Nadine Ellis’ Must See New Film

“Let’s Stay Together” actress Nadine Ellis and Darrin DeWitt Henson are starring in a new independent film that is sure to make a few eyeballs pop.

The pair have teamed up with writer/director Eric Haywood to bring you “Four of Hearts,” a look into the life of a couple who try to save their marriage by having a one night stand with another couple.

Here is a short synopsis: A young husband and wife attempt to rekindle the fading spark in their relationship by having a one-night fling with another couple, but find themselves unprepared for the tangled web of guilt, jealousy, and forbidden attractions that follows.

Haywood says principal shooting on the film has wrapped and he hopes to have it ready for 2012 summer festival submissions.

Check out a clip below.


  1. I like her a lot. She is really beautiful. Let’s Stay Together is a cute show.

  2. Yep, Nadine is gorgeous and has a killer wardrobe on the show. I find myself liking Let’s Stay Together a lot more than I do The Game.
    As for the movie. The last scene is OMG.

  3. @ Jenna … I am glad it is not just me! The Game has kinda hit a wall. I like the way they are developing Let’s Stay Together and keeping the heart of the show light. Plus, adding Kyla Pratt was smart.

  4. Wow this moving makes me upset just watching the trailer, this is trash and I surly wont be watching it.

  5. Seems like i’ve seen something like this before. Why do film makers think all black people want to see are movies about couples and relationships?

  6. Wow, this movie looks interesting to say the least. I’d watch it.

  7. I will see this movie if for nothing else, Darrin Dewitt Henson (aka Lem from Soul Food). Chile, a one night stand with him…………………..umph!!!!!!!! 🙂 LOL

    Let me stop. Looks interesting though………… 🙂

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