Naomi Campbell’s Futuristic Vibe

Supermodel Naomi Campbell goes for a futuristic look in her photo shoot for the 16th issue of Soon International magazine.

Contrary to how it may look, photographer Seb Janiak says Naomi’s shiny look was achieved entirely with make-up and creative lighting.



  1. Oh my….I kind of love this. I wonder how it was done? She could be (should be) in a sci-fi flick. Or something. She looks good bald. Gorgeous.

  2. This is what I miss really creative photography and editorial spreads. Now because all the models look damn near identical, I can barely tell them apart, everything looks so boring and predictable. Love Naomi always has been and always will be unique.

  3. Very unique! Naomi should keep her head shaved because I seen pics of her without her weave or wigs and it’s not pretty!

  4. I love the pic and she’s set standards that nobody will ever touch in fashion, especially now. Naomi ROCKS!

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