect for the cyber community as well,i also come from a country with a young democracy and the same rules that apply in real life also apply in the virtual world.

  25. @ Ebz202
    lol…..but let’s be 100 pa’cent. lol. that ish is just nasty.

    oh and ya’ll ever see the pictures and gif’s that are FAILS….yo there’s this one…well….i don’t know if i should say but the image i’m guessing this full grown woman decided to tattoo betwixt her bajonkers(breasts) and the name she tattoo’d atop of it…was WHOA!!!!!!! very graphic for real.

    put it like this, i’m afraid to go on the internet a bit more than normal….besides the obvious dangers, the pictures that pop up will get me boxed upside the head for viewing 😥 😆 ….and it ain’t even like i’m trying to see them. i can’t help what others post up and what shows up on a site…the most i can do is click off and hope that my slow behind computer will go to another page. 🙄

    time’s are tuff ya’ll, fa real. can this stupidity be reversed? i don’t know. 🙄

  26. Oh I’m always uh 100% that’s all I know how to be of course it’s nothing but nasty never said that which is why I said people think it’s a booty call site and it’s easy to get anyone on there because it’s a lot of freaks some people minds so warped on there you can’t be fully clothed and just be cute w/o someone emailing you how they can d**k you down (happened) ….. can the stupidity be reversed on myspace, etc. I don’t see it happening. Too many ho*s and weirdos on there.

  27. For starters I like Kelis but I think shes asking for to much.What does eating in fansy resturaunts,seating first class on Airlines have to do with raising their child and suporting
    I whole heartly agree with you Lajuanda no woman should totally depend on a man to support and take care of her.It seems to me that she wants more of the glamour life then just gettring the spousal support.
    I don’t know all that Kelis and Nas are going thur,or been thru.I wish them both the best not just for them,but for the children that are caught up in the middle of the family break up.I hope they can come to a mutial agreement that works best for him,her,and the inesene children involed.

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