MySpace Hoes In Training

MySpace Hoes In Training

The Saga To Reduce Stank In Our Young Women Continues…..You May Have Seen This Picture Before

I know I posted and ranted about this once before but after a picture was brought to my attention I felt the need to go in one more time. What I love about Myspace is the ability it has to connect people from all over the globe on one communication device. What I despise about Myspace is how people can also use it for their personal yearning for fame.  I am referring to the overtly provocative pictures individuals choose to post as an expression of self.  Today, I am going to focus on teenagers. Young women in particular who are so unsure of themselves and in such desperate need for attention that they will pose on Myspace in pictures like this one. First of all, the young women look high school age, so my first concern is where is their Mama’s. Granted when I was in high school, which was only about 10 years ago, we didn’t have Myspace but the idea that my mom would catch me in such a seductive state left me with enough fear that I wouldn’t pull it.

Besides the fact that these girls look like porn stars in training lets focus in on the baby that’s laying on the bed. Yes, there is a damn baby laying on the bed while this underage eroticism is taking place. Undoubtedly it is one of theirs. Which makes me ask once again… Where is their damn Mama’s? Pappies? Somebody! Is this what it is coming to ladies? Our young sisters are out there with titts and ass plastered on Myspace hoping and wishing for a “damn you sexy shorty” comment from some young boy whose first impression of them is going to be wondering whats going on in their honey pot and how he can get to it. Or even worse, some older pervert who will have the same exact first impression!

I can’t blame it all on our teens who have embraced the “come hither” appeal. They soak up the images they see in movies, and music videos and think that it completely reflects reality and go about behaving in the same manner. ” Lightbulb- Oh! So that’s how I can get a boy to like me… Bend over and make my booty clap.”

My concern is for the young  ladies who grow up to be women who feel that they must go above and beyond the call just to receive an inkling of attention from the opposite sex. It is okay to want to feel desired, that’s natural. However, when you have to try that hard for it, it ultimately it ends up looking stank and can be unsafe. For the women out there who see this behavior and  don’t try to drop a younger sister a clue, even if it falls on deaf ears let me say one things to you: Remember one day this could be your niece, younger cousin, or DAUGHTER! On the contrary I do blame the dim lit Mamas out there that think that this behavior is cute. News flash…. Everyday a young girl goes missing and never comes home again.

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  1. Wow, you hit a t of valid points. One big one is that the internet is way to much for people to leave their kids unattended. Its like once your kids get it, understand, and comprehend the internet danger zone then you can let them ride. Its not a freakin toy, and people need to realize that. But if their own parents don’t grasp the kind of tools their dealing with, how can they dumb asses teach their dumb ass children.

    Great Article, Im pissed off now, thanks 👿 😡 😈

  2. I so agree with this post. So sad.
    People post the most craziest myspace pics I have ever seen.
    Before I post I always check and make sure that it’s classy and appropriate.
    People are so careless and classless nowadays and then have the nerve to put an innocent BABY in the pic……I CAN’t!!!!!!!!!!

  3. and to the girls in the pic “NOW You know you need an a** whoopin!!!!!” – quote from What’s love got to do with it 😐

  4. @ nicki=maxwell fan
    girl that’s my movie. lol. and the quote…..if that ain’t the truth..then i don’t know what is.

    it’s sad that people are like this. but i fear…that these will be the adults i’m surrounded by when i grow up also. it’s sad that that child had to be on the bed. i mean if you are gonna take part in some ho-tivity then you gotta go 100% or don’t do it at all. lol.

    i know the joke was wrong but why….and does that one girl have armpit hair showing? or is that a shadow? freaking nasty yo.

  5. The TV used to be the baby sitter for moms and dads when they needed a little rest after a long day or when they just straight up didn’t want to be bothered with their kids. Now the internet is the baby sitter. TV is just as provocative as the internet, but at least you were not exposed to the outside world with the stroke of a key. It is a lot more dangerous to being exposing yourself to a world full of people – than to be watching skanky videos – I prefer my 12 year does neither.

    A lot of is comes down to parenting. I am not perfect but parenting is a constant job, it is neverending. And for those that think it is – don’t have kids. It’s a struggle everyday – to make sure the TV is blocked from certain stations or the radio is not on the hip hop station – but once she leaves my sight and she is with other families, their rules might be different from mine. I try not to suffocate her so that she knows I trust her to do the right things. Of course she is going to listen to Drake when I am not around -I listened to Snoop and Cube when my parents weren’t around. I just want her to know that she does ‘t needs to worlds approval about who and what she is a young lady. She has a me, her dad, her stepdad and her stepmom that love her dearly.

  6. We allways see women and men making total fools of themselves on the world Wide Web! Sometimes we wonder how these people have manageed to live as long as they have with such a level of ignorance! But when we look at the world we live in, it all makes sense! our politicians, celebrities, and even our family and friends often times display a lack of good taste and an abundace of ignorance that perpetuates our children to believe that this is all exceptable behavior! When people act foolishly, they are rewarded with attention while people that display intelligence are often times ignored! as far as women acting like “hoes”! Well i see colledge educated succesfull women turn into super groupies when certain celebs are present! They throw themselves at them and then talk negatively about the women on myspace(or any other site)that display themselves in an overtly sexual manner! Don’t get me wrong! I am not defending or condoning anything! I just want everyone to think how the cycle keeps going!


    Their song ‘nasty girl’ sufficiently describes this situation.


  8. i wonder if these girls even know how idiotic they look. i mean with a baby in the picture?? ain’t no dude gonna be checkin’ for you!! they look like they are tryin’ out to be in the sequel to “the player’s club”

  9. @james

    right “these men don’t want no hot females, no been around the block females you nasty girls”

    perfect song for them!

  10. Couldn’t of said it better myself.

    This picture is very sad, because i see 3 lost little girls who actually think this behavior is ok. And the even sadder thing about it, is the baby laying on bed witnessing this behavior even before it can walk. So this is what the baby will see & think is the reality of being a women. 😥

  11. What a shame, but unfortunately media whoring is the new “it” thing now..Making sex tapes, taking sexually explicit or naked pictures has become some kind of avenue to becoming famous..It’s so common now days to where it almost seems normal to young girls..Look at all of the realality shows “Flava of Love and Ray J, tons of young women lined up to see who can be the biggest ho and dramma queen..Tiffany “New York” even got her own spin off show because of her buffoonery and whorishness, and look at Hoops and Delishus, from Flava of Love, both have went on to have decent careers taking $lutty half naked pictures and hoops just had a sex tape that came out about a month ago..You have Hugh Hefner and his Playboy ho’s who have a show on E..And I won’t even get started on the video girls in the rap videos..And don’t forget the biggest ho of them all “Kim Kardashian” who’s claim to fame was giving Ray-J brain in their purposely released sex tape, and she now has her own show and successful career.

    I think it all goes back to home training and self esteem, if a young girl has proper role models and goals set in place they’re less likely to end up like the girls at the top of this page..Women who have no education, talent or careers to fall back on often use their body as an asset.


  12. i strongly agree with you but i can’t help myself from thinking that it is paradoxical ! i’m sorry but what about beyonce or rihanna who are all the time half naked in their videos or in their photoshoot ? why when it’s a celebrity you call it “sexy“or “hot“ but when it’s this girls you call them “hoes“ ? here is my question…

  13. I agree. The sad thing is that their mothers are on the same site behaving in the same manner. So, these ghyrls have no role models and don’t know how to set goals for themselves. Its more of a shame that Myspace would allow this. But, the love of money is the root of all evil. 🙁

  14. @AMY

    Interesting point, there is always a back lash against brown/black women when it comes to expressing their sexuality..Black girls in videos are often refered to as video ho’s where as white girls like Paris, Kim K and Kendra Wilson are considered business women..If any of our black sista actress had sex tapes, used drugs or ran around Hollywood with no panties their career would be over..There is a double standard on how white/lite skinned women are veiwed versus brown/black women..Black women are always held to a higher standard.

  15. These young women really scare me. I am not just talking about the one’s in this picture I am talking about 90% of the young women out here. That I’m down for whatever attitude is why so many of them have HIV. How anyone can continously say that this music and video has no impact on these kids is just an ignoramous. Parents need to really start monitoring their children. The problem is you have to many parents who just does not want to be bothered with the raising of their children so as long as the children stay out of their face they will let them do anything and that is just what they are doing any and everything. Our communities are a pedofiles heaven with all of these young girls because those are extremely young girls in that picture having all of this freedom.

    These girls are meeting much older men and they have them out here doing all kinds of stuff all because they didn’t have anyone at home who wanted to be bothered with them. I have so many friends that work in the social services field and the stories they tell me about what these young people are into or have been through and some of them are barely teenagers it’s just scary and it’s sad. When these parents meet their maker they are going to have to be judged for that and they are going to have to try to explain to the most high why they ignored the most honored blessing God can bestowe upon a person. That is being a parent.

  16. @ james
    thank you…i knew that was armpit hair. that’s disgusting.

  17. how do i change my gravatar picture? i uploaded a different one and everything but it won’t show up. if anyone wants to help please do so.
    thank you.

  18. There should be no LMAO by the baby it should say SMH. Most of the attention they getting whether they like it or not is what they really want. I dunno what they really want to get or achieve from having a pic like this on myspace. It’s nice to blame tv, movies and music but in the end blame the parents and the enviroment these young ladies are in.

  19. What a shame my English is not good enough to express my thoughts about all this. It’s a subject that’s often discussed by my friends and I.

  20. These young women are only doing what they see happening in our society around them and have taken this idea of sexuality of girls to another level. With the majority of men, it is about the visual aspect and they know if they present themselves in a sexual manner this will get them the attention they crave. It may not be the right attention they attract but when you don’t love and value who you are than what do you expect?

    The baby lying on the bed is a clear reflection of a child having sex too soon, often leaving the young girl broken in spirit, used and discarded. We’ve all seen the pictures of the sex-pots in training and those who think they are posing for pictures in backgrounds of filthy homes. This shows a lot about who and what the girls and women really are, irresponsible.

    The women (celebrities)offered to young girls as role models are often defined merely by their looks and nothing else. They are only forming the impression we ourselves as women have given them. We can’t blame the media for what we see taking place, even though they do share some of the blame, it starts in the home and the media can’t sell what people don’t want and at some level, these problems are a reflection of a confusion within ourselves. Many of these young girls are a reflection of their mothers because the mother is a child’s first teacher and she set’s the example.

    This comes partly from our obsession with youth. As a society, we’ve become less

  21. Hey Everyone!

    The picture is wrong, but why is it okay for young singers to do the same and we’re not appalled? We praise hip hop stars and pop artist for looking sexy, “making that money”, and being talented without asking these questions. I understand entertainment is not suppose to raise our kids but its is regardless if the parents are involved or not. Peer pressure is hard in jr/high school even if you have the best parents teaching you values and going to church every sunday, once hormones kick in the kids will do what they want to impress others. I do not condone this and parents should monitor their children and their internet habits but these kids are learning its okay from adults and their peers. I dont even blame the girls that much because they honestly think this is cool and will get boys, they are young with no guidance. I blame “us” for allowing black media to dictate how girls and boys are portrayed, how they should be and act!!! Example, BET Awards….Lil Wayne and Drake.

  22. @Vonmiwi I could not have said that better. I pray that someone who knows them sees them and get some kind of authority figure involved because it is clearly if that is one of their child they are not ready to parent. And if it is not one of theirs then whomever left that baby with them needs to know what their baby sitter is doing. We have got to start boycotting this mess that is being put out for our young ladies to immulate.

  23. An ignoramus put all or MOST of the blame on tv and videos and music. I’ve seen all these videos, listened to the dirtiest music and watch some filthy movies but guess why I turned out just fine, smart, not a ho, don’t have soft core porn pictures on the internet because even when I saw all that stuff out of my mother’s grasp and watchful eye and she was just as protective as the next was because I had a good mom…. who cares what’s is out there for kids to watch and see and listen to when what matters most is who raised you and what she teaches you including what’s real and what is not and what is right and what is not, how to have and act like you have respect for yourself and so on. Saying blame it on the tv or music or videos is too easy.

  24. @Ebz202 listen to what you just typed. You had a good mom. Sweetie there are a lot of kids out there that does not have that. They don’t have someone to teach them that is just entertainment and should not be immulated. You seem to be a logical young lady and you should go hug and kiss your mom and thank her for bringing you up that way, but, again you have alot of children out here who does not have that and those are the ones that are falling through the cracks. I explained it too my nephew when he was young who is also apart of this instant gratification generation that those videos and images were not real and no one really lives like that.

    But there is a disconnect somewhere with your generation and it is not all your fault. It is actually older people like me and even older who has allowed alot of this mess to take place. The first time an inappropriate video or extremely inappropraite song was made we should have been boycotting and making a big loud noise to let the record executives know that we were not having it. That is what happened to heavy metal and look what happened to it. The record companies shut it down because all of those white kids started committing suicide listening to those records. They had a Senate hearing and next thing you know you didn’t see that heavy metal music on MTV anymore except for late at nite. No one is saying that is all the media’s fault but they do have to bare some responisibility for the crapt that they put out. But you are right the parents bare the bulk of the responsibility for allowing their children to get so caught up in this mess that they allowed their children to begin thinking that this behavior was acceptable.

  25. In your first paragraph you don’t see that we are for the most part agreeing instead of not. I know there are some females without good moms….my message is clear in what I said…. what’s most important in what you become is who raises you. There is no disconnect at least with me as as individual and trying as much possible not to sound rude I personally don’t need pity….those girls in that photo and girls like her do. And I also do not think that the media should take no blame I’m pretty sure I never said that or made it seem like that I just think that most of it does not belong to them. These girl I dunno ages but I dunno if I’d really call them part of my generation….at the oldest they might be scraping 18 but even if they are part of my generation I dunno call me crazy they still don’t reflect IMO most of the females in age range but there are still way too many of them.

  26. Morals and self respect don’t seem to be a priority in these lil girls lives. And the sad part about it is, the parents probably know about their actions and don’t care 😐

  27. the moms of these young girls are probably young themselves. thats what happens sometimes when you have babies making/raising babies. there is no guidance. what they see, what they hear, their friends….i think there are alot of factors that influence behavior like in this picture. and unfortunately, it isnt going to end anytime soon.

  28. Okay, now I’ve ignored this tacky picture for a while now, but is that a baby?

    That is just sad, and look at the two chicks on the left, judging by their hair and size they are still in school, or atleast they should be. That is pathetic.

    @ phineinphilly

    The sad part about it is they THINK they are respecting themselves. They think they are REPRESENTING. As much as I want to say bad things about them, I feel sorry for them.

  29. i agree with you on this stephanie this is really pittiful alot of people say what im about to say but its really the truth these girls are old enough to know better than doing this so im not discrediting them in any kind of way but the media just doesnt help this situation to tell the truth this is the image you see when you open up magazines and look at TV its time to put a stop to this foolishness i to feel sorry for these young women im a young women myself im 18 years old and although im young i know bettter i just wish more young women realized their self value like some one said they probably do feel like thier representing but representing what!!!!! to me this is a form of prostitution and they probably dont even understand that i wish our society didnt send the message that this kind of foolishness is ok i see worst stuff then this sometimes when i do something as simple as just turning on the T.V young women need to respect themselves more stop always trying to fit in to what you see around you know your self value love and respect yourselves LADIES!!!!

  30. This is pathetic, We say the same thing over and over again,Self esteem is everything, I bet you already know who is their role model, I bet you that if you ask them who is their inspirations the answer is going to be the obvious one,This is so pathetic and when grown women [indirectly] condemn this type of behavior it is disgusting, Look at them? they can’t be older than 17-16… I am tired of talking about this i have children of my own and i am going to raise them the best [and more] that i can and brainwash them into being ladies and loving themselves more than the hype, If these chicks and the mrs jones,melissa think it is okay for ANY women to have her legs spread for stranger might it be performances,video i don’t give a flying dollar, if anyone thinks it is okay, you belong in the ho category and i feel sorry for you, for you will be object of masturbation and fantasy but no one will want you for you, If there is a real you :)… oh and Yes i did a voice and WENT THERE!

  31. this really is a shame not only for them but for women in general. these women make it harder for women who choose to carry themselves like ladies while these girls carry themselves like two bit tramps (I had to take it back). Lastly, to those that are saying that black women in entertainment don’t face scrutiny when they dress like whores fail to acknowledge the key word, they are in entertainment. By the end of their performances and photoshoots their skanky attire comes off. it’s wrong to put it like that but it’s the truth. it all balls down to their parents, relying on entertainers to teach our children right from wrong is like relying on a 11 month old to potty train themselves, it is impossible. everyone especially young women need guidance without it they turn out like the example we see above.

  32. It’s Funny to me, The only Women that turn me on Are Lady’s. An Being a Lady is a died Art.

  33. This ain’t disney land dana
    wheter parents want it or not
    entertainers will find their way into the household and either insire or poison
    a youngings minds, Let’s stop acting like parents are all to blame i know some of the most religious parents
    and their little girls are out there talking about “if you like it put a ring on it” or “i want you under my umbrella”
    they can ground them all they want but it aint working if they touch them the police gets there
    stop trying to blame everyone else but the source of the problem itself

  34. Does anyone actually know these kids? And why are they being referred to as hoes? Because of the pic? There are more suggestive pics out there of women who I think more rightly deserve that title than these young girls. I’m surprised at my friend for putting them on blast like she is. That’s usually not your style.

  35. it’s sad when people start considering pictures like this, “not that bad.”
    that’s what’s wrong with the world and why black women have aids more than any other race.
    they need to go back to church and follow what Jesus said about a life without lewdness and fornication.

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