Naomi Covers Vogue

Vogue Korea is celebrating their 13th Anniversary by releasing three different covers for the August edition of their magazine. Naomi Campbell, Claudia Schiffer and Eva Herzigova all cover what the magazine calls their “Super Big 3”. Below you can check out Naomi’s cover and pics and to see Eva’s and Claudia’s, you can check out

Naomi Campbell
Naomi Campbell
Naomi Campbell


  1. Such a legend! The best model that ever was THE END~~~

  2. photos look o.k but i never really thought that Naomi was “beautiful” she is alright. To me super model IMAN Abdulmajid and Beverly Johnson is “beautiful”

  3. Naomi is fabolous. Someone told me she was 40 though. If thats true I want to know what she is drinking because she is flawless.

  4. Notice they chose to put models from the nineties on the cover rather than a celebrity or model from today? Can anyone name 3 hot models out now? Back in the day the models were starts themselves and could move major covers. Only Naomi, Eva and Claudia can guarantee sales today if a celeb isn’t on the cover. I love all threea and it’s nice to see ladies in their mid to late thirties getting some love.

  5. @ JBL

    Naomi Chanel Iman, and Alek Wek are the ones I see most often. Back in the day it was Naomi, Tyra, Alek, Beverly, Grace and those are the only ones I knew by name.

  6. I just love her. I am glad she is staying in the game to reperesent black models.

  7. Naomi is beautiful and meant to be a supermodel. Her spreads are always beautiful. No wonder Michael Jackson called her the most beautiful woman in the world. And had her throw him on a table , etc in a music video. She’s a diva and next to Iman, the baddest woman in modeling history.

    BTW: I’ve read a post that talked about Kelly Rowland and MJJ. Well David Gest MJ bestfriend since childhood said that MJ liked her music and had a crush on her.

    Back to Naomi, at 37 or 38, she’s still a force to be reckon with.

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