Naomi Campbell for Vogue Brazil

Naomi Campbell’s 25-year reign over the modeling industry shows no signs of slowing down. The 42-year old ‘The Face’ star is gracing the May edition of Vogue Brazil’s anniversary issue. In celebration of their 38th year, the magazine invited Naomi to do an author’s edition, which features the brown skin beauty is EVERY editorial in the magazine.

Naomi naturally donned a variety of looks, including a dirty blonde wig, a dramatically cut bob and wispy bangs.

Naomi styled each editorial herself and also chose the photographers- Tom Munro, JR Duran and Jacques Dequeke.

Naomi called the opportunity to be guest editor of Vogue Brazil’s anniversary issue an “honor” and said she hopes to be around in 25 years to do it again.

Check out all the editorial images below.

Pretty stunning.
FYI: Naomi credits her ageless beauty to washing her face in only cold water. According to Naomi, keeping the pores closed is key to preserving the natural oils our body produces to moisturize itself.