Naomi Campbell Joins Empire Spin-off ‘Star’

Naomi Campbell Joins Star Cast

Supermodel Naomi Campbell Joins ‘Star’ Cast

Producer Lee Daniels must really love him some Naomi Campbell because he has once again cast her to appear in one of his shows. Via published reports, Naomi has landed a recurring role on Star, Fox’s mid-season drama about a girl group looking to break into the music business.

As you all know, Naomi also had a recurring role on Lee’s other Fox drama, Empire, before her character, Camilla, was killed off in season two. Let’s hope the supermodel has better luck on Star, where she’ll play Rose Spencer, the very beautiful and very wealthy mother of Alexandra (Ryan Destiny).

As previously reported, Star will star Jude Demorest, Brittany O’Grady and Ryan Destiny as three friends looking to navigate their way through the local Atlanta music scene on their way to superstardom. They’ll be joined by Queen Latifah, Lenny Kravitz and former Sleepy Hollow star, Nicholas Gonzalez.

The pilot is expected to air in January, and will feature live and original music, as well as fantasy dream sequences.

If you guys have read my previous articles on Star then you know I am not impressed by it or its extremely generic cast. I see no stars on Star and not even semi-big names like Queen Latifah, Lenny Kravitz or Naomi Campbell can save it. The show needs some spice. It needs a stand-out personality. It needs a JR Ewing, an Alexis Carrington or an Abby Mills. No, not that Abbie, the one from Knots Landing, the hit 80’s night time soap opera. But speaking of that Abbie Mills, the one from Sleepy Hollow, how awesome would Nicole Beharie be on this show. She sings, she dances. I can see her playing a villain of sorts- someone who constantly acts as the girls’ competition/nemesis.

It would also be a great way to see Nicole Beharie and Nicholas Gonzalez reunite. As many of you know, Nic and Nich played former lovers, Luke and Abbie, on Sleepy Hollow during season one.



  1. Oh my gosh you always find a way to sneak a Nicole Beharie reference in. 😆

    I admit I would like to see her and Luke together again. I’d also like to see Nicole work with the actor who played Orion. Nicole had chemistry with every man on Sleepy Hollow. Love her, but I think she chose to leave the show and I don’t think she wants to return to television. I think she wants to be a movie star, not a TV star.

  2. This show doesn’t appeal to me off hand but I will give it a chance. Seems to me Daniels wants to crossover with this show. Lee Daniels is a very colorstruck man. Listen to his interviews. His lover is also a Latino man.

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