Naomi Attends Opening Night At The Met

I adore Naomi Campbell. I can’t help it. I used to love watching this fashion show that aired on VH-1 back in the mid 90’s and it was then I became familiar with Naomi and a host of other Black models. I remember watching a documentary where Naomi went to France for an event to honor the late Gianni Versace and she was accompanied by another model. While lounging at their hotel pool this stranger came up to the other model and presented her with a gift he had just purchased from the hotel jewelry store. Naomi, being the diva she is/was, had a cow and demanded the man buy her a gift also, because according to her it was rude of him to give her friend a gift and give her nothing at all. Naomi actually took this man by the arm and marched him back to the jewelry store and made him buy her the gift of her choice- a small diamond pendant.

Yes, Naomi got an old White Frenchman who barely spoke English to cough up a few thousand because he was in her opinion, rude- and to her credit she did it without hitting him with her cell or spitting in his face (lol).

And Naomi still has a way with old White Frenchmen as here is she above attending the opening night of The Metropolitan Opera at Lincoln Center with model Stefano Pilati.

I guess when you look like Naomi you can get away with just about anything.


  1. Oh man I cannot remember the name but I think I know the show you are talking about. It used to come on Saturday morning and was hosted by this White lady with a dark bob cut. I used to love that show. This was way back in the day though before VH-1 became a gutter network.

    As for Naomi, being such a big model at a young age, 15 I believe, made her a bitch and eventually all her hell raising is going to catch up with her. Mark my words within the next year or two she will be doing time like Lil Kim, Remy Ma and Foxy Brown.

    She is pretty on the outside but ugly on the inside which is a turnoff.

  2. Ha…She actually did that?! Crazy. Despite her superdiva attitude, I can’t help but like Naomi Campbell. She’s gutsy, and at this point people just about know the deal with her attitude. At this point if she were to become some quiet and ‘take whatever I’m given’ kind of woman, she just wouldn’t be Naomi Campbell.

  3. I love Ms Namoi. She is a trendsetter. I know that she has had to fight for her respect in the business of modeling, being a woman of color. Before people make judgements and assumptions about her and how mean she is, can they say that they really know her? Probably not!! I know she appears to be a little mean, but do we really know what provokes her into doing what she does? Probably not!!!
    More power to Namoi, I think she is a beautiful, brown skinned woman.
    She really is in a class all by herself, and there is nothing wrong with that.

  4. Naomi is just one stunningly beautiful woman. I have to admit I also like her attitude. I’ve always been a fan, but what won me over was when she had to do her community service. The press was all over her and wanted to catch her looking like “a maid”. She refused to look that way and so they followed her everyday and reported on what she wore. When she walked out on her final day, wearing that Versace gown—I was jumping up and down laughing. That day she topped my list of sisters whose swagger I wanted to emulate. She is the epitome of “never let them see you sweat”.

    I do want her to stop assualting people because I think the mainstream society would love to bring her low…and put her in jail. She is just “too haughty”, “too full of nerve” for them. I mean how DARE she have the nerve to be born Black, Dark-Skinned, and with African features in this world–and have the unmitigated gaul to be Gorgeous!? Appalling!!! Doesn’t she know Black women are supposed to be ugly and inferior?!!! Didn’t anybody tell her that Black Women are supposed to humble, shrinking, and always, above all, know their place?!!!

    Yep, I love her, crazy antics and all. She makes me proud for reasons stated above. I think she knows what the world wants from her–but she is convinced that she is the queen. ;-). I love her swagger.

  5. To Keep It Reel, I also agree that Naomi is a beautiful and talented woman. But it disturbs me when we start to defend peoples bad behaviour just because they are black. Imagine if your boss slapped, spit on or smashed you in the face with a telephone (she has done this to more than one Assistant) because they weren’t pleased with work you had done? You would be calling your lawyer, not sitting back marvelling at how gutsy they were and how that is an admirable trait to have in a boss. Your comments make me wonder whether you are a woman/man in an abusive situation. Why would you see fit to justify this behaviour and glorify a woman who is an addict with anger management issues?

  6. Naomi’s shoes are sick. SICK! I love them and must have them. Oh and her man’s loafer-swag has game too. πŸ˜†

  7. OMG Sky, that is it. I went searching for the name last night but couldn’t find it to save my life. I miss the old VH1 and all those great shows they used to run. πŸ™‚

    @ Phoenix
    You are right. Naomi’s behavior should not be just pushed aside as it is wrong and eventually her karma will catch up to her. Still, I love her as a model and for some of the serious charity work she has done over the years.

    @ Kanyade

    Oh and her man’s loafer-swag has game too. πŸ˜†

    Girl I was thinking the same thing πŸ˜†

  8. I love Naomi Campbell, she is the ultimate baddest chick ever. She’s strong-willed, and demands attention and respect. Sure, she has a temper, but who doesn’t/ Especially, when the industry which you work in, treats women and women of color like disposable goods. If people hate on Naomi , it’s only because she makes them feel inadequate someway because she is the DIVA, or what Europe calls her a Femme Fatale. And seeing that reality shows are part scripted/ part reality, I’m pretty sure that stunt on VH1 was apart of the script.People who are in Naomi’s circle says she’s really sweet.

  9. Hello ladies,
    I love Naomi Campbell. When I tell people that I think she is one of the most beautiful people in the world (to me!) they say things like she not that pretty or she isn’t all that. Her legs alone shut down competition. Her features are very w. african which is beautiful.

    Has anyone noticed that there aren’t that many black models from the US or Latin America? Why is Gisele the top brazilian model? There are many Afro-Brazilians out there who want their faces in advertisements.

  10. despite her antics….

    still the most beautiful stunner in the world.

  11. Upon second glance. Her skin is beautiful; flawless, but I’m somewhat afeared for her hairline. πŸ™ Look at the hairs; they seem to be balding. Could years of wearing weaves do that to you? Not trying to hate, but seriously, look at those sparse hairs. πŸ™ I wonder if her head hurts.

  12. @Kanyade

    Weaves and relaxers take their toll after years of wearing them with no break. Relaxers made my hair thin and I thought I just had thin hair. At 14 I went natural and have full hair well past mid back and a healthy hairline.

  13. I’ve been considering going the natural route. Pretty much everytime I have to relax my hair, I want to say, “Screw it!” and just shave it off and start fresh. One of these days I’ll get the cahones to do so. πŸ˜† πŸ˜‰

  14. Kanyade,

    Look into starting with professionally done two-strand twists. They ease the transition time and nobody really enjoys the awkward beginning stages of a natural style.

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