Naomi Campbell Joins Oxygen

Supermodel Naomi Campbell is bringing her own particular form of fierceness to the Oxygen channel.

According to the Associated Press, Naomi has signed on to serve as a judge on the network’s new modeling competition “The Face.”

The show will be similar to that of “The Voice,” in that contestants will be guided throughout the competition by several supermodel judges, including Naomi.

Rumor has it with Tyra Banks’ “America’s Next Top Model” struggling in the ratings, Oxygen thinks the time to strike out with their own modeling completion is now.

As previously reported, in an attempt to spruce up ratings for the upcoming season, Tyra and fellow ‘ANTM’ producers let longtime judges Jay Manuel, Nigel Barker and J. Alexander go.

Word has it the upcoming season will feature more celebrity guest judges, including many of Tyra’s friends.

As for Naomi’s new venture, there is no word when the show will air, but if there is one model face off I would love to see, it would definitely be Tyra vs Naomi.


  1. This may be a good move for Naomi, I hope she shows a different side. Her behavior kinda overshadowed her ridiculously successful modeling career! Beverly Johnson is getting her fair share of “hate mail” with her new reality tv show. I hope Iman makes a guest appearance on all the shows, she’s my favorite of all super models!

    People will tune in to see if Naomi’s going to explode, I’m hopeful she won’t! Reality shows always have a villain!

  2. This is a great move for Naomi! I’ve followed here career since she was 16.The Naomi “brand” can be as Huge as she wants it to be, personally i love her and all the black top models.

  3. Great news. Naomi Campbell is my idol and I will support her. It meant ALOT to me growing up seeing a black model. She was brown and look like me (sort of). A true pioneer.

  4. Idk a lot about Naomi but Im glad a new modeling show is coming out. I hope its better than ANTM.

  5. About time I am sick of Tyra Banks rehearsed ass. She is just so fake to me it seems like she rehearse her lines for a movie she is always in character. I want to see the REAL TYRA. And I am still waiting her personality and that fake voice annoys the hell out of me. I am tired of her picking the wrong models to stay or win and send the best ones home. She seem like a stoner 2 all that I don’t do this or that is a lie yes Tyra you do party like everyone else pretty much in the business save the good girl image honey. Another thing I think Tyra is a closet lesbian and that is why her relationships with guys never go anywhere its all for publicity. That is why most people prefer and love Naomi because she gives it RAW AND DON’T CARE. She is not afraid to be human and not act like a dam barbie robot all the time. We all pretty much knows about Naomi past & present Naomi has been all the above I mentioned and probably still is and she has put it all out there including her bad temper, attitude and whip ass abilities. Besides she is THE QUEEN OF THE CATWALK AND WILL ALWAYS BE CONSIDERED TOP NOTCH. Yes I hope this show does well Naomi will bring it Good job Noami good bye Tyra

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