Naomi Covers August Edition Of i-D Magazine

Model Naomi Campbell is once again featured on the cover and inside the pages of i-D Magazine. This time the supermodel shares the cover with Italian fashion designer Stefano Pilati. Just before Naomi pleaded guilty back in June to assault, French fashion house Yves Saint Laurent issued a statement announcing that the supermodel would front its new autumn-winter 2008-2009 advertising campaign, which is being designed by Pilati.

And though we are sure Naomi will actually be wearing clothes when she fronts this new campaign, she is not wearing any in this i-D shoot, which is actually quite typical of Naomi who has posed nude several times in i-D and Vogue magazine.

Rarely does Naomi taking it off raise eyebrows; however, with all the hoopla surrounding Toccara Jones and her decision to pose almost topless, I thought it would be interesting to see if Naomi’s shoot would cause as much controversy, and in some cases, sheer disgust- on the part of the men and women who come here.


  1. Nudity isn’t seen as something vulgar in Europe as in this country, the French money symbol are breasts.

  2. Nice pics, but is it always considered art because it’s not in Playboy?

  3. Always beautiful, but for some reason I don’t like this style as much.

  4. She looks great. Her weave is long, flowing, silky, shiny, gorgeous…but I wonder how much of a strain it’s putting on her hairline? 🙂 Question: will Naomi ever go ‘bald’ for a photoshoot? Has she? I ‘kid’ but it’s because I saw this picture of her recently…outside of the courtroom after her sentencing and her hairline it was 🙁 But yes, she looks great in these pics. She looks this good at almost 40, I wonder how she’ll look at 50, 60, 70? Amazing, I’m sure. 🙂

  5. Now how do we critize Eryka but praise this. I just think we are sending out terribly confusing messages to these young ladies out here.

  6. When the mainstream media completely shut us out of their world, we complain, yet when the chosen few are given the opportunity to shine, we can’t wait to criticize them, for something as petty and juvenile, as a hairline. Naomi may have a receding hairline, but it is not , and has not kept her from being a Black Supermodel, who is past the model age of 25, now 38, to keep getting magazine covers, spreads and still can pull billionaires, multi-millionaires, influential men. This woman has made the world to take notice to Black Beauty, and the only thing we black women can do, is knock her. I can see why whenever Naomi is seen out with friends, they are always European women. Black women probably made her feel so bad, she probably said, forget it.

  7. Its a damn shame when your outer beauty doesnt reflect your inner beauty.

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